Although Medicare has problems as a coverage, it is good and viable enough that the government should extend it to cover all Americans. In fact, there are more problems in the current private health care system than in the Medicare program, of which most problem issues pertain to the private industry that is covering the elderly under the Medicare program.

In the U.S. private health care is not working. It is estimated that 37 cents of every dollar goes to health care providers for cost and revenue purposes. Such a ratio implies a huge cost that is diverted by providers onto their health care customers. Private health care in the U.S. is NOT cost-effective and it is unaffordable for most citizens.

In addition, health care providers are permitted under the current laws to pick and choose healthier Americans as their clients and discard those it deems unhealthy, ill and who have pre-existing conditions. It is not surprising that such a system does not and can not cover all Americans adequately.

Medicare already covers elderly and disabled Americans. It would take a small action by Congress to extend Medicare to all Americans and it should opt do this ASAP.


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