Home of the racist, land of the bigot


As a Virginian, I am too often embarrassed by the outright bigotry of those my fellow Virginians elect to office.

The Old Dominion is, after all, the state that gave us former Republican Sen. George “Macaca” Allen, the man who never met a racial slur he couldn’t utter.

Allen, thankfully, is gone but we still have bigot-in-residence Virgil Goode, the U.S. Congressman who raised a ruckus over a newly-elected Muslim Representative because he planned to take the Oath of Office on the Quran. That Representative, Keith Ellison of Minnesota, got the last laugh by borrowing, from the Library of Congress, a copy of Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson, a Virginian who is a hell of a lot more famous and revered than George Allen or Virgil Goode will ever be.

Unfortunately, Virginia is still overrun by racists, bigots, homophobes and knee-jerk conservatives who want to drag the Commonwealth back into the era when white men ruled everything and blacks and women knew their place.

Virginia is still reluctant to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday as a national holiday. Instead, the state clings to Lee-Jackson Day, honoring Confederate heroes Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. That’s why our local courthouse was closed last Friday to honor those who fought to support the right to own slaves while the banks closed Monday to honor the man who gave his life in the name of equality.

And that’s why another elected Virginia racist, Del. Frank D. Hargrove of Hanover County, used Dr. King’s birthday to offend both blacks and Jews.

In an interview with the Charlottesville Daily Progress, Hargrove spoke out against the idea that Virginia should apologize for the days of slavery by saying:

“Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ? Nobody living today had anything to do with it. It would be far more appropriate in my view to apologize to the Upper Mattaponi and the Pamunkey Indians for the loss of their lands in eastern Virginia.”

Hargrove added that “black citizens should get over it.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch reporters Pamela Stallsmith and Olympia Meola noted in their story that “this is the most recent insensitive oral misstep made by a Virginia politician. In August, then-U.S. Sen. George Allen referred to a Virginia-born man of Indian descent volunteering for his opponent’s campaign as “macaca,” considered a racial slur in many cultures. Allen ultimately lost the election to Democrat Jim Webb. Last month, U.S. Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., R-5th, complained that the first Muslim member of Congress would take his oath with the Quran and warned of a possible Muslim takeover of the chambers.”

Hargrove’s insensitive remarks angered blacks, Jews and a number of Anglo-Saxon whites.

“When somebody tells me that I should just get over slavery, I can only express my emotion by suggesting that I am appalled,” said Richmond Del. Dwight Clinton Jones, chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus.

Hargrove tried to explain his racist slanders by saying “on the other hand, not a soul in this legislature had anything to do with slavery…It is harmful to society in general to keep recycling this thing…”

Del. A. Donald McEachin of Henrico County said on the floor of the House of Delegates Tuesday he is more than willing to apologize for Virginia’s role in slavery.

“I want to apologize. I want to apologize to the mothers and fathers of my ancestors who were transported to this nation against their will in order that this nation might be built upon their backs. I want to apologize to the mothers and fathers of the civil-rights generation who were hosed and bitten by dogs, and their children were killed in churches as they burned,” McEachin said.

A Jewish delegate, David L. Englin of Alexandria, said he was offended not only by Hargrove’s racism but also for “what it means when people of the respect and stature of a member of this body perpetuate the notion that Jews killed Christ.”

Hargrove’s response? “I think your skin is a little too thin.”

Virginia’s state seal contains a Latin phrase: “Sic, Semper, Tyrannis,” which translates to “thus always to tyrants.”

It is a fitting motto that should be applied to George Allen, Virgil Goode, Frank Hargrove and the too many other racists and bigots in our midst.


  1. Sandy Price

    I’m new to this discrimination and living for 3 generations in California we never gave a damn what color or race anyone was. I learned it from Free Republic when I went on line in 1993; and not even my many travels around the globe had I met such a load of homophobes, racists and bigots. It was and is headquartered in California and I was so shocked I even drove to one of their conventions to see for myself. What a shameful example of American values.

    If you want to really to witness discrimination go ask an Atheist what it is like when they dare to come out of the closet. They sure came after me and even Bush 41 suggested we not be allowed to be full citizens.

    Americans are not educated around equality issues and it is getting worse, not better. I have great hopes that the new Senator from Virginia (Jim Webb) who will do the response to Bush’s speech on Tuesday will make it better for the good Virginians who respect the Constitution and get over the rumors from the religious right about who killed Jesus. Hey, I don’t believe Jesus was God so send me after these rotters.

