Time to remove a dictator


Enough of this pussyfooting: It’s time to impeach.

Not just Bush: Bush and Cheney. Both belong behind bars, not just for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution of the United States but for war crimes and murder on an international scale. Try them in the Senate and then ship them to the Hague to be tried as war criminals and for the deaths of each American soldier and Iraqi civilian in their illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

But let’s not stop there: Arrest Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as co-conspirators in a plot to destroy the Democratic Republic of the United States of America. Add, as fellow conspirators, every member of Congress who voted to authorize Bush’s dirty little war and who voted for the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act the fist time around and/or extension of that vile law the second time.

America is a country out of control, led by a government that doesn’t listen to its people. Bush, on national television Sunday night, admitted he doesn’t much care what the American people think about him or his war. He’s going to do whatever he damn well pleases because he knows no one has the power or the balls to stop him.

Sadly, he’s right. Bush consolidated his power by leveraging a shell-shocked, Republican-led Congress after 9/11 to give him everything he wanted. Democrats share the blame. Most of them also voted for the war and for the USA Patriot Act.

The Republican leadership may be gone but the Democrats who replaced them aren’t listening to the voters who put them into power. They talk lamely of non-binding resolutions against the war, hearings ad infinitum and the standard political rhetoric that has, for too long, replaced any real leadership in the halls of Congress.

The time has come to stop talking. The time has come to act. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must remove the shackles from her colleagues who want to impeach a President who has, with the help of Congress, overthrown the government of this country and established – for all practical purposes – a dictatorship that answers to no one.

If Pelosi refuses to act, then let her term as Speaker be a short one and put the reign of the party of the jackass into mothballs when our turn comes again at the ballot box. The Republicans failed and the Democrats seem destined to follow. Let’s scrap the two-party system in this country and look elsewhere for our leaders. Perhaps a third party or perhaps no party. The political system in America is an outmoded, scandal-ridden, corrupt dinosaur that no longer listens to the will of the people or cares a rat’s ass about the nation.

Bush must go. So must Cheney. And if the Congress won’t do the job, then they must go too.

The only real questions are how and how soon? Can Americans afford to wait until 2008 to lance the festering boils on the body politic?

I’m not sure we can.


  1. HistoryGuy

    Take a pill guys. Pelosi and all the Dems voted for the war and the Patriot Act. Should they impeach each other? Government is about maintaining power, not serving the republic.

  2. David Williams

    The following went pretty well unreported by the MSM…..Late last week,W presided over a White House ceremony to posthumously award the Congressional Medal of Honor to Corporal Jason Dunham,who while serving in Iraq, threw himself on top of a handgrenade, giving up his own life and saving the lives of several other members of his patrol.

    The corporal’s mother was among the gathered attendees that included members of the administration and representatives of the military.W was doing the introductions and the”I appreciate” BS when he said,and I quote,”I appreciate the Chaplain for the Navy…excuse me,for the Marine Corps…I didn’t mean to insult you”..then went on with the introductions.

    How W can make lame jokes during such a solemn occasion is beyond belief.I believe this speaks volumes about the total disconnect that exists in W’s perceptions of life and the ugly realities that are a direct result of his horrible policies. W has never grown beyond the inconsiderate fratboy that views life with sarcasm and the arrogance that comes with being so wealthy and pampered and insulated.W has never suffered for any of his mistakes,and after a lifetime of having his ass covered by paid lackies and yesmen.he is not about to change his spots.The problem though,is now his mistakes kill thousands and creates suffering beyond measure.

    We as a nation and member of a world community cannot sustain this sociopathic jokester for another two years. W has shown us all how one man’s bad decisions,in just a couple of years, can squander more lives,more treasure,and more good will than many of us would have thought possible.
    It’s time to take it to the streets,and I, for one am more than ready.Mass civil disobediance worked in the sixties and early seventies.If we as a nation don’t do something very soon,we will go dowm in history the same way as so many “good”Germans did after World War Two.Of course,it will be harder for us to claim”But sir,we just did not know what was going on”. We will not be believed nor should we be.
    David Williams in Western N.C. ready and willing.

  3. It may be too late to impeach but it’s not too late for the military to arrest Bush and Cheney. That is what we should be hoping for – a military coup.

  4. The inner circle of organized crime (in the movies) takes a blood oath that they will assassinate even members of their own family should they betray the family.

