Cantor calls Obama’s budget ‘out of the mainstream’

A leading House Republican is charging that President Barack Obama is pushing a federal budget so far out of the mainstream that even congressional Democrats are struggling with it.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor asserted that the $3.6 trillion spending blueprint that Obama will personally push in a visit to Capitol Hill later Wednesday would burden future generations with staggering debts.

Interviewed on NBC’s "Today" show, the Virginia Republican said he thought the country got a firsthand look Tuesday night as Obama sought to "defend a budget that is so far out of the mainstream" that significant members of his own party are wary of it


  1. griff

    How on earth will tripling the deficit actually reduce it? Is anyone really that stupid, outside the most diehard worshippers?

    How are we to believe these projections when they’re always wrong?

    I’ve said all along that the “economic crisis” is Obama’s 9/11. Just go shopping folks, and let our experts in Washington handle it.

    It’ll get better, I promise. Just do everything I say that needs to be done. Don’t question, just obey.

  2. Siannan

    I don’t recall hearing Cantor complain about the budgets Bush put forward. Why the sour grapes now? Oh, wait, Obama is a democrat. Sorry I asked.

  3. John Parker

    The GOP’s boy-toy, Eric Cantor, is akin to an arsonist who complains that the fire department is wasting water. Obama is trying to handle an immediate crisis while also laying the foundation for long-term growth. The Republicans are doing neither. They have no plan to stop the loss of jobs or to get capital markets functioning properly, and they certainly have no plans for health care, education or energy, which are the keys to both long-term economic growth and long-term deficit reduction.

    All the energy, indeed all debate, is on the progressive side of the aisle. The Obama administration’s only intellectual challengers are on the left, where economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and others are offering a vigorous critique and proposing alternative solutions. But where is Mr. Cantor and the Republicans? Doing nothing but complaining. Unless and until they do offer an alternative, they really have no right to whine about the president. For now at least, the GOP and their alternative solutions are dead in the water. Come to think about it, so is their ideology.

  4. Siannan

    You know what their alternative is: tax cuts for the rich and big business; same old song and dance. Since we know how well that one turned out, I don’t think we’ll be going there any time soon.

  5. acf

    Cantor didn’t even have the sense or respect to watch the President’s press conference last night, if for no other reason that to see him defending his policies first hand. Instead, he went to a Britney Spears concert. I guess he doesn’t think that the affairs of state are important enough for his close attention. Now, should we take his criticism of Barack Obama and his economic policies seriously?