    I do not have the patience to live in Virginia and can barely handle the discrimination against Indians here in Arizona. We gave them gambling rights and they are richer than Midas. I love it!

  2. Dan Brown

    Not only should blacks quite whining they should get down on their knees and thank god their ancestors were brought here. I dont see many blacks moving back to africa or jamaica so it must have worked out in their favor otherwise they can always go back to their ancestors native homeland. Thank you Rep. Hargrove for stating the obvious truth about many blacks mostly inner city blacks living in Democrat controled cities in America.

  3. Gerald Sutliff

    Dear Doug,
    Who was it that said the “Civil War” and/or the “War of the Rebellion” has been over 150 years?

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Keith Ludwigga

    I was reading a story this morning about a little girl in the inner city who was shot by mexican gang members. The little girl had written a poem a few weeks earlier one of the lines was as follows. “I am black and beautiful.” I submit that if white children were writing poetry about their whiteness their would be a massive public outcry from minority groups to education groups condemming the racist comments by white students. I feel sorry for blacks who are so caught up in their skin color that they have to include it in their poetry in order to feel good about their race. That makes them the racist not me. I guess if these people are right we should have a national holiday for white people to celebrate that they arent black.

  5. Phil:

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  6. martha humphreys

    I would suggest that Carol Smith, if she wishes her views to be considered by others, take steps toward literacy. I’m still looking for the TRIP which upset her so badly.

  7. Steve Horn

    As I read this, I was reminded of a line used by a comedian – Ron White – I suppose I can apply it to the Virginian politicians – but I’d rather apply it in a more universal sense – to all the narrow minded people who cannot see that we are all equal – that we are all one human community and that we all deserve the respect of one another – so here goes …

    “you can’t fix stupid”



  8. G


    You’re going to be the one gaining enlightenment when the Muslims put you under Dhimmitude, but maybe with someone like you you’ll probably enjoy that and think its a blessing.


  9. phil

    Chuck Baldwin’s article is indeed copywrited but is postable if the web address and Chuck’s name is in the post as they were.

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  10. Phil:

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    And Baldwin’s article, like the column here and all responses are opinions, nothing more, nothing less. What you may consider the “truth” is not necessarily an opinion shared by others. I suggest you remember that.


  11. Gln


    Let’s look at the Netherlands. They brought in Islamic Arab immigrants into their country after WWII. The Dutch thought that these folks would adopt the Dutch culture of prostitution, transsexuality and homosexuality, but that has not happened. They are rejecting the Dutch culture of tolerance. No the Arabs are a different breed. The same rejection of American mores is going to happen here if we bring them here in these mass quantities.


  12. Jim

    Who really gives a %$&*? The past is the past and nothing can change it. We all just need to get on with our lives treating each other with respect assuming we deserve it.

  13. Brock Townsend

    “That’s why our local courthouse was closed last Friday to honor those who fought to support the right to own slaves”

    Asinine. See James Webb below.

    “Even the venerable Robert E. Lee has taken some vicious hits, as dishonest or misinformed advocates among political interest groups and in academia attempt to twist yesterday’s America into a fantasy that might better serve the political issues of today. The greatest disservice on this count has been the attempt by these revisionist politicians and academics to defame the entire Confederate Army in a move that can only be termed the Nazification of the Confederacy. Often cloaked in the argument over the public display of the Confederate battle flag, the syllogism goes something like this: Slavery was evil. The soldiers of the Confederacy fought for a system that wished to preserve it. Therefore they were evil as well, and any attempt to honor their service is a veiled effort to glorify the cause of slavery. This blatant use of the race card in order to inflame their political and academic constituencies is a tired, seemingly endless game that is itself perhaps the greatest legacy of the Civil War’s aftermath. But in this case it dishonors hundreds of thousands of men who can defend themselves only through the voices of their descendants.” James Webb – Capt USMC (ret) Vietnam Combat Veteran, Secretary of the Navy for Reagan during the 1980s.

  14. Jason Shapiro

    Doug, one reason that posts like this are so informative has less to do with your observations (with which I generally agree)than the unfiltered comments of your readers. Ignorance is usually pathetic rather than scary, but the underlying viciousness, racism, and anti-semitism that so many respondents felt free to express is indeed chilling.

