It may be time to face the sad fact that this nation has reached the point of no return.

Our economy is out of control, oozing ever deeper into a toxic swamp of worthless assets, bad loans, failed companies and corporate greed.

Our government is frozen by bitter, partisan bickering, led by a charismatic President who finds that translating optimistic rhetoric is all but impossible in the face of political reality.

Every day, thousands upon thousands of Americans join the jobless club, facing uncertain futures where the jobs they once held won’t come back and the companies where they worked may disappear from the landscape forever.

The system that drives this nation is in collapse — a failed dinosaur that cannot cope with rapidly-changing conditions because it is controlled by those wedded to the old, failed ways of the past.

Barack Obama cannot save this nation. Neither can the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Libertarians or anyone else on the horizon because each — in their own corrupt way — are contributors to the problem, not saviors looking for real answers.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner unveils a "new" plan for resolving the mortgage and economic crisis but it really is more of the same. Obama doomed his program of "real change" the moment he began stacking is administration with the same old Washington insiders who created the problems that now threaten the future of this country.

The revolution ain’t happening folks because those leading the charge are the same people who got us into the mess in the first place. The Obama administration is not a government of change but a continuation of the failed policies of the past. The budget deficit will soar further into the trillions. Pork-laden legislation will continue to spill out of a corrupt Congress like bile from a festering sore. Lobbyists will continue to control the agenda. More Americans will continue to lose their life savings, their homes and any chance for recovery.

This isn’t a recession. It’s a depression: full blown but destined to get much, much worse.

America isn’t dying. It’s dead, existing only on life-support funded by maxed-out credit cards.

There will be no need to turn off the lights. The energy that ran this once-great nation ran out a long time ago.


  1. I, voted for Ron Paul, you know… The guy that all the MSM had blacklisted as a loon? He knew this was coming, had spoken about it and nobody listened. Now we have to deal with the mess that was started many, many years ago.

    To Boldly Go…
    Anywhere there is sanity…

  2. Well gee thanks Doug! I guess this means I get the day off now, ey? Can I punch out?

    What’s the use? Should I just go home and wait for death to come or should I blow my f^*#in head off now??


    It seems like you’re having a bad mood swing day Doug. If you’re serious about all being lost, then take down the web site and go enjoy time with your family.

    No? Not going to do that?

    Then go get some new meds and get back to work!!

  3. You’re wrong Doug.

    The revolution is happening — it began in November of 2006 and it continued two years later. Your disappointment stems from the fact that you allowed yourself to believe that the same democratic establishment that kowtowed to the Bush regime could actually affect meaningful change.

    The bottom line is: it’s going to take more than a couple of election cycles to get rid of these scum.

  4. “Those who think we are [done] — should get out of the way and let the rest of us get to it.”

    Well Ludwig, I guess you miss the point of it all. We ARE getting to it – defining the problem in terms other than those the “leadership” use. You can’t fix it til you know what it is. Too many of you Pollyannas seem quite believing in the mechanisms responsible for the status quo… if only we could just get past this “rough patch”.

    The experts of which you speak are in place – not in government, necessarily, but in industy, academia, the citizenry, etc – waiting for the populace to get rid of those political leaders who flog the system for themselves and their cronies. And if everyone doesn’t turn toward that task of purging and cleansing the apparatus of power, then the doom and gloom will be more than prediction. A groundswell of peaceful revolution must occur… and you can’t get there with the same old “everything will be OK – just give it time”.

    As a first step, many of us realize that The Big O and his band of merry marauders is nothing else than more of the same… only worse.

    Now we have to really face the fact that collectivism is slavery…

    “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
    -Sam Adams

  5. I think I can out-gloom you, Doug.

    Several years ago (I can link to the posts) I began telling people that the US was in the process of being deliberately dismantled (insert scoffing sounds). To do this effectively, you would first have to send the US’s manufacturing base overseas, thus demolishing her self-sufficiency and ability to recover.

    You would then remove vital regulations from the markets and foster as much destructive greed as you could muster. Next, squander the nation’s finances on unwinnable conflicts and empire in general. In the background, you would sign treaties with Mexico and Canada, further undermining the nation’s sovereignty. Then you’d pull the plug.

    This is not incompetence. It is a coup. A slow, deliberate and inevitable result of the victory of finance over ideals.

    The people who run the United States are not interested in the United States. They haven’t been for a very long time. If we knew where to look we’d also know they’ve been telling us this openly since at least the 1970s. Warburg. Rockefeller. Lazard. These people don’t just want countries – they want the World. And they are on the brink of getting it.

    Knowing this was going to happen and watching it all unfold has been more tedious than depressing. The ghosts of Jefferson, Jackson and all who fought tooth and nail against the money power are looking on with resigned expressions, in the full knowledge that this day would come. The truth is, it came a long time ago – when America first forgot who she was. And who the real enemy has always been.

    “Let he who would be deceived – be deceived!”

    The maxim has remained the modus operandi since Roman times.

    P.S. the final piece of the plan is the disarming of the population. Expect some ‘helpful’ events.

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