    They wacked the Kennedys and Martin Luther King. They even wacked Wellstone.
    So what is the problem now? Still too much graft to be made in Iraq?

    My faith in rich common criminals is being sorely tested.

  5. Tallie

    The only impeachment that would turn us around would be to go after W’s whole team, at least Pres/VP. Better to consolidate behind that and not go after corporations and global economics right now. Later is sooner.

  6. Warren

    As I’ve said on this list before, the Dems will do *NOTHING* that will leave them partially responsible for any mess, come the Pres election in 2008. There will be no cutoff of funding for Iraq, and there will be no impeachment.

    The only thing that could bring down this administration is if the real truth of 9/11 came out. Ooops … it’s been out for several years and it’s just too bizarre for most people to get their heads around. So, that won’t affect the administration, either.

    Guess this administration is safe until January 2009.

  7. Fred P

    I agree with your sentiment, but I don’t see how Congress will ever impeach the majority of its members.


  8. Jeannie King



    Peace,Love and Justice,MUST PREVAIL!
    Jeannie King

  9. Ray

    The neocons knew that the people would end up very angry with the phoney war on terror and will be really pissed when 911 truth is finally exposed.
    That is where homeland security comes into the plan. Concentration camps are being built all over the country, many underground. These are for dissenters who use civil disobedience and demonstrations to protest this fascist takeover. Bush has stacked the deck with judges that allow his theft of america. Military law will be enacted and the game will be over for us. Take the microchip, get vaccinated, get in line, and shut up. Or go to prison with no rights like those at gitmo. Yes, it has become a police state with Bush/Hitler at the controls.


  10. Kent Shaw

    I probably should have read all the comments ahead of mine so as not to be possibly redundant here.

    The Democrats will not do a thing to restrain bush except whine and moan and pass meaningless resolutions. They are content to allow Bush to destroy the Republican party in anticipation of a huge victory at the polls in ’08. Meanwhile thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis will die for nothing except a deranged dictator’s whim.

    As long as Bush is in power a nuclear war becomes more likely daily as he considers attacking Iran and possibly Syria.

    A national strike might have some real effect but that is never going to happen as long as we have cheap gas, milk, bread and toilet paper.

    Now pass me the sports page if you’re done with it. And remind me I gotta go put another coat of wax on the car. You know, really important stuff.

  11. Margherite

    These Congressional idiots (both parties) are sowing the seeds for a civil war in THIS country. I wonder what a military “strike” of the lets-refuse-to-work-unless-personally-attacked sort would do to the Hitler wannabe in the Oval Office. What could he do? Court-martial them all?

  12. David Williams

    I just fired up the oid SUV and drove the block and a half to the nearest grocery store.I needed…let’s see ..milk,and bread and toilet paper.Took me five minutes to find my car,seems everybody’s got a gray SUV.Waited five minutes before I could turn left out of the parking lot.Finally got back home,and a damn good thing too,all those exhaust fumes got my stomach a little queasy.Heading for the bathroom…Damn I forgot the toilet paper.
    Sorry Kent;about that sports page………
    David Williams

  13. chuck

    You People are Idiots. Everyone is always so one sided on each front. Try being a little more open minded to both sides of the spectrum. Yeah, I don’t agree with everything the administration has done, but I definately don’t repond uneducated as everyone here does.

  14. Gerald Sutliff

    Dear Doug,

    Give the Democrats a little more time; to be successful impeachment needs time to build up a head of steam. The good news is that Bush the Lesser is doing his best to help it build, e.g. “60 Minutes.”

    Keep up the good work.

  15. Russ Thayer

    This sophomoric, looney tune slop helped put Bush in office for a second term. It makes him sound sane. “Civil War, get out of our way!,” etc. Great stuff! What should have happened, and what still needs to happen, is a sober, rational picking apart of the presumptions with which this administration has pressed forward. Instead, one hears moronic conspiracy theories and bloated, hysterical pronouncements that take no stock whatsoever of their consequences. This is the dumbed down ‘murkin culture in action. Pathetic! R. T.

  16. calico_jack

    “You People are Idiots. Everyone is always so one sided on each front. Try being a little more open minded to both sides of the spectrum. Yeah, I don’t agree with everything the administration has done, but I definately don’t repond uneducated as everyone here does.”

    Excuse me? Did you just call “everyone” here idiots in the same breath that you preached open-mindedness AND misspelled definitely?

