Is it me or has the GOP gone insane?

 What a week. Our president wows and woos Europe to everyone’s relief, and even gets brittle relationships with China and Russia on track and  far more manageable and workable. In response, Rush Limbaugh claims that Obama’s absence is the reason for any rise in the stock market. Oh, and Barack is busy infecting Gordon Brown’s asshole, in case you missed the latest Rushism. 

Eric Cantor claims that the economy is just fine, thank you very much, despite unemployment approaching 9%, and Rush Limbaugh has great ideas for the GOP and the country. He also thinks that the GOP will have a majority in the House in 2010. If whatever Eric is smoking also helps with chronic back pain, pass it down here, dude. 

A greedy, conniving criminal, Ted Stevens, is released by a DEMOCRATIC DOJ, because the GOP prosecutors who put him rightly in jail were so unethical, that the conviction simply could not stand. His release does not change the fact that the man’s a serious crook. It does confirm that many of the GOPers in DOJ are incompetent boobs who should lose their licenses.  Hiding exculpatory evidence and witnesses from the defense? It almost seemed as though the GOP prosecutors tried to louse up this case on purpose. 

The Alaskan GOP response? They want a mulligan for last year’s election. Excuse me, but can you say "Don Siegelman?" A new election simply because a crook was convicted by truly pathetic Republican prosecutors? 

Mike Steele proves that insanity is contagious.  The more he says, the less sense he makes. If nothing else, he truly is the face of the new, regional GOP. He claimed that they would win NY-20 hands down. Now that it appears that a Democrat will score an upset, obviously, fraud has to be involved. Mike promises to keep us guessing in the future. Be still my heart. 

And then, we have Sarah Palin. Enough said about her. Even the GOP disinvited this maroon from an upcoming conference. 

What is stranger than the GOP acting like a bunch of rabid, mentally challenged reprobates is how the media is reacting to this incredible display of non-stop idiocy. The MSM takes the current GOP madness and nonsense seriously, without comment, or even a smirk.  The geriatric, regional party known as the GOP does provide one thing – grand entertainment for those not afflicted with neoconmanism or other serious mental illnesses. 

Imagine, though, how our corporate media would react if any democratic leader acted like these buffoons. We’d never hear the end of it. 


  1. griff

    “What is stranger than the GOP acting like a bunch of rabid, mentally challenged reprobates is how the media is reacting to this incredible display of non-stop idiocy.”

    Add yourself among the mentally challenged. Rush Limbaugh is a radio host, for the millionth time. Like his sheep-like following and the party he proclaims to represent, he is nothing more than distractive entertainment, and should be treated as such.

    The whole lot of them, Republicans and Democrats alike, are nothing more than neo-liberal fascists. As Jesse Ventura likes to point out, our politicians are much like the WWE. They pretend to hate each other when the cameras are rolling, but they all hang out later and drink up, all the while reveling at the ease in which they pull of this charade.

    This government is nothing short of a criminal enterprise cleverly disguised as legitimate government. Both parties are partners in crime, two-bit players in a Hegelian power-sharing scheme, whether some of them know it or not.

  2. adamrussell

    The legal definition of insanity is the inability to distinguish right from wrong.

  3. AustinRanter

    Nicely stated, Griff.

    What’s so hard about understanding what government truly is?

    What’s so difficult in see the parties for what they are?

    What’s so profoundly insane is that We the People have allowed the Republic for Which it Stands…to become the type of government we have today.

    I think that people in the U.S., by in large, would be so much more happier if the Government converted totally to a Theocracy. That way that wouldn’t have to admit that they turned the Republic over to dictators. Hmmmm, they can’t admit that they’ve turned it over to a legalized form of organized crime.

    IMHO…it’s the American people who have gone insane. The government, parites, politicians are the ones who have it altogether.

  4. RichardKanePA

    Insane in the wrong word, macabre-ly clever I think is more accurate.

    Rush Limbaugh is trying to unite hate of them, Muslims and Spanish immigrants against us which includes Israel but conceivable not England. People should try to corner him whether Prime Minister Gordon Brown is part of the problem.

    German history has shown that under total desperation Rush’s blame game could become very popular.

    Bin Laden vowed to drive US troops out of Sacred Saudi soil, and got his wish in 2003 when Bush withdrew US forces. But he was cheated out of coming home to the cheers of the Saudi people. So he had to plan attacks elsewhere in the world in order to try to be able be in the in-crowd in Arabia again. But the US imagined a steady determination to attack the US. Meanwhile Cheney is preaching there will be a horrible new attack because Obama likes civil liberties. Are we criticizing Obama’s Afghan policy in such a way that it won’t benefit Rush?

    According to William Black an expert on the Savings and Loan Scandal, the economic problem today is similar fraud and leaving the crooks in charge to hide the true danger won’t work. His interview on Bill Moyers Journal mentions amazing similarities. Google, “William K. Black: CSI Bailout”. Republicans cleverly didn’t vote for the bailout. Again are we criticizing Obama’s use of band-aids and reluctance to draw blood in such a way that it won’t benefit Rush?


  5. Carl Nemo

    “It almost seemed as though the GOP prosecutors tried to louse up this case on purpose.”…extract from commentary

    Bingo…! There’s been some discussion to this fact and you quite possibly aren’t far from the truth Rob. What better way could the “rethugs” take care of one of their main men, but through intentional muddying of the case especially when the prosecutorial side regardless of outcomes still get their paychecks at taxpayer expense. It was proven that Bushco groomed the DOJ for the facilitation of their agenda. It seems that not much has changed with Eric Holder in place either.