  15. Talker

    The North wasn’t so great either. I don’t think the North really cared about slavery as a moral issue as much as they cared about the fact that it allowed the South to undercut their labor costs and have an economic advantage. There were slaves in Maryland, a norhtern State. Remember Uncle Tom’s Cabin? The real one is in Maryland. If the North was so interested in the slaves then why was there discrimination in both the North and the South after the Civil War?

    Martin Luther King didn’t say “I have a dream for the South because we are treated like men in the North”.

    The truth is that discrimination of all ethic groups and women existed all across the nation. The authors of the Bill of Rights meant those to be for some men. It was a selective granting of rights. Luckily people in the unselected groups decided that applied to them as well.

    As far as Virginia is concerned, yes, they need to get with the 21st century and stop trying to live in the past. That goes for various other segments of society too.

  16. GZ


    There is no anti-semitism, racism or viciousness above. What is there is people who have made statements that they aren’t going to buy into anymore of the guilt ladening ideas that the liberals throw at us.

    Mr. Shapiro, you’re Jewish, so if you think it is wrong to keep Muslim Immigration very limited in America like Mr. Goode advocates, then why don’t you advocate that Israel open up their borders to mass immigration from Muslim countries. This is a great idea for then Israelis could not be blamed for being racist, vicious or anti-semitic.


  17. Jason Shapiro

    1, Why don’t you tell everyone YOUR name instead of meaningless initials, you coward;
    2. who the hell are you to make assumptions based on my last name as to what I am, believe, or what I should do;
    3. you are precisely who I was talking about.

  18. Roger

    If we must be so polically correct then we should appologize for the indian wars, indians appologize to other indians, germans appologize to jews, so on and so forth. By continuing to bring this up we don’t heal we perpetuate the feeling of being cheated on some way. In many respects blacks are more than equal with quotas everywhere you look from college admisions to hiring and promoting. All these things do is promote a further separation of the races. We all need to listen to Bill Cosby and fix our own house, that goes for all of us.

  19. A Nuffer

    I was born and raised in Augusta County, grew up in a small bigoted town with small, bigoted people. I have to use an aka to post in my local paper. My left wing, liberal thoughts have the townspeople beating on my mother’s door telling her what a disgrace I am as her daughter! By the way, my mother is a liberal!
    These small southern towns will never change!

  20. Sandy Price

    We must return to being Americans first and showing a strong respect for our equalities. What difference does it make what color we are or which God we worship. We have the U.S. Constitution clearly giving us our freedoms through the Bill of Rights and we are being talked out of them by our current Administration.

    Can the Democrats stand up to this threat? They did not in the past. In the last two elections they ran two of the weakest candidates I ever encountered. They have a chance to stand up against Bush’s bad decisions and yet the south would rather fight the civil war all over again.

    We cannot legislate against racism and homophobia but we can unseat those people who believe themselves to be superior. What is it about EQUAL that they do not understand?

    Welcome to the blog Martha; glad to see you here.

  21. Charles Byrd

    Doug-I believe the scriptures state something like ‘pointing out the splinter in your brothers eye but ignoring the log in your own’-
    lot of folks “talk-the-talk” but can’t walk-the-walk”
    Virginia is the mother-state of 7 Presidents-the home of the Lee’s and Stonewall Jackson. If you would simply read the wretched racist & white supremacist remarks of “Honest Abe” you would never be caught with a 5 dollar bill in you pocket. Yet in Roanoke you can visit a church(5th Ave. Presbyterian) that has had a predominately Black congregation for over 130 years. Behind the pulpit is a beautiful stained glass window dedicated to “Stonewall Jackson” almost 100 years ago-why?
    As Paul Harvey says, “that is the rest of the story”-Iwould suggest a GOOGLE search and find out the ‘why’


  22. Randylee

    This rant is really about Virginians or others who do not respect the new official religion of the all powerfull state and who commit its unforgiveable sin — intolerance —real or imagined. No one is more racist than a race hustling politician from either party. No citizen has the power to enforce racial priviledge as our corrupt government does.
    We do not have a race problem—we have a government problem. Washington is a malignant tumor which will only stop growing when the patient is dead.