  17. carol

    Chuck–Calling people here idiots is NOT the way to get us to take you seriously at all.

    A lot of us here have been open minded for a long time. Chimpy has done NOTHING over the past 6 years to give us reason to continue to be open minded.
    Get a grip.

  18. dionysis

    What’s up with this Chuck character? He can’t construct a grammatically correct sentence yet calls others ‘idiots’. As far as being ‘open minded’, here’s one writer that is. Removing Bush throught the impeachment process, through resignation (a la Nixon) or through his arrest for treason by patriotic military officers would all be acceptable.

  19. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Doug for another “thoughtshot” across the bow of the dreadnought “Tyranny”…! Many folks have never contacted their duly elected reps either by snail mail, email, nor the phone. I do so to the point that I’m probably considered a pest, but I don’t care. I also visit them when they show up locally in my District and on occasion visit their offices. Participatory democracy at two/four years intevals via the ballot box is not enough. People must realize that they must be eternally vigilant and keep an eye on the folks they send to D.C., “pork be damned”. For the most part America’s “republicrats” have been selling us out in the interest of globalization and “corporatist” interests, which is a refined formed of “fascism”. Obviously we are long overdue for a viable third party in this country, but the media will do everything in it’s power to prevent such an event from happening. I’ll provide a link so folks can easily locate their duly elected reps for their Congressional district and State.


    When you call their offices you will generally get an aide to log your name and sentiments that will be passed on to your rep. Rarely if ever will the call go to an answering machine. Be persistent and articulate. Don’t threaten them with the fact that you might not vote for them in the event they don’t align themselves with your views, but remember how they’ve voted and vote them out if they continue to vote against the interests of the United States and it’s citizens. If they do so, they are traitors with an agenda, plain and simple…!

  20. The Bern

    It appears our new Democratic majority think the reasons they were elected to replace the Republicans was because the voters desired stem cell harvesting, minimum wage increases, and non-binding resolutions rather than a cessation of our occupation of Iraq, enforcement of immigration laws and a non-militarist foreign policy.

    It seems we have replaced the incompetent with the impotent.

    With the Presidential signing statements and his multiple circumventions of the Constitution, a Supreme Court that influences electon outcomes and creates new laws, a Congress that abdictates its war powers, violates ethics and fails to balance Presidential powers, a government that taxes, spends and creates money illegally, voters and government agencies that tamper with election returns and counts. Could it be that our great American republic experiment has failed and that a democracy can only work if you are in the majority?

  21. Ray

    Hey Chuck and R.T.

    The “idiots” are people like yourselves that are blind to reality. Yes, I am a conspiracy theory nut.

    The conspiracy of 911 was not produced by arabs from a cave in the middle east. It involves people in very high places who can manipulate administration, military, and most of all, the media. The 911 commission report looks like swiss cheese and is suitable for nothing more than butt wipe. The truth will come out in time, and you will be eating your hat and changing your attitude about who are the real idiots.

    Now, go to your room and be a nice boy. Uncle George will take care of everything. He loves children. He has no problem killing them, does he?


  22. BrzlFrbr

    Please don’t forget Alberto Gonzales and John Ashcroft. Ashcroft’s out of office, but he’s still responsible for the form and principles of the Patriot Act.

  23. David Rosenberg

    I’ve tried to be open minded when a situation comes up. I believe there are two side in any problem. The problem in this situation, there is no story to hear on bush’s side. There is very little support to what he is saying. Also, his problem is compounded by other events, being wrong or being secret. bush’s track record is far from the best. He is very short sighted, what is next when this plan fails? Do we send more troops? This was tried once before and it failed. The biggest problem is bush hinself. He refuses to listen to anyone else, he believes he is right. When did he go to West Point, Annapolis, what war was he involved with that qualifies him being correct? Did he play with Toy Soldiers on his bed and he won? He has reached the end of the line, Impeachment is the only way to stop him. It must be started very soon, before he starts talking about North Korea or Cuba, maybe both.

  24. Mae W. Bowman

    Everytime I pictured Hussin with a noose around his neck, I saw Bush & Chaney next to him waiting their turn. I realize it was a dream but I can dream, can’t I? Rumsfelt, Rice, Rove, Libby and all the rest of the liars in this adminisration should have to answer to their actions in a way that it would drop them down to the lowest common denominator. It’s called lowdown acting.

