Ron Paul – the falling tree in the empty forest that is the United States Congress, once again, as he does on a weekly basis, stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and – I hate this phrase but I’m going to use it this once – spoke truth to power.

What was intended to be the power anyway. Your power and my power.

That power has been systematically neutered, removed, or delegated away. We went to sleep or went shopping, and a quick glance at the national debt should pretty much let you know which option most of us took. Actually it’s more like we sleep-shopped. And whatever you do, don’t wake a sleep-shopper!

Well the sleep-shoppers have been ruthlessly jolted awake, and have no idea what’s happened. Their public servants have become their owners; greedy, sniveling, corrupt little taskmasters. And they’re mad!

But mad about what? About a paltry 165 million dollars? I guess it’s actually refreshing to take a break from the billions and trillions being squandered and stolen and get back to talking on a level most people can at least get a handle on. Millions.

People used to dream of becoming a millionaire but that won’t even get you in the game these days. You’re riding the pine until you’ve at least stolen – er, um – earned a billion.

One hundred sixty five million. A mere 4.8% (rounded) of the total package. But it’s nice to see some People getting angry.

One of our powers that the Congress saw fit to delegate away is the power to coin money and assign its value. This should make People angry.

Not only because they have delegated this most solemn responsibility, but also because of who they gave it to. The Creature from Jeckyll Island.

The private Federal Reserve. And while the People have been complaining and protesting (it’s still good to see) about AIG’s 15 minutes (we’re soooo over Enron), the Federal Reserve has seen fit to dump another 1.25 trillion dollars into circulation.

Forty years after the summer of love, it’s likely we’re in for the summer of massive inflation. Happy Anniversary! How are those pensions doing? Thanks for selling out after you sobered up.

And our national debt has now officially hit 11 trillion dollars. I guess we’re just lucky the Congress had the amazing foresight and bold initiative to increase the national debt ceiling. That would have been bad if they had to rush through emergency legislation to pave the way for trillions of more debt.

And we thought they were incompetent.

So it was that yesterday Ron Paul stood once again in opposition to a bill on the floor of the House of Representatives. Story and video.

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