  23. Christina

    He’s right! I mean really now, slavery ended over a century ago, and there is nobody alive today who had any part of it, so why should people still be apologizing? It’s the special treatment that is causing so much racial seperation. Being politically correct is like saying “You’re different, and I know that, so I can’t say this, this, or that because you’re standing next to me”. I think these people who are all upset about the slavery remark should put their energy towards something relevant, like getting poor blacks out of the projects, or trying to end this hip hop phenomena which is only bringing them miles back and causing even more of a seperation. Being overly sensitive does not help anyones cause, and to waste time looking for apologies is ridiculous. Why not go to Africa and ask for an apology there, from the people who sold you to the white men.

  24. As a fellow Virginian (now living in Delaware, but still holding the family farm in Northampton County), so much a Virginian that there is a Virginia County named after one of my ancestors, I share the shame.

    Well I remember “Massive Rsistance.”

    It is sad beyond words that the state that idolizes the Founders cannot understand what “liberty and justice for all” means.

  25. Nathan Meyer

    I suspect I would dislike Mr. Hargrove if I ever met him socially, and his choice of words leaves much to be desired, but he’s got hold of part of the truth. It’s a very good question to ask, why, when no one still living had anything to do with these past events, should an individual feel responsible or harbor a grudge? Lenny Bruce had a line on “Who killed Christ?” Bruce said Jews should pretend to find a confession note, and get the whole thing out of the way. “I was down in the basement the other day and I find this old paper, it says “We killed Him, and we’re really sorry, signed Morty.”” The real point being, why are we still fighting each other over this? My father and his parents ran out of Germany a hop ahead of the SS in 1939. I don’t feel that Germany owes me a thing. They owed my grandparents, and they owed my father, but that’s not my tragedy. It was theirs. Those who obsess over harm done to their ancestors are those who need more to do.

  26. chris

    I don’t usually (ever) post but this one deserves a response. I personally have known Mr. Hargrove for over 35 years. I went to school with his sons and I can tell you that there is not a finer man nor family anywhere. It strikes me as odd that most of those who post here – and the author of the article – are so determined to keep anyone from saying what they think. I suppose that one’s constituitional rights don’t matter if you are not a member of some “PC” club. Is this the kind of tolerance that you advocate for the citizens of Virginia? A person has the right to express his opinion , as long as it agrees with you? And please don’t try to say that it is the equivalent of yelling fire in the fire house. The only fire here that needs to be put out is the useless and meaningless gestures that our PAID lawmakers waste their time and our tax dollars on. Frank Hargrove is one of the kindest, no nonsense people that you are ever going to meet. To slander his name when you do not know him – and then to generalise your perception of bigotry to an entire Commonwealth – is at the very core of racism. Do you also generalise about an entire race? Do you also speak ill of people that you know only through one sound bite? You should be ashamed of yourselves. If you do not like him, don’t vote for him next time.

  27. mewman

    the simple truth is that when polititions make these kind of comments,and continue to be elected,to even be allowed to hold office,it reflects that the people of that state think what they say is fine.i feel sorry for the honorable people of the state who have to suffer from the stain of these just outright bad,evil people,but until these pieces of crap get thrown to the curb,then it sure ends of looking like a state full os racists…

  28. Words like bigot, racist, Nazi are only seriously used against Europeans, a predatory attack on Europeans who show racial solidarity.

    Although, Jews and nonwhites are all encouraged to be racially conscious and to openly promote their ethnic interests — for Europeans to point that out is considered an insolent act by a beta race.

  29. dionysis

    I agree with your comments, Doug. I lived in Virginia from 1970 until August of 2005, and was educated at UVA. Although I loved (and still love) the state of Virginia, I simply got sick of the wingnuts, racists and dullards that typified the average Virginian (at least those outside of N.Va.). I moved to another supposed ‘red state’ (N.C.) but am finding that residents are far less racist and much more tolerant and open-minded than most Virginians. People like Allen and Goode represent the worst of the Old Dominion; the fact that these knuckle-draggers keep getting re-elected says all there is to say about that state.

  30. Don’t forget the military industrial complex. I served time in Norfolk from 1967 to 1968. The Navy never saw a constitution that it didn’t despise.

    I learned to hate the rich and their lower middle class values while stationed in Virginia and Florida. Our military is the largest and most corrupt socialist enterprise in the world, and a lot of it comes from “Ol Virginia”.

  31. CB

    When are the white males in this country going to just sit down and shut up? They are so afraid of the fact the the population numbers are going to move them more and more to parity with women and minorities that they are spreading hate and misinformation to keep “scared” white males in line. The South is the worst. When are they going to get over it so the rest of us can move on?

