The print news and blog news fused today. Anianna Huffington, November 18, edits four print newspapers. Today, Metro has some articles crusading to end the drug war, and marijuana legalization crusaders should spread it around, even buy an ad for a weekend meeting in some hall to protest the drug war. Last year Metro International had musician James Blunt, who highlighted his cause Doctors Without Borders, which distributes help in risky trouble spots, where several of its volunteers were killed. Metro is presenting an opportunity for the print, blog and social justice communities. Details to follow:

In addition is the regular news and an article on people getting together to help each other out and weather the economic crisis.…
Two version of an index to all the Metro’s in 19 countries follows:


James Blunt who was guest editor of Metro International last year is a musician and the founder of Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)

Unfortunately not everyone likes Doctors Without Borders. Five MFS medical workers were beheaded in Afghanistan in 2003. The beheaders didn’t even bother to demand ransom. Since than over a dozen medical volunteers were targeted. Tom Fox a Quaker activist, not with this group, went to Iraq to declare peace between peoples and was beheaded.

Bin Laden may have a disgust for pacifist, believing with any cause one believes in, one should be willing, even anxious, to die for, maybe preferring to killing those who want to avoid taking sides and cowards. MFS volunteers and ordinary peace protesters can get in the way of his dreams of a world at war. MFS volunteers have at times taken more risks than some soldiers.

It’s sadly ironic that a few who hate the idea of a new and different world don’t mind using new technology in an attempt to return to the past.

While we celebrate the merging of the cyber-world with the print-world, another thought gets in the way of my celebrating. I am upset to see so many retreat into a little world where they blog communicate with people who have their almost exact same interests, and point of view.

Huffington Post and one Capitol Hill publication were the only non-national security oriented, or blogs with special interest in the internal affairs of Afghanistan that mentioned and had a link to Newsweek’s “Learning to Live With Radical Islam”,

Capitol Hill Blue (as far as I know) is the only non-news article summary publication that goes out of its way to include different points of view.

Metro newspaper has no index so people can’t just head for the local news page and it’s hard to just find sports or entertainment without glancing at some news too. So people reading it on the subway for the entertainment articles at least have to glance at some news.

When there is gossip, or politicians make a slip of tongue, blogs spread it around. Sometime social consciousness and gossip are one and the same, such as throwing a shoe at President Bush, but important stories that don’t have a gossip touch don’t get spread around. I hope that Anita Huffington and Metro and others who want broad viewpoints to know about each other will help find a way for there to be one common world, instead of over a thousand isolated worlds were people who agree with each other communications.

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