    The only way America can hopefully regain its sanity and a semblance of true choice at the polls is to reject en masse both the Republican and Democratic parties…period!

    They’ve become a duopolistic phenomena giving us only the illusion of choice; ie., two sides of the same failed political paradigm.

    America’s soul is screaming for viable multiple parties, not just two, but many as in other countries on earth. I know for sure that I will never vote for a Democrat or a Republican again in my lifetime. I’m tired of being a victim of their rigged political agenda.

    To restore our political mental health we need to simply tune out both Republican and Democratic “noise” and find a watering hole that quenches our thirst for that which has been long lost in America at least since Ronald Reagan/H.W. Bush started America on its long downhill slide to becoming their AmeriKa and we their serfs…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. gazelle1929


    “The only way America can hopefully regain its sanity and a semblance of true choice at the polls is to reject en masse both the Republican and Democratic parties…period!”

    I don’t understand why a complete rejection of the two existing major parties is the “only” way to go.

    The better (not to mention easier) way might well be for Americans to take back control of their political parties. Sort of like the way the Dems started moving in 2008. And sort of not like the way the GOP is going now.

    As to having a multiplicity of political parties, hey, that’s a GREAT idea. Perhaps we can have a system like they have in Italy, which has averaged close to one new government every two years since the end of WW II. Only one Italian government since 1946 has stayed in office through an entire regular election cycle (five years.) ONE! Stability. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

    Try to imagine a United States where the Dems and Reps each hold about 47 percent of House and Senate seats with the other 6 percent held by the Right Wing Christian Kill the Jews Party. And they refuse to allow a budget to pass until there is a Constitutional Amendment requiring everyone to become a Christian. Not a Catholic or a Mormon, of course, but a “real” Protestant Christian. That’s a republic you can believe in!

    A great deal of politics is the ability and willingness to deal with reality. The reality is that American voters WANT a two-party system. If we don’t like the direction a party is going we get involved and change the party.

  7. Marzman

    No, they’ve been insane for years. Decades. But, since sociopaths are typically glib and gifted at maipulation they have successfully managed to run this country into a deep ditch with thier supply side/economic fundamentalist/deregulatory insanity with the active aid of the people they’ve been raping, the wage earning middle class.

  8. AustinRanter

    Long term corruption and an uncontrollable hunger for power does that to political parties. GOP or Dems…what’s the difference? Both wants control over the resources…and don’t give a billy-god-damn about the constitutes. They know they hold the power over the system…now, they want to cattle-prod the citizens into submission, teach us how to act and think so that we don’t question their ongoing quest to maintain the purse strings and consumer behaviors of 300 million people.

  9. Ladywolf55

    “And then, we have Sarah Palin. Enough said about her. Even the GOP dis-invited this maroon from an upcoming conference.”

    A personal pet peeve of mine:


    1. dark brownish-red.

    2. to put ashore and abandon on a desolate island or coast by way of punishment or the like, as was done by buccaneers.


    1. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.
    2. Psychology. a person of borderline intelligence in a former classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

    All political parties are corrupt. ALL. Our country is corrupt from the rotted core. We deserve to lose it because we, the people, got complacent and let it happen.

  10. Rob Kezelis

     I must confess that Bugs bugged me at an early age. Although I did enjoy the Roadrunner and Rocky & Bullwinkle. 

  11. MusicMan

    maroon, n.

    1. often Maroon
    a. A fugitive Black slave in the West Indies in the 17th and 18th centuries.
    b. A descendant of such a slave.

    2. A person who is marooned, as on an island.

    Sarah is a maroon in a fantasy world of her own making. As such, she will never reach the White House.

  12. bryan mcclellan

    Around here in the Carrot patch Maroon is a derogatory reference to a moron consarnit!

  13. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Gazelle1929 for your thoughts, but I stand by my sentiments concerning our failed two party system.

    “The reality is that American voters WANT a two-party system.”…extract from post

    Yes and we surely see where that has gotten us in these final days of the Republic. Evidently the “booboisie”; ie., the electorate can only handle simplicity; ie., left/right, black/white, up/down and evidently alive vs. dead when it comes to their personal safety and their future as a nation. For sure the two party system is the cheapest version that allows the shadowy corporate controllers to prevail since they own both parties outright through the “grease” provided by their frontline operatives known as lobbyists.

    I know I’m finished playing this silly two party game. I’m very proactive politically in terms of contacting my Congressional reps by phone, email and even snail mail, but invariably my Washington State reps, all Dems enjoy spending taxpayer money like drunken sailors on shore leave or simply making the wrong decisions relative to my family’s welfare and the safety of this nation. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. DejaVuAllOver

    I think you got it right about the GOP purposely blowing the Ted Stevens case. It’s kinda like BushCo. pretending to look for Bin Laden. These guys may be as crooked as the Snake River, but they know exactly where they’re going. “Insane” is far too polite. One cannot help being insane. This is more like feigned insanity masking abject depravity.

  15. AustinRanter

    Im sorry…I just don’t see the insanity as just a GOP thing. They are doing radical things for sure…out of desperation. But, don’t the Dems when they’ve lost control over a chamber or chambes of the houses of Congress?

    Ever had a sibling hold you down and tickle you till you cry? Welp, that’s what’s going on in Congress. The Dems are playing rough because they can bully the Repubs. The Repubs are pissed and now they’ve jumped up from being held down and feeling abused…and are swinging wildly hoping to hit the bully.

    Come on…it’s Politics 101.

  16. woody188

    Hey quit steaming up her tail!

    I think the GOP is simply dying off. Drugs and hookers takes it’s toll faster than most think. And I can’t imagine the stresses of 3 ex-wives. It’s no wonder they over eat to compensate.