Obama on 60 Minutes Sunday strongly responded to Dick Cheney calling him weak of terror,
Obama fought back but Lawrence Wilkerson’s (Colin Powell’s chief of staff were even stronger. using words like evil, and making future terror attacks more likely,

Unlike Wilkerson, most peace activists claim the terror threat is exaggerated. This leaves Cheney and Rush Limbaugh with prepackaged explanations of why, if an attack occurs.

Lawrence Wilkerson was once Colin Powell’s chief of staff. He somewhat resembles Daniel Ellsberg who released the Pentagon Papers, except Wilkerson released his inside information slowly with much internal torment instead of all at once like Ellsberg did,
I think the movement would gain something if it started to pay attention to Wilkerson, the way Ellsberg was listened to for advice in the 60’s.

One thing that somehow neither Wilkerson nor Obama notes is how many dangerous prisoners escaped under Cheney’s watch, which gives Cheney some nerve to claim that Obama might let a potentially dangerous person go.

Four top al Qaeda prisoners escaped from US from US inprisonment in Afghanistan. Also, al Badawi was turned over to Yemen to be executed but escaped. Does anyone know how many extremely dangerous terrorists one way or another got away since Cheney took charge of the war against terror? I noticed several more. Someone please come up with an answer. Maybe we could ask this question all over the Internet.

For full impact of the first link below,scrawl down to ““The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity,”

Incidentally Western European detention facilities that live up to professional standards without torture don’t have any al Qaeda escapees.

Obama keeps claming, I think the US will make it economically as long as we don’t panic, and have a jointly agreed on stimulus package that we all go along with. Meanwhile Rush and Cheney are warning a claim that Obama’s big spending is going to lead to a severe depression. Why not respond, in Lawrence Wilkerson’s style, that if the economy collapses perhaps it’s because Cheney and Rush are helping it collapse.

When Obama announced the closing of Guantanamo, al Qaeda was ready with a video of Al Badawi declaring he was second in command of al Qaeda on Yemen. Al Badawi who was involved in the sinking of the USS Cole had been turned over by the Bush administration to Yemen to serve out a death sentence but escaped. Al Qaeda clearly wants to shop around for a prisoner released under Obama to declare himself part of al Qaeda’s command structure somewhere in order to make Obama look incompetent. It doesn’t have to be true; the video of a released prisoner declaring himself to be second in command could be made under knife-point, off the stage. But Rush, and Cheney are succeeding in slowing down the changes that will make al Qaeda less attractive to desperate people.

It should be clear that one of al Qaeda’s goals is to encourage Western Bankruptcy,

The Twin Towers was the world trade center, fortunately back then, its power was on line, not in the brick mortar and staff working there in. The Doctor’s Plot where only doctors were chosen to be terrorists with the three-month critic warning “Those who heal you will kill you” could have led to suspicion and deportation of all super-skilled workers. And of course encouraging us to spend like mad on war with ever more expensive smart weapons while al Qaeda kills on the cheap, helps promote Western Bankruptcy.

Obama claims, “I think we will make it,” but I fear the joint power of bin Laden, Cheney, Rush and sometimes help from Armageddonists and a few Israeli fanatics may lead to far more deaths by starvation than all the wars in history.

Most peace activists think that the way to peace is positive thinking, but I think mixing the negative with the positive is the way to go.

Note we can Win the War for Hearts and Minds. — Queen Noor the Queen of Jordan was winning the war for Hearts and Minds until al Qaeda agreed to leave Jordan alone, so is Dr. Fadl with his claim that al Qaeda is a traitor to Islam partly due to 9/11 but much more to many thousands of both Shiite and Sunni Muslims slaughtering each other after al Qaeda bombed of the Shiite sacred Golden Mosque
www.opednews.com/articles. See Dr. Fadl,
Winning the hearts and minds,

By the way, I’m not a peace activist when it comes to sending drone missiles into Pakistan. I think there might be al Qaeda sleeper cells in this country poised to attack when US troops mass into Pakistan. One knowing what to do Monday 3 pm after US massing in Pakistan and another, a backup attack on survivors at 3:17. We should do what we can to make sure that simply by reading the news, they can’t jointly know when the pre-coordinated attack will occur without phoning or pre-meetups. Maybe bin Laden didn’t manage this, but drone missiles are needed to keep any attack timing on Pakistan vague.

We can stop bin Laden’s, Cheney’s overlapping plans of what the future will look like,

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