Steadily, and without much opposition, the federal government is taking over America’s business, industries, financial institutions and — in the end — our way of life.

Uncle Sam now owns major pieces of some of this country’s largest financial institutions. The administration of Barack Obama feels it has the authority to tell the CEO of America’s largest auto maker to resign and that CEO meekly complies.

Coming up soon: National health care. Government by the people, for the people and of the people is becoming government over the people: All government all the time, 24/7.

What happened to free enterprise? What happened to private initiative? What happened to America?

The corrupt administration of George W. Bush left town with America mortally wounded, breathing only on life support. Brack Obama and his minions roared into office and pulled the plug on the America we once knew and set about to replace it with with an even more totalitarian government that seeks to control all aspects of our lives.

And most Americans, weary of the many abuses of Bush and his henchmen (and women), seem willing to sit back and let it happen.

Obama, true to his Democratic roots, sees big government as the answer to all the ills that infect this nation. When in doubt, pump more tax dollars into failing companies. Drown problems in federal money. We can worry about how to pay for all this later.

In reality, the American free enterprise system has been falling apart for decades, driven by the greed of Wall Street, the shortsighted policies of both Republicans and Democrats and the willingness of voters to look the other ways as long as it meant money in their own pockets.

Perhaps the damage is so great that nationalism and a more socialistic form of government are the only answers but we have to hope there is another solution.  Surely, the answer is not a government that provides to us from the cradle to the grave. Surely we are not headed for that often-predicted totalitarian system where freedom of thought is lost and the desire to succeed is snuffed by a welfare state.

Maybe. Maybe not. The standard solution out of Washington now is regulate and then regulate more. More oversight and more control all too often translate into less freedom, less choice and less individuality.

Will America the beautiful become America the dutiful where resistance is futile?

I hope not…but that hope is fading.


  1. “What happened to free enterprise? What happened to private initiative? What happened to America?”

    Look around you, America has failed, and it has nothing to do with what Obama is doing, this country has been on the skids since (at least) Reagan.

    Go stock up on ammo.

  2. The only difference that we might see is the change of our “masters”. The “plantation” has been transfered to new ownership.

  3. Boris, that is an excellent summary, filled with intellect and good judgement. I would suggest you take your idea to the Hill, however, good judgement and comment sense is unwelcome there.
    If you run for office however, I will vote for you!

  4. Doug,

    There has never been a system in the history of the universe that has been stable absent external regulation. It’s never happened and it never will, as any freshman engineer can tell you. That’s reality, and all the smug, self-important, rugged-individualists in the world won’t change it. The economy is a system – a system of millions of individuals each with his own personal agenda. It’s replete with positive feedback paths that, without externally imposed negative feedback paths, inevitably lead to ever increasing concentrations of power, wealth, and, all too often, collapse. To suppose that an economy can be stable absent external regulation is absurd. To suppose that the financial community – a system that creates no wealth, composed principally of individuals driven by personal greed – can be stable without external control is insane. The only real supprise is that it took a whole ten years after Gram-Leach-Bliley for our economy to self-destruct.

    Leading me to the subject of corporations. Corporations are powerful tools, that’s why they exist. And, like all tools, they can be used for good or evil. They put vast power into hands that don’t own it, haven’t earned it, have no personal responsibility for it, and have not been elected to it. That’s why the founding fathers distrusted them; that’s why there are no rights for corporations in the Constitution. None.

    The idea that corporations have, and should have, the rights of individuals is, to my mind, the greatest single reason for the decay of this country over the decades. In particular, the idea that they have a right to interfere in elections. Make it a felony to divert any corporate resource, in any way, directly or indirectly, towards the influencing of an election and we might be able to start on the way back to the republic we once had.

  5. Try this…

    Figure out how much you make every week to establish your baseline. Buy a big house, 2 fine cars, a HDTV, eat out alot, and take in lots of movies. Live large.

    Paycheck won’t stretch that far? Not to worry… use your savings. Savings depleted? So what… get three new credit cards to make the payments, put a bunch of other stuff on the cards, too. Shuffle your payments among cards, get more cards with a better interest rate, shuffle those too. Live large.

    Having trouble keeping the cards paid up? No problemo… get a couple new checking accounts, use each checkbook to pay some of your debts with your new-found “paper” assets, deposit checks from each account into the other on a staggered basis to assure your “solvency”. Live large.

    Bill collectors calling? Mortgage company threatening foreclosure? Credit cards cancelled? Banks charging you late fees and penalties? Loan company repossessing your cars? The grocery won’t take your check anymore? WTF happened to your American dream? What can you do without more money? LIVE LARGE???

    Now that has happened all over the US. Millions of people are in that same boat. Thousands of businesses are in the same boat. Hundreds of local gov’ts are in the same boat. The Federal Gov’t is in the same boat.

    The only difference is that when Obama needs his checkbook recharged, his banker just buys some more of his (OUR) debt guarantees (Treasury bills and bonds) and issues more “paper” money. Even if Obama paid all OUR bills with that new money, nothing would change… because we still have to stand behind the new debt… which is currently $150,000 or more for each and every one of us in the US. We’ll be having your payment now, please.

    So, you see, enough results are already in to make firm conclusions… conclusions that will only become more dire as the debts and issuance of baseless paper money expand even further. The bottom line: YOU can’t over-spend your way to prosperity! The corollary: The GOV’T can’t do it either! BUT, they can bankrupt YOU in the process of trying (to do something).

    Collectivism is slavery…

  6. Okay, lets hear that story again, the one about the benign federal gonad-fairy…

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  7. It’s ok to say nationalize. Don’t say socialized. It really angers the democrats.
    I tried not to listen to the naysayers. Really didn’t think it would be this bad, but it is.

  8. “Will America the beautiful become America the dutiful where resistance is futile?”

    At first glance a “yes” would seem to be the answer to that question, but the new GIVE legislation to create a “voluntary national service corps” makes any resistance – even verbal – a crime, so it’s not futile… it’s criminal.

    How’s that for change? RIP – land of the free.

    Collectivism is slavery…

  9. I think it will be a regional break up if it breaks up at all. I’ve seen plans for the the Great Lakes Region. I agree with you it looks like totalitarian rule though I feel it’s currently a fascist agenda and ideology and not communism. If they socialized the profits it would be communism. But just socializing the losses is fascist. And it’s in fact already totalitarian via the Imperial Executive, complete with rigged elections and government officials and industry leaders exempt from our laws.

    Seven years of power
    The corporation claw
    The rich control the government, the media, the law
    To make some kind of difference
    Then everyone must know
    Eradicate the fascists, revolution will grow
    –Queensryche, Speak from the album Operation: Mindcrime


  10. The best thing we could do is split up into 50 different nations. What I think will happen is totalitarian communism.

  11. The power of the free lunch is greater than the power of free men, it seems. Speaks to character.

    Collectivism is slavery…

  12. “And so together we shared the fate of all the failed democracies before us, joining those pitiful beings who had held the light of freedom in one hand, and put it out with the other.”

    A Future of the Brave

  13. let’s see if i get this right … if government does nothing you assail it for not doing anything … if government does something you assail i for doing something

    did I get that right?

    as for me i have always thought the federal government had the obligation to do what i could not do or local government could not do … in this case the circumstances are extreme ergo extreme measures are required to get back on track … your analysis has already concluded results which are not available … sorry but I have to wait a little longer and see which way thus is going

  14. I’m glad to see you are still on station good buddy. I’ve missed your commentary to this site. It seems you are still alive and kickin’…:)

    Carl Nemo **==

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