Bunk, bunk, bunk!

Toll roads are NOT cost-effective.

Toll roads do NOT relieve congestion on roadways. They never have, they never will.

Up to 80% off the top of toll revenue is taken by the privateer that manages and operates the toll roadway.

Despite being told that drivers not wanting to pay tolls have alternate and comparable roadways to use, generally that is untrue. Those roadways remain in disrepair to encourage more use of toll roads.

Private toll road contracts are effective for 50 years or more; consequently, even if the roadway is paid for the tolls continue.

Toll costs incurred by companies are passed along to their customers at the register and become included in the costs of goods and services; consequently, even drivers who don’t use the toll roads do pay a toll tax on such goods and services.

Once toll roads, bridges and tunnels are built the tolls seldom are removed even after the structure has been paid-off.

There are better and more cost-effective methods for building and maintaining our roadways and we should start considering those instead of encouraging special interest toll profiteers.

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