Legislators need to “get on the ball”

Time to act with intelligence and speed

Dear Lawmakers:

The Texas community needs positive change. Decade-long political games and maneuvering have no place in today’s government. There are long-time issues still requiring urgent resolution, but the Senate and House are bogged-down in another dimension.

On behalf of hard-working and hardly-working Texans and their families, I am requesting that you shelve the typical power & control issues and work more expediently in the best interests of the majority who voted you your jobs.

Some urgent issues:

o Stop the diversion of our tax dollars to other interests
o Approve the bill providing 100% Disabled Veterans with property tax exemptions
o Work quickly to find alternate and across-the-board sources to finance public education
o Ensure a high quality of education for all Texas children [regulate higher education]
o Provide real property tax relief to all Texas homeowners [perhaps by increasing exemptions?]
o Rescind deregulation of various industries [electricity, higher education, communication, etc.], providing some needed oversight
o Work to lower the premiums of doubled home insurance without decreasing coverage [Texas is #1 in the nation in high premiums]
o Revamp and provide more oversight to TxDOT
o Search for alternate and more cost-effective methods to tolling roadways
o Work with the health care industry to ensure that all Texans and their children are covered affordably
o Provide jobs for any Texan who wants one [provide initiatives for companies to hire, also public works projects]
o Continue to cut waste in government
o Increase our sensitivity to our environment and work toward energy independence re: green methods
o Work to increase and maintain our clean water levels
o Provide judges with the means to accelerate court cases intelligently and prevent further overcrowding of our penal systems
o Stop diverting state taxes, fees and penalties onto local government
o Develop legislation to permit local governments more control over their own issues, priorities and revenue sources with oversight by residents
o Elect an independent commission to redistrict every 10 years
o Provide the legislation to recall the governor if needed
o Enable legislation for a gubernatorial runoff if a candidate wins with less than 50% of the total votes
o Provide more visibility and accessibility for Texans to communicate with their lawmakers
o Develop a law to stop lobbying inside the Capitol during legislative sessions
o Place a reasonable limit on campaign contributions and perks.

As may be seen by the partial list of urgent issues, there is much for lawmakers to do during this session; consequently, there is no time to waste over microscopic issues and/or power & control politics.

Texans require that legislators act intelligently and expediently in resolving some of the long-term issues that have become critical to Texans and their families.

The time to act is now. It is not the time to get bogged-down in unnecessary political and special interest machinery.


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