  32. a.c.

    Thank you for this article. i am proud to be white, native american, and hispanic. I believe nobody deserves to be told to get over the suffering of their ancestors.

  33. Carol Smith

    I have never read so much TRIP in my life. Are you saying people are not POLITCALLY CORRECT enough for you? Where do you or anyone else get off thinking or saying we have to be PC and believe what you believe. Get over Kunto Kanta, those days can’t be relived and and we didn’t do it. What our anchesters did , was their doing. Did you know not one of them is a live to slap the crap out of for it? I always heard the South’s gonna do it agin, I just want to know what we are going to do again and when… Hopefully close the borders first and obey the laws and deport the illegal. Then pull the plug on Bush and his ilk,,,,,,,,,,,all of them, every last one of them. Right down to the local yokle that back all the open borders and bleeding heart liberals.

  34. Fred

    I’m a minority. I just hope we can racejack some money out of Virgil Goode Jr. and Frank D. Hargrove now that they’ve said their statements. Somebody call Jesse Jackson.

  35. Bob

    This message is for CB. When are you going to get over that most Americans didn’t ask for this mass immigration. Its the politicians who snuck in all these liberal immigration rules stealthily against the wishes of the population. Just because the weasel politicians do something doesn’t mean the population agrees or want it and just blindly follows along. Virgil Goode Jr. is right in wishing to not bring anymore Muslims/Arabs coming over to America. The bible has some interesting things to say about Ishmael (father of the arabs) and his offspring (Gen 16:12), which is one more reason not to bring them here.

  36. I find my shame in being a Virginian growing tremendously these days. First, we pile on our homophobia by voting for a state constitutional amendment to punish non-married couples — an undisguised swipe at gay marriage. Virginia already had laws (yes, that’s plural) prohibiting and inhibiting gay marriage. But we Virginians were too stupid to understand we were punishing many who are not gay and will be unduly harmed by this amendment. Now, we have this idiot – supported by many other Virginians with little or no capacity to think – ranting about blacks and Jews.

    (Let’s not even get to the comments about swearing in on the Qur’an! These intellectually-challenged, misanthropic illiterates don’t understand that this country was founded on religious pluralism (they’re too dumb to know what that means?) and further, that the God of the Qur’an is the same God of Abraham worshipped by Christians and Jews!).

    It is difficult to respect anyone who doesn’t respect themselves. Our heritage is a component of who and what we are, and that includes the burdens and sins as well as the accomplishments and good deeds. To say “that was them, not us” is denying who and what you are. We all have skeletons and bad parts, but upstanding people accept all of their parts, trying not to mimic the bad and constantly trying to improve on the good. But to run and hide from your past? On second thought, we’d be better off if these idiots ran on away from here and let those of us with good sense and productive brains live in sanity and peace!!

    Finally, for those with limited capacity to think past slogans, hand-me-down myths and the rantings of crowds, it doesn’t make sense to observe blacks staying here as an indictment of their African or Jamaican ancestral home at the expense of America. The fact is we have a stake in both. To give up on either would be abandoning centuries-long investments of blood, sweat and sacrifice. Only someone stupid would consider that a reasonable idea…

  37. Doug, why don’t you move to a third world country since you think we are all “equal”. Try living with the ones whom the Russians refer to as “savage mountain people”. Stick to reporting the innards of gub’ment controversy and leave topics regarding human nature to those who truly understand it, like Hal Turner.
    Why haven’t the blacks moved back to african’t? Why do gooks move here? Same for beaners??? I have a brazillian problem in my town too!
    Doug, before you call me racist, you must understand THEY are the racists. Those who move here from their third world cesspool are weak! If they were real men, they would inspire revolution and build their nation to 1st world status. They come here to live the White American dream. There were not any non-whites who are amongst the founding fathers, are there? No last names ending in Gonzales, or Nguyen, or Phuosimnathong, or Mbeki on the Declaration of Independence?

    Doug, you are much older than I, and I want to respect my elders, but sometimes I don’t know. I am sure you remember when the immigration reform act was pushed upon us so that Ted Kennedy could still be alive. Do you live in the ghetto? Do you read Frosty Woolridge’s articles?

