Intel’s Chairman Craig Barrett recently announced that they were unsure when the semiconductor industry would see any lift from the Obama Adminstation stimulus packages. This leaves a fairly gloomy outlook for technology stocks at least in the near term.

Along comes the Wall Street Journal to the rescue with a story about the electricity grid in the U.S. being penetrated by spies. Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal fails to name any of their sources, choosing instead to refer to them only as “current and former national security officials.”

This piece is hogwash and those unnamed sources are cowards. A trumped up story based in an alternate reality. Don’t worry, the electrical grid is safe despite what the Wall Street Journal says. How do I know?

It’s easy. Any computer that directly controls power generation and distribution is required to be on a network separate from any network connected to the Internet. It was done this way on purpose because any security official worth their salary knows any system connected to the Internet is inherently insecure.

So while it may be true that power station employee terminals used to write documents and send email may have been compromised, the systems in control of the actual infrastructure are not in any danger. China and Russia aren’t about to remotely recreate a Three Mile Island accident.

Why would the Wall Street Journal and “current and former national security officials” want to scare us into thinking we need to set up some new security and computer systems to protect against this non-issue?

Refer again to Intel’s profit expectations this year for tech. Is fear the Wall Street Journal’s preferred method to boost the economy?

Or it could be another government grab into another sector of the real economy, utilities in this case. The Journal article states:

Last week, Senate Democrats introduced a proposal that would require all critical infrastructure companies to meet new cybersecurity standards and grant the president emergency powers over control of the grid systems and other infrastructure.

Either way, it’s lies and done in a manner to scare Americans into giving up more local control to the Federal government. Don’t fall for more fear tactics from the lamestream media and the Federal government. Research and think for yourself!

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