I thought I’d supply folks with a startling article authored by Sean Broderick a regular editorialist to “Money and Markets” a Martin Weiss web based publication. I subscribe to their “Safe Money Report”. One of their free services available to all is that which is supplied by the following link.

Financial Terrorism and You

Sean has written one of the finest expose’s concerning concerning SOT Tim Geithner along with his Goldman Sachs/AIG ties and their ongoing plans to stick the U.S. taxpayer for their massive losses and all with our newly seated President’s blessing. Welcome to their New World Order…!

This article along with my most recent posting “The truth shall make you very ill” will put things in proper perspective as to the gravity of the financial crimes being committed in high places against “we the people” and with the complicity of our now “rogue” Congress.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in promoting this report nor have any association with Weiss Inc., other than being one of their subscribers. “Money and Markets” is a regular free report and I recommend it highly to folks that are concerned about their financial safety in these challenging times.

Carl Nemo **==


  1. Hi stardad9591…

    Thanks for the visit. It’s not unusual for one side of the family equation to not buy into the gloom and doom that many of us portend.

    Just make sure you are prepared best as possible to defend your life and household in the event the balloon goes up. My first blogpost to CHB concerns the very matter of preparedness in the event you haven’t perused the material.

    Btw folks, “stardad” hosts a superb website that’s on the cutting edge of many ideas and theories concerning politics, science, pseudo-science, cryptozoology, UFO’s, USO’s etc. and quite possibly he’s got some subject matter of interest for you too. : )


    Carl Nemo **==

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