    Doug, one last thing, I dare you to call into Hal Turner’s show on Wednesdays from 9-11 est. @ http://www.halturnershow.com . Maybe we can “awaken” your communist-corrupted mind. Try publishing an article about how you are so proud of being born White and how good life has been for you because of it. Let us see how you can have White Pride without being labelled a racist. We know you are not racist, so give it a shot Mr. Thompson. By the way, have you ever served in the military or own firearms like a “normal” White man?

    You should be proud to have pols who announce the obvious instead of “double-speak”.

    Sorry, your other journalism is quite excellent. I respect you for that, and I hope you have the “fortitude” to post this comment.

    Rep. Ron Paul for pres, ’08!!!

  38. DVD

    These liberal comments make me think of the walking dead. They’re walking around already dead, however their just waiting for their physical bodies to finally give out.

    Isaiah 6:10
    Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.

  39. AB


    HTS.com Fan, why didn’t the original white settlers of this country stay put in Europe and start revolutions there? Do you consider them weak for not doing so?

  40. I am also ashamed. I am ashamed of all of the people who posted that think that it is some type of crime for being white. yes slavery did exist. where did they come from? they were made slaves BY OTHER AFRICAN TRIBES. thats right, why dont you start by making all of the nations of africa that sold their people into slavery apologize? Or how about making the black race apologize to each other for the black slaveOWNERS? while were at it why dont we make Yankees apologize for Shermans march through Georgia? Why not make the US apologize to the south for waging a brutal war of conquest on a nation that seceded based on their own states rights? I have watched with horror as My heritage and culture has been trampled underfoot. I fly my southern cross every day in honor of my nation. A nation that was conquered and subjugated by an aggresive imperial war machine. Wheres my apology. bottom line, yes the south owned slaves, so did the north. If one flag is a racist symbol so is the other. the south, however, never engaged in wholesale slaughter and genocide , unlike the “Glorious Union” I fully agree that this country should be equal. lets start. Give me the right to honor my heritage like every other ethnic group. No? why not? oh, thats right because this country has always needed a scapegoat. they have finally found one tha no one gives a damn about the southerner. Just because I fly a confederate flag dont necessarily make me a racist. Just because im southern dont make me an inbred hick call a black man the N word everyone gasps with horror, call me awhite trash or hick, or hillbilly and everyone laughs. yeah…. thats equality.

  41. J.L. Davis

    No way in the world you are a native Virginian. So please, if you are not, quit calling yourself a Virginian. If you are a native to our commonwealth, I beg you to cease identifying yourself as one. Your rants are narrow minded and typical liberal jibberish. They are half truths and your reasoning is, well .. to be honest… somewhat sophomoric. You appear to be a talented photographer, but it would be best to leave your political rantings to yourself. You are an elitist and a very arrogant liberal. Which in my experience with same is often the case. I have had two extremely liberal gays work for me in the past and they were absolutely the most intolerant of any opinions except their own. ANYthing or anybody that was of a different opinion… they reject them with glittering generalities (such as bigot, nazis, etc.), same ole same ole. The same crap that the yellow journalists have used for centuries. You sir, are no different. You are not fit to wipe the boots of General Lee or Rev. King. They were both great men and if you can see and embrace the difference and respect them both.. then shut the hell up.

  42. J.L. Davis

    Please note that in the final sentence of my comments.. It should read “They were both great men and if you CAN’T see and embrace the difference and respect them both.. then shut the hell up. I was typing fast and did not proof my rant.

  43. ian lee

    To the resurgent racist South…

    Remember John Brown. He struck terror into the heart of the Beast of the slave owning South with his bold raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry,and prior to that, decapitating slave owners who were camping out in Kansas in order to influence the outcome of the Kansas/Nebraska Act. Both of these incidents lit the fuse for the Civil War.

    The supporters of the Confederate South are nothing but cowards who hide behind honor. You are a depraved and despicable bunch.

    The 2006 midterm election was also a referendum against the “southernized GOP”. The South will once again be relegated to has been/do not trust status,as it was during the 60s and 70s.

    Long live the memory of John Brown,the Harpers Ferry Regiment, and the Abraham Lincoln Brigades!!

  44. Joshua Tree


    More like “southern fried GOP”. My late uncle in Oregon despised Southerners in general and Texans in particular so much, he would always preach,”Never trust a Texan”. He considered them to be very underhanded and sleazy. Bush 43, Halliburton,Enron,and LBJ are a testament to that.