Enough is enough!

Chrysler is the epitome of greed prevalent in the corporate sector and it should be recognized as the symbol for much our economic woes.

The auto company received $4 BILLION in government loans from U.S. taxpayers in a bail-out provision, but that’s still not enough for Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli, who continues to hold his palm up to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner requesting more money “to save” Chrysler from going under.

In the last few days Mr. Nardelli even had the audacity to request Chrysler dealers to contact Sec. Geithner to ask for more money in a company lobbying maneuver to get millions more.

It is obvious that under its current leadership Chrysler just won’t give it up. In the worst case scenario, the company should be forced to declare bankruptcy and its workers provided transfers to jobs at other companies in the auto industry. In addition, those in charge of Chrysler, including Mr. Nardelli, should be forced to retire without a super-bonus or mega-retirement package.

Furthermore, if Chrysler plans on rebuilding its business and image, more ethical and responsible executives should lead that company towards a better future.

On the lighter side, Ford did NOT want any bail-out or stimulus money. So, get out there and buy Ford products! lol

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