Another new entry to the world of political news web sites.

The Politico launches Tuesday with a big staff, a lot of fanfare and long odds against making it in a competitive field.

According to The Politico’s web site, their goal is:

The Politico is being launched in January 2007 with the mission of covering politics — the lifeblood of the nation’s capital — with enterprise, style, and impact.

We will bring an unblinking focus to three arenas of coverage: the politics of Capitol Hill and of the presidential campaign, and the business of Washington lobbying and advocacy.

This ambitious goal will be matched with the resources to achieve it. The Politico will assemble the most interesting and revelatory journalists — a mix of established names and promising young reporters — and set them to work on bringing to life the most important stories.

As a new venture, we will embrace the way journalism is changing. Our stories will be conversational and engaging, and illuminate the agendas and personalities behind the news. We will always look for the most creative way to tell stories — on the printed page, on the Web, and on television. But this spirit of innovation will be harnessed to old and enduring values — a belief in rigorous reporting, fair presentation, respect for our audience.

Henry James called Washington “the city of conversation.” The Politico’s place is to cover that conversation, and to set it.

As the oldest political news site on the Internet (we launched on October 1, 1994), we have witnessed the birth — and death — of a number of web sites aimed at politics. We wish them well and welcome them to the fray.

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