God, even Republicans say former Vice President Dick Cheney should just shut up and go away.

The acid-tongued former Number Two in the Bush cabal is mouthing off like Rush Limbaugh on steroids, telling anyone who will listen (and most, thankfully, don’t) that President Barack Obama is putting America in grave danger because he wants to restore basic freedoms to this country and recognize, once again, basic human rights.

Thankfully, nobody listens to Cheney these days. Sadly, George W. Bush did listen to this pathetic excuse for a human being during the eight years of his reign of terror at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Cheney, the "Prince of Darkness" of the Bush White House, is a bitter old man. He left the White House with his plan to turn the Presidency into an absolute dictatorship incomplete. He and his cronies did run roughshod over the Constitution from January 20, 2001 until January 20, 2009 but his excesses cost the Republican Party control of Congress and the White House. His actions constituted repeated violations of the law if not outright treason.

In the end, even Bush — the evil emperor — stopped listening to his Darth Vader. The Vice President lobbied hard for a full and complete pardon for Scooter Libby, his former chief of staff who took the fall for Cheney’s intentional leaking of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame’s name to the media.  Buth refused. The two men weren’t speaking to each other by the time the Bush presidency ended.

Bush, showing smarts he didn’t use during his time in the White House, refuses to criticize his successor publicly. Not so for Cheney, who prattles on in the insane assumption that anyone out there gives a damn about what he has to say.

Cheney represents the Bush White House days at its worst: an arrogant bully that cares nothing for law, restraint, rights or the opinions of others. He is an angry, belching stereotype of the old search and destroy style of politics that has done its best to destroy a once great nation called America.

The few Republicans brave enough to speak out about Dick Cheney are right. He should just shut up and retreat to an undisclosed location.

With luck, the next time we hear from Dick Cheney will be when he answers the question: "How does the defendant plead?"



  1. I don’t want to underestimate Cheney’s possibility to still cause harm. Cheney and Rush Limbaugh work together. Rush has a powerfully emotional niche uniting hatred of Muslims with hate toward Hispanics. Both Rush’s and Cheney’s explanation claiming there will be a major terror attack got the facts backward but not the possibility that al Qaeda when it is finally cornered will hurry up its desire to encourage the US to totally bankrupt itself, with a direct attack instead. And designing a terror attack is such a way that Obama would be blamed and if possible the shaky economy would suffer would be in their interest, with Cheney and Rush going along.

    The Washington Times is covering for Cheney, while it pushes hate in other directions,

    There are reasons to second guess Obama on the economy, but not with the claim that Obama likes to yak,
    This crowd is capable of causing harm, and encourages Obama to slow down in his pursuit of justice.


  2. Seems to me that the Dem’s ought to be loving Cheney’s mouthcapades. So I say, “let’er rip tator chip!”

  3. Doug, when you are right, youare right with a vengence. I was struck by the fact that not even Condaleeza Rice would speak out against the Obama Administraion. Chenney doesn’t care how he is regarded by the American people or by history. In fact, he was probably the only thing keeping someone from taking a shot at Dubya. No one would want that evil bastard to REALLY be President.

    As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you
    can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.-The late, great Molly Ivins

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