  25. jo jo

    I blame the American people and the news media for putting us in this fiasco. I agree, that the Congress does not have the guts to get rid of this dictator. The democrats aren’t any better than the Republlicans. All talk and no action.

  26. dionysis

    I could not agree more with today’s ‘Rant’. Bush took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Consititution…” and has set about in a systematic way to dismantle it instead. He lied to the American people, to Congress and to the world. He and his criminal inner circle continue to bray about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ while engaging in the destruction of our freedoms through his cynical abuse of power. All the American people have received from this failed and disgraced clown is dishonesty, malfeasance and criminality. It is past time to impeach this lunatic. As a (former) Republican said recently in a National Public Radio interview, when asked if “the country has the stomach for impeachment,” he responded “the country doesn’t have the stomach for 2 more years of this dangerous administration.”
    Impeach the whole lot of them.

  27. carol

    Right on the money!!! And straight to the point. Stop the talk, and start walking the walk or else get the hell out of our way.

    Democrats, do your damn job or else step down, put on your tutu’s and tights, then dance your way out of OUR way. Otherwise, I see a Revoluton coming.

  28. Bill Robinson

    Bravo! At last! Yes! Go Doug! We in the AARP salute you! Now to rally the rest of the largest voting bloc in the Nation!
    I will get to work on MY contemporaries, not that I haven’t been, but it’s hard to move the wheelchairs in the park grasses…
    Especially after the rain!

  29. Ray

    Untill we eliminate the federal reserve banking system and return to the silver backed certificates, we will not have control of our destiny. Who so controls the creation of money, controls the government. Since the creation of the fed, which is just a group of international elites, we have had no control of our government.

    Put Ron Paul into office in 2008 and recover what is left of this sickened republic.

    Bush may resort to martial law before then just to hang onto the power he so criminaly stole. He can’t do a whole lot more destruction to the constitution, but he can and will send many more to thier death in his illegal wars.



    CEOs- Masters of The World’s Nation’s and It’s Population’s and their resources!(Deborah James, Globalization in Crisis Corporate Globalization in Crisis. AlterNet. Posted on December 10, 2005, Printed on December 10, 2005, http://www.alternet.org/story/29326/ )
    The World Trade Organization held its sixth ministerial meeting in Hong Kong, China, From December 13 to 18 to negotiate the fate of public services, the global food supply, jobs and development. Corporation’s Representatives from 148 countries met to shape the future of the global economy, this controlling it‘s societies. This is a profound indication of the seriousness of the intent of CEOs to master the world as we know it! In fact this body concluded that it was critical for private industry to own and control all the fresh water resource in the world. promoting Privatization, The explosive growth of three private water utility companies in the last 10 years raises fears that mankind may be losing control of its most vital resource to a handful of monopolistic corporations.
    In Europe and North America, analysts predict that within the next 15 years these companies will control 65 percent to 75 percent of what are now public waterworks. The companies have worked closely with the World Bank and other international financial institutions to gain a foothold on every continent. They aggressively lobby for legislation and trade laws to force cities to privatize their water and set the agenda for debate on solutions to the world’s increasing water scarcity. The companies argue they are more efficient and cheaper than public utilities. Critics say they are really just predatory capitalists that ultimately plan to control the world’s water resources and drive up prices even as the gap between rich and poor widens. The fear is that accountability will vanish, and the world will lose control of its source of life.
    For example, Florida in the years of Jeb Bush has essentially privatized most of it’s State Government. In addition, the State Government has allowed more of Florida’s aquifers to become more constipated than any time in history. Further, Jeb Bush has issued more license to private companied to supply drinking water than any time in Florida’s history! They are attempting “Socio-Economic Engineering” on a world wide scale.
    In America where as a whole Globalization started our Congress has taken notice of this. Congresswoman Says America Run by Criminal Syndicate McKinney: American citizens could be put in forced labor camps. (www.prisonplanet.com/articles/february2006/140206criminalsyndicate.htm) During the American War for Independence from England’s Kingdoms and Queendoms we created a nation of many tyrants in the many Corporate Thiefdoms. America gained a Democratic Republic, founded in the Ideals as expressed in it’ Constitution, run by the greed of Corporations Theifdoms. Today the corporations have completely worn their \are bigger and more powerful than the U. S. Government. Even this was not enough. Corporations have transcended the loyalty to Government and Country and taken on the loyalty to the corporation. Deborah James states in part (2005), “Now that the record is clear, global social movements and many governments are questioning the WTO’s attack on sovereignty, democracy and the ability of poor countries to develop. Thousands of farmers, workers,” There is no treason to U. S. Government for corporations. Treason is used only for the short sighted poor middle class citizens.
    In Addition, this is the destruction of the “Middle Class” in the world. The U. S. especially takes a big hit in their “Middle Class!!” The poor in developed countries serve to be leveled off to a new low by the abject poverty in the Third World countries.
    White Males- Masters of the Universe and all it’s Worlds without ends! The powerful P. R. machine has conditioned minds to feel that a “White Male” by nature has the super ability to be all and any thing knowing all things. To spend time in the discovery steps and go right to feeling and acting without the cerebral work required to get there! They proceed to provide leadership services or miss service to all citizens as well as our white male brothers. White males have become empty suits in the main having essentially ceased to really know what they are doing. They just do by arrogant sufficiency.
    White Males have become image only and poor leaders
    Black Leaders (Usually Ministers)- Masters of the Religion’s Spiritual and Stupidstitutions. They know God and Jesus “personally” They are the savor of all their congregations They are experts in developing conclusions of the human condition and human expectations based on the emotions, beliefs and parables and Similes of The Religious Texts They build on false information and conclusions based on intangible beliefs which stir emotion’s- false info or data which follows that conclusion built on false information always produce false conclusions- A house built of mud will always produce a mud house- a conclusion built on emotions never needs a logical conclusion. They too are taking to easy way to power and control. If one uses beliefs and emotional bases for coming to a conclusion there is little need to spend the time to learn and establish hard information on which to reason. This results in the loss of another generation of young empty minds waiting to be lead to enlargement.
    Black have become the voices crying in the wilderness. They are the powerless and suffer in as much dignify as they can stand!!
    The “Moral High Ground” in American is left essentially empty of both Democrats and Republicans. Democrats have chosen to fight the Republicans for the amoral and immoral ditches which are bringing the American dream to destruction.

