A US Congressman is calling for an investigation of the Seymour Hersch allegations that former Vice President Cheney controlled a secret US Military squad that carried out assassinations of foreigners. This against US Law and President Ford’s executive order prohibiting any US citizen from doing so. This Must Be Investigated by a Special Prosecutor.

How far outside US law did Cheney go?

Did Cheney use the assassination squad inside the United States?

WE Must all work together to push Congress to investigate, Attorney General Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor, and Obama to get out of the way and allow the Rule Of Law to prevail.

Sign The Petition To
Indict & Prosecute Bush, Cheney and appointees who ordered TORTURE.

Please have your organization pass this url to members with a recomendation to sign it.


SIGN TODAY- The future of our country
Depends On You doing this TODAY.

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Was the TV Series “The Unit” based on Cheney’s Assassination Squad?
Its story line seems to promote extra constitutional, illegal actions by a secret squad run by a little known general. Is this series an effort to desensitize Americans to Torture and Assassinations?


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