response to a commentary in Fox News:

This really is so hysterical. The insurers will do nothing of the sort. They are trying to hedge their bets on insuring ALL Americans forcibly “under duress”, so that insurers will reap larger profits. It is so blatant and absurd that it is laughable.

One of the reasons is that the insurers know that there soon may be coverage for Americans offered by the government, which will compete with them.

Insurers say they will not “punish” those Americans with previous conditions and will not charge varying rates for coverage. That is just lip-service because insurers still will discriminate against Americans re:, age, place of residence, type of coverage and other self-imposed agendas.

The number 1 pursuit of health care insurers is to make ever-increasing profits, any way possible. The question remains “How much profit is enough?”

If health care insurers would monitor themselves better, provide all Americans with affordable and reasonable health coverage and resolve to make reasonable profits instead of atmospheric profiteering, there would be no need to develop government health programs for Americans.

It is its need for greed that will ensure the health care industry’s own destruction. A health care revolution is coming and the industry should volunteer to become part of the evolution.

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