Sources within the Republican Party confirm that the Republican National Committee, aided with funds provided by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, has purchased gadfly political news web site Capitol Hill Blue and will turn the site into a propaganda arm of the GOP.

“Frankly, we just got tired of getting it up the butt from the curmudgeon who runs the site,” says a source within the RNC.

Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson, reached at his mountaintop compound in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia, confirmed the sale.

“Screw it,” Thompson said. “I sold out and took the money.”

Thompson said he wasn’t sure what he would do with the money from the sale.

“Might start a new political party,” he said. “God knows we need one.”

Details of the sale were not immediately available but GOP officials say they will assume control of the web site immediately and will set about removing “all that terrible stuff published about our party and our former, great, President George W. Bush.”

The sale brings to an end Capitol Hill Blue’s 14-and-a-half year run as an independent news site and its role as a thorn in the side of both Democratic and Republican administrations.

The Obama administration, when contacted about their reaction to the sale, said “Capitol Hill who?”

Former President Bill Clinton, a target of the web site during the sex scandals that plagued his administration, paused from sniffing a cigar and responded: “Capitol Hill Blue? Are they still around?”

Former President George W. Bush declined to comment, saying he didn’t read newspapers or web sites but former Vice President Dick Cheney reacted with surprise.

“I thought we shipped that bastard off to Gitmo years ago,” Cheney said. “Who let him out?”


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