President Bush made big promises with no plan to fulfill them in tonight’s State of the Union address to Congress, according to experts with the Campaign for America’s Future and the Apollo Alliance.


“President Bush’s address proved that he exists in his own bubble. He can’t level with the people on Iraq, and he has no clue about the economy’s effects on working families. As a result, the policies that he proposed on Iraq, health care, education and the economy ignore the realities that we face and only dig our country deeper into the hole.”

–Robert Borosage, co-director, Campaign for America’s Future


“President Bush’s health care proposals are dead on arrival. They will not be taken seriously by the Congress because no proven health expert and few American families believe that a tax credit will help Americans get good health care coverage. The president’s health care proposals are like his rejected plans to privatize Social Security, his health savings accounts and his Medicare prescription drug plan. They benefit the wealthy and the special interests, leaving the rest of us on our own.”

–Roger Hickey, co-director, Campaign for America’s Future


“Like on Iraq, President Bush isn’t listening to the American people on energy independence. The president convinced us that we have an energy problem, but he hasn’t convinced us that he has a solution. He defined a bold goal, but needs to give us the tools to reach it. Members of Congress from both parties have proposed legislation that goes farther than what the president put on the table. President Bush could be leading this march, but instead, he is falling to the back of the line.”

–Jerome Ringo, president, Apollo Alliance

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