Is Dodd doomed?

Democrats in Sen. Chris Dodd’s home state are pissed over his role in the controversial bonuses paid to fat cats at American International Group (AIG). Democrats elsewhere are pretty damned mad too.

And Democratic leaders wonder if it’s time to replace Dodd with someone who might have a chance of holding on to his Senate seat.

They believe Dodd is done. Time to dump the veteran Senator.

Reports The Politico:

Interviews with a dozen Democratic state legislators, party officials and operatives in Connecticut indicate there is deep concern back home over whether the incendiary American International Group bonuses issue has delivered a mortal blow to Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), the five-term senator already facing tough scrutiny over his role as Senate Banking Committee chairman and his personal financial dealings.

Many of them describe a palpable fury among the party rank and file — anger that’s led some to wonder if the party would be better served with a different Democratic nominee in 2010— though they note that, at the moment, Dodd still retains the loyalty of Democratic activists and the political class.

“There are a lot of Democrats on principle who are saying, ‘Enough is enough — I’m voting for someone else.’ They’re voting for change,” said Nick Paindiris, a Democratic Party committeeman. “It’s the registered Democrats out there who are not party officials who are very upset. Ordinarily they would vote Democrat, but this is a time where they won’t. And I’m hearing a lot of that.”

Paindiris notes that among less partisan Democrats in his suburban Hartford community, Dodd’s admission that he played a role, at the urging of the Treasury Department, in agreeing to the provision that allowed AIG executives to receive millions in bonuses continues to reverberate, leading to speculation about whether another Democrat might have a better chance of holding the seat.


  1. Uncle Ludwig


    If voters just did their duty on a regular basis, this would be a non-story. I don’t know why we keep sending the same silly people back to Congress, session after session.

    Maybe it has something to do with the corruption of Parties?????

    Voters can wrest control from the Party hacks that control things by doing their own “term limit” approach, and never voting for any incumbent unless they can point out specific items of legislation they’ve supported that justify their staying in office for another term.

    But I’ll wager that 90%+ of voters in any district can’t do that, or simply don’t know how, or aren’t interested. And guess who tries to make sure most voters don’t bother? Party officials and incumbents, of course. They push “straight tickets” based on unimportant selling points instead of encouraging accurate descriptions of views and voting records.

    The Internet is quite powerful in this regard, and anybody can find out how their elected legislators voted throughout their term. The press could help by noting, by name, precisely who voted for and against specific legislation, instead of reporting the easy way out using only Party numbers.

    Frankly, I don’t give a damn if no Republicans vote for a bill, or if X% of Democrats didn’t vote with their party. I want to know which of my legislators fell into which category. But when do you find that in any story? Virtually never.

    So, it’s up to us – the electorate – to do our homework. The Fourth Estate won’t; the Parties won’t; and the office-holders won’t. Chris Dodd has outlived his usefulness to the Senate, and to his district. Let them get rid of him, if they want.

    Same lesson, one more time.

  2. southgeorgia912

    Dodd and Obama should give back their bonuses to AIG, if anything. Dodd knew about those bonuses to begin with – but so did Geithner, Obama, and CONGRESS. I say, yes – get rid of Dodd. Get rid of ALL of Congress. 2010 can’t come fast enough.

  3. Charlie Couser

    Sen. Dodd is but one symbol of the cancer that has eaten away at the core values of our once great nation. Removing him from office is only the first step in the protocol required to save this nation. Every multi-term senator and representative must be fired; and, term limits must be established to prevent self-serving thugs like Sen. Dodd from becoming entreched in office.

    Charlie Couser

  4. psyopswatcher

    Don’t forget hedge funds. How much protection has Dodd provided for hedge fund investments? NH is famous for being home to those too.