This isn’t a political entry. It’s an entry on human nature. I laughed ’till I had tears in my eyes.

I love my wife dearly. We’ve been through thick and thin for 25 years. I’m an engineer, a technical person, by nature, training and profession. She is the opposite. She is an English major who does training and writing and other sorts of softer stuff.

When I first met her, in 1984, she had a Ford Escort with hay in the back for her goats to lie in while she shuttled them around the country to various fairs and expositions. First time I got in her car I found the oil pressure alarm light on. She said she thought that meant she should put in another quart of oil. Shortly thereafter she had to buy a new car and has since changed the oil regularly and kept the level up.

After a few years we were living together in our own house. One afternoon I had been working on my car in the driveway and had a tool box lying in the drive. She came home before I’d put it away, and not seeing it, ran over it. She realized she’d run over something. She immediately threw her car in reverse and ran over it AGAIN in the hopes of quickly undoing whatever damage she’d done running it over going forward.

Then today. First thing today I wanted to use her latest car, a hatchback, to take the dogs to the dog park. She said the hatchback wasn’t working properly and wouldn’t close. Sure enough, it wouldn’t, but I made my dog run anyway. When I got back I took my toolkit to the back hatch. I checked all the alignment bumpers, the latch mount, everything looked fine. So, I took the back escutcheons all apart to where I could get a good look into the latch mechanism. There was a small, bent piece of spring steel lodged in the mechanism. I removed it, put all back together again and things worked fine. So, I told her that it worked and what I’d found. She said, well, she’d found that piece of steel after she’d unloaded some boxes, supposed it might have come from the rear hatch latch, and crammed it down the hole into the latch mechanism. She figured that if it really had come from the latch that it would automatically self-orient in the proper position. And if it didn’t, well, no harm done.

I went out on the back patio, got myself a smoke, and laughed (in private) until I cried.