America needs some drug therapy. There, I said another of those unspeakable truths. I am not talking about more prescription drugs, we take way too many of them already thanks to the endless promotion of them by big pharma and the doctors who see them as an easy way to placate their patients. No, I am speaking of the kind of drugs that might get us away from our addictions to power, money, sex and most of all ambition. Yes, those drugs.

The first time I met Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, it was still a legal substance being employed on an experimental basis by psychiatrists. A special report on ABC is what piqued my interest. At the time, I was an attorney with the U.S. Justice Department struggling to rationalize my government’s unconscionable actions in Vietnam. A few sessions with the ego busting wonders of LSD and I was able to sort out what was real and what was an illusion. I quit my job and turned to finding ways to build a more just, more human, more caring world that continues to this day.
Along the way, I have inhaled, imbibed and used a wide variety of illegal substances, most of which occur naturally in the world. It is my considered opinion that each and every one should be removed from the controlled substances list. Further, it is my opinion that this world would be a far better place if more of you used some of them as well.
Now, I know there are some who would abuse the substances, some would make mistakes in when and where or in what quantities, but for the most part, they would be much like a wide variety of currently legal ones that are largely beneficial, like red wines.
LSD, when used in a safe environment, can peel away the many illusions that are imposed upon us in this uptight, commercialized anti-human culture we are all subjected to in one degree or another. The effect of the substance is to interfere with the grip of the ego on one’s brain function and open up new possibilities for thinking, and then acting. For all the bad rap the drug has received over the years, most of it is false or distorted. There really is nothing wrong with seeing the world for a few hours without the blinders of one’s ego clouding the view. It just isn’t wise to do so while driving or in an unsafe environment.
Marijuana is well know now for its ability to help those undergoing certain medical treatments or who suffer persistent pain. It has a far greater use, the one that really bothers corporate types, and that is its uncanny ability to let people ease up on themselves and retreat from the stress of life. This world is unnecessarily stressful, and all the Prozac type drugs have much worse side effects than pot. In my opinion, this world would be better producing less, stressing less, and loving others more – all side effects of marijuana.
I could go on, but most of you have already jumped to conclusions about me and reacted in fairly predictable ways. For example, ecstasy is a marvelous substance that is non-addictive and just makes you feel good. Peyote is one of the most spiritual plants I have ever known.
Yes, there are some substances, heroin, opiates in general and almost all methamphetamine based drugs that I avoid at all costs. And I would recommend others avoid them as well. But haven’t we yet learned that prohibition is an ineffective, failed approach to this issue? Have we not filled enough prisons with people whose primary problem was substance abuse to know that it doesn’t work and is driving us into the poor house?
Light up, take a hit, make your life better. It works.



  1. Troti

    The big danger is their ilegality itself. That makes it a more powerful temptation, and the media not only confirm this, but it always gives famous examples of people who made a mess of their careers because of using. I admit I tried some of the so-called leisure drugs, which suppossedly don’t give an addiction. I wouldn’t try hard drugs for the life of me, I see around me what an <a rel=”follow” href=””>Addiction Treatment</a> can do to you, so my point is we should just legalise it so the government can do a better job in controlling it.

  2. I have a problem with people driving 70 MPH on the freeway talking on a phone. If these people are drugged to the gills I will have to stop driving.

    I’ve never done drugs because I have been a mother for way over 50 years. I did a job with my kids warning them of alcohol and drug addictions. They managed to get through Berkeley without using.

    My work with people has been enough of a drug and with a clear mind I took it all in.

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