NOW JUST A DAMN MINUTE. We have seen how we got here: ten years of $5 billion spent on campaign donations paid out by Wall Street Banker-terrorists to key players in Congress and on lobbyists to make sure the pols do what is expected of them. These are not drive by shootings. These are not IUD’s that explode underneath HumVees. These are not even suicide bombers who send shrapnel mixed with their own blood and flesh jetting into Americans. Nope. Modern Wall Street Terrorists do not do things quite so noisily.

Terrorists usually love publicity. The old style Terrorists want the reporters on site, the cameras rolling, the first responders rushing with sirens blaring to the carnage. They play to the nightly news casts and want to spread fear among the opposition.

Not these new Wall Street Terrorists. They want to quietly move in with their money to corrupt politicians who might otherwise represent their constituents as they vote. They want to seduce these always-money-hungry pols with the soothing hypnotic siren songs: “you alone can save the economy. Let us show you how to preserve the ship of state.” These narcissistic pols who have cut their teeth on campaign publicity know just how expensive attack ads are, just how costly it is to hire the young guns needed to put down the competition.

The Wall Street Terrorists know just how to coax these ripe-for-the-picking week-kneed congressional opportunists into doing their bidding. They know just how desperate and leaderless and vulnerable the Republican pols are especially.

And in ordinary conditions these kinds of goings on are probably standard operation procedures in our corrupt congress. But not now. Now these Wall Street Terrorists have their coffers stuffed to over flowing with Tax-payer money. OUR MONEY.

These criminals do not even have the good sense to realize that things have changed. It is no longer standard operating procedure to corrupt the United States Congress with campaign contributions because they have no right to use OUR MONEY to poison the process of recovery.

Was it not bad enough that they wrecked our economy with these world wrecking unethical financial instruments enabled by the deregulation they bought and paid for in the late ‘90s? Was it not bad enough that they fixed the system to permit them such enormous wealth with bizarre arcane financial instruments which have now stolen the money from our 401K’s? Are we now to be stuck with the tab for corrupting the congress a second time?

What is wrong with this picture? Do we have to march on Washington to demand these Wall Street Terrorists be confined to ethical banking practices? Do we have to sharpen our pitchforks and light up our torches to get these terrorists’ criminal influences out of the governmental processes?

The American Taxpayers own a controlling position in AIG, and yet unimaginably, infuriatingly these arrogant AIG executives continue to think they can pretend they can continue to operate as they used to because they imagine they belong to the super class of oligarchs who own the system. Someone needs to disillusion them, to remind them who owns them, and to demand that they keep their polluting influence out of the decision making processes trying to get us out of the wreckage they have left us.

We should purge these Terrorist-Bankers from the executive offices of AIG and other companies who are afloat only because they are stuffed to the gills with OUR MONEY. We should replace them with people who know they work for US. FIRE THE TERRORISTS-BANKERS NOW! Send them packing to their colossal mansions or their giga-yachts. Better yet rendition their fat buttox to a Turkish prison for some well earned solitude.

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