CHB’s resident sexologist on GOP teabagging and the media

Let’s get the definition out of the way on the front page without any coy links or highlight to read type. Teabagging refers to the sexual act of taking someone’s testicles into your mouth.  Some gay and straight men like this. All gay men know about it. The GOP’s tax protests have been making the news, and some commentators have noted how out of touch they are to have used the term teabagging to describe them. 

Photo of teabags by Hal Brown
Photo by author*
Fox News broadcasters have been reporting (and promoting – see Media Matters) the teabagging parties with a straight face, apparently using the name tea parties.
I’m pleased to say that our own Capitol Hill Blue blogger Wayne333 gave a complete definition of teabagging in his blog "Enough of this tea bagging obscenity parading as politics!
On MSNBC, Rachel Madow in particular made it clear it’s a joke and probably assumes most of her audience gets it.
Why is the liberal media reluctant to spell it out? Even Jason Linkins on the Huffington Post didn’t desribe it, but put a link to the Urban Dictionary definition in his story instead.
The Underground Examiner puts the definition in white type so you have to highlight it to read it. 
Gawker doesn’t describe it either, but snarks:

With all the chuckling over the inadvertently appropriated term, it’s starting to feel like "teabagging" is being, well, shoved down our throats. And who wants that? It’s suffocating, really.

The humor, in the end, has ended up like a tea bag that steeped too long: All the flavors drained out and we’re left with something rather limp, rather than the spicy libation we were hoping to gulp down.

I’m weighing in as the closest thing Capitol Hill Blue has to a sexologist**, to explain a little more about teabagging. I classify the act of sexual tea bagging as an erotic fetish because the testicles, though part of the reproductive system,  really aren’t a primary erogenous zone, at least not in most men.
I think that teabagging has to be in a significantly different category than a fetish like foot licking or toe sucking because a great deal of trust is necessary to allow someone to get their incisors around such a sensitive organ.
The testicles are also a reproductive organ.
For these reasons I categorize teabagging as an erotic act of particular intimacy.
The Republicans decided to model a protest activity modeled on the Boston Tea Party and throw tea into various bodies of water. That’s not a bad idea.
As easy as it would be to take tea bags, tear them open, and throw the tea into the water, they decided to throw the entire tea bags.
There would be no distraction from the meaning if they simply called this a tea party. 
The individual who first suggested this idea can’t really be blamed. But there had to be numerous people who were in on the planning and that none of them ever heard of teabagging really does suggest a party of prudes.
They opened the door to being … ummm… dare I say, the butt of jokes.
* The Examiner used a photo of two "testicular" tea bags first. I took my own… photo of tea bags that is. 
** As a psychotherapist I have taken courses in human sexuality and treated many patients with sexual problems. I also heard Albert Ellis lecture on sexuality in the 1960’s when what he was writing about sexuality was highly controversial. I have to say that reading his books and attending his lecture with my girlfriend was quite worthwhile.


  1. almandine

    “The Republicans decided to model a protest activity modeled on the Boston Tea Party and throw tea into various bodies of water. That’s not a bad idea.”

    WRONG… as can be seen in “GOP Chairman Michael Steele Denies Tea Party Claim” at:

    Why can’t it be just a protest about taxes – as all the web news shows – and not some sophomoric double entendre designed to tittilate?

    Collectivism is slavery…

  2. griff

    Because keeping the People emotionally invested in the propaganda guarantees that no serious, intelligent discussion will come of it.

  3. woody188

    Yeah, they’ll tie it to something sexual so you think about that instead of the pounding your wallet is taking, basically making a tax protest a laughing stock instead of a serious protest.

    Really they should be throwing shipping containers full of crap from China and headed to Wal-mart into the sea to make a real impact.

  4. Carl Nemo

    A great idea woody188! Shipping containers dumped off docks via forklifts loaded with “Beanie Baby” class crap from China would send a message. This whole tea/teabag thing is kinda dated if you know what I mean. Americans for the most part are coffee drinkers with tea coming in second or maybe even less as a novelty beverage.

    I’ve heard rumors that a number of those shipping containers from the Far East are loaded with Chicom made AK47’s as well as drugs; ie., heroin. Our dock security isn’t anywhere near the level of our border crossings which isn’t all that top notch either.

    Yep, China is such a great “trading partner”…NOT! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. gazelle1929

    So, instead of buying useless crap from China with which to pollute our harbors, we are going to buy tea, something that actually has some utilitarian value, from China (which produces more tea than any other country) and throw THAT into our harbors. I’m pretty sure that tea is not a good thing for ocean life.

    This make so much sense that I am not even going to wonder whether clever tea salesmen from China are behind this silliness.

  6. griff

    Ha. Tea is about the only thing I buy from China. Okay, here’s the plug for Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea. Drink it daily.

  7. Hal Brown

     There’s a OpEd about the tea parties by Paul Krugman in the New York Times today.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    One way to get a good sense of the current state of the G.O.P., and also to see how little has really changed, is to look at the “tea parties” that have been held in a number of places already, and will be held across the country on Wednesday. These parties — antitaxation demonstrations that are supposed to evoke the memory of the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution — have been the subject of considerable mockery, and rightly so.

    Read the rest here


  8. JerryG

    And here all along I thought “teabagging” was the sensation of having one’s testicles rest or bounce on and off another’s chin during the act of oral s*x! Once again CHB re-educates me! Thank you, Hal! :-)

  9. curmudgeon

    Well done Hal… good explanation.
    The political part is most interesting. Like, who wants to offend Aunt Sally?
    The Maddow thing is really interesting… The show is almost always filled with double entendres, that sail over the heads of even the MSNBC editors… (my guess).

    this too, shall pass

  10. Hal Brown


    I like to think people read my columns because they know they’ll be enlightened and entertained. But I do notice that if I have "sex" in the title readership goes up.


    Thanks… I enjoy trying to figure out what Rachel is thinking and wishing she could say on air when she approaches the limits of what the network censors will find offensive. I bet in private she is one ribald lady.

    Anybody have any ideas for my next sexy column? I’d like to get the words Cheney and orgasm into the title….