Lawmakers demanded President George W. Bush win approval from Congress before using military force against Iran, even as officials again denied that any attacks are on the cards.

Legislation calling on President George W. Bush to obtain congressional backing before any military strike against Iran was put to the US House of Representatives as Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited the Middle East seeking to line up support against Tehran.

The resolution by a half dozen Republican and Democratic lawmakers was meant to prevent the United States from becoming embroiled in another intractable war like the one raging in Iraq.

“Congress will not stand by idly — it won’t be railroaded into another war that will only make America and the world less safe,” Democratic Representative Martin Meehan, one of the bill’s authors, said at a press conference Thursday.

Meanwhile Gates, during a swing through the Gulf aimed in part at rallying Arab allies against Iran, told reporters in Manama that the United States did not want a conflict with Iran, and there were many other courses of action it could take short of force.

“I don’t think anyone wants another military conflict in this region,

But US defense secretary also accused Tehran of overplaying its hand on the world stage.

“There clearly is concern about Iranian ambitions, and they certainly expect the United States to play a role in containing those ambitions,” he said.

Gates, who traveled to the region for meetings with Saudi King Abdullah Wednesday night and the emir of Qatar, described Iranians as being “very aggressive” in trying to take advantage of Washington’s perceived misfortunes in Iraq.

Officials in Tehran, he said, “believe they have the United States at some disadvantage because of the situation in Iraq.”

Meehan pointed to such administration statements — along with recent US military manuevers — as evidence that an attack on Iran could be in the offing.

“The indications of the initial saber-rattling are everywhere,” the Massachusetts congressman said. “I’m not here to tell you that I trust Iran, but I am here to say that I don’t trust the administration,” Meehan said.

Bush announced last week that he had ordered a second US aircraft carrier battle group to the Gulf and was to deploy a Patriot missile defense battalion to the region to protect allies against potential Iranian missile strikes.

In a speech on January 10 unveiling his new strategy for Iraq, the US president also vowed to “seek out and destroy” any networks funneling weapons or fighters from Syria or Iran into Iraq.

Those moves continue to feed speculation that a US attack might be imminent, despite the administration’s repeated denials.

“There is a growing concern — justified or not — that some US officials are contemplating military action against Iran,” Jones said, adding that an invasion of Iran would flout the US constitution.

“If the president is contemplating committing our blood and treasure in another war, then he and his administration must make the case to Congress and the American people why it would be in the national security interests of the United States to engage militarily in Iran,” Jones said.

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    And remember if you burn something, it has to be vented or else you will die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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    Consider carefully that whenever our government says that it would never do something, that means it intends to do it and probably soon.

    Nuclear war will kill the stupid. Don’t be stupid. Use your brains to think with. That’s what they’re there for. Your survival will be completely your own effort and no one else’s. You may eventually later hook up with other survivors and pool together what you have, but in the meantime, you’re on your own.

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    Apparently, thanks to our beloved psycho president and the groveling, supporting lickspittles who have no sense of personal honor, Iran, here we come. Apparently.

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    I don’t remember what movie that saying came from, but the sheer inanity of it stuck with me.

    Have a nice day.

  3. People listen to South Point Man…he knows.
    He mentioned in another article this web-site, pull it up, print it out and memorize it
    Sun Bear in 1989 wrote the book “Black Dawn/Bright Day”…get a copy, it is excellent.
    He said that cities would be death traps.
    Be safe and watch the skies. No one looks up anymore, just straight forward, like zombies!

  4. Seems Gates is as delusional as Bush and Cheney.

    “Gates, who traveled to the region for meetings with Saudi King Abdullah Wednesday night and the emir of Qatar, described Iranians as being “very aggressive” in trying to take advantage of Washington’s perceived misfortunes in Iraq.”

    “Officials in Tehran, he said, “believe they have the United States at some disadvantage because of the situation in Iraq.”

    “Washington’s perceived misfortunes’? And “Believe they have the United States at some disadvantage because of the situation in Iraq’?


    The attack on Iraq was the biggest blunder since the Vietnam War and successfully paved the way for the rise of Iran. It signaled the end of an aging American empire eaten away on the inside by lies, corruption, patronage and incompetence.

    Meanwhile the corporate media once again continues to echo the lies and beat the war drum against Iran. Bush may have a problem saying it but the American people had better learn it, “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice and shame on me.”

    The best thing the American people can do is end this military corporate empire and learn to live with the world. We need to be spending the money on developing safe, renewable alternative energy sources, universal health care, rebuilding our crumbling cities and infrastructure, good paying jobs with a future, a free and strong educational system for all. That’s real “National Security.” Not a war for the profits of some at the expense of the majority.

  5. I think the world is real tired of Bush and his war of aggression. His arrogance and stupidity along with the obvious evil intentions, visible to all but american media watchers, instills hatred and that conscience feeling manifests, multiplys into a real force. I am very uncomfortable knowing that the majority of humans on this planet would not choose america to win, because of the attitude Bush projects. People dislike arrogance and inhumane treatment.

    We are closest to nuclear war than ever before simply because our commander desires it and is determined to conquer the world. He has his shelter ready, do you?


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    Jeepers! Isn’t this EXCITING? And best of all, Bert the Turtle and that ever-so-catchy song of ‘duck and cover’ makes a come back!

  8. JimZ, do you know that all of us owe China, thanks to Clinton & Bush. We are broke, we borrow from China,
    thus they literally own us & this country, check it out.
    Clinton gave a secret air base to China in 1998. NATO controls are National Parks, and now all State Parks, work with State Highway Partol & Sheriff’s offices……..they all carry M16 (lots of power, against American citizens, were not terroists, but they treat us that way)…scary the control that bush has over us all!! and we weren’t the one’s that did 911. You need to realize that it’s all a game…they’re winning, but not for long. Lies get exposed, although many have and no one is listening.
    Wake up from lies into reality, friends.

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