  31. Kaine

    At first I was of the belief that the new congress should not make move to impreach the highest priority. I felt it was better to turn back many of the bills that attacked our constitution and our bill of rights. But as time goes on, my beliefs are changing. I am beginning to think that maybe impeachment should be a higher priority.

    Then I start thinking about reality. In this world, I doubt this president could be impreached. Even if he were, that would leave us with VP Cheney. That is comforting…NOT!

    Then I also think it may be too late to really make any difference, wether Bush is impeached or not. I think we have already allowed the snowball to roll down hill. It is currently gaining momemtum and soon nothing will stop the impending disaster which is about to occur. When we finally attack Iran, that will mark the beginning of the end. I think it is too late to stop this.

    If Bush felt the noose tightening, he may escalate his plans.

  32. anthny

    We Need, I hear this all the time. We have the power as the People of the United States to release ourselves from this dictatorship, right now.
    There are many trubles in this country and getting rid of the despot in charge will be a start. Next we have to release ourselves from the United Nations who are behind most of the trubles of the world today.
    The United Nations was a good thing during WWll, it has turned on its masters and become the master of the universe.
    Also the Federal Reserve is without a doubt a problem we can eliminate.
    Next we take back the 4th estate and split up this conglomeration that needs to fight for the constitution instead of againist it.

  33. Jennifer

    Hello Chuck,
    Where is your degree from, mine is from OU, summa cum laude..get your facts right!Doug- Right
    History Guy-Right
    Ray – always Right
    Kent- always Right, too…

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”..Martin Luther King, Jr.
    He stood up against this white racial society.

    We need to, too.

    Does anyone think after PNAC orchestrating 911 to
    scare us all into submission…body searches/mail reading/e-mail reading/library books checked out/books bought at bookstores/survalliance in our cars & a ever interstection/orange/red/yellow alerts/antrax scares, which killed innocent postal workers/buying duct tape/ buying only American Fries and American toast rather than god-forbid French anything.
    Does anyone HONESTLY think that this group is EVER going to give up their power? Marital Law will be here before you can ever vote for Ron Paul!!!
    Right now, Congress won’t, the Senate won’t, and all those seeking to win the next election are just an extention of the same old calvary. It all has to do with power & greed.
    Stop worring about OIL, the new thing is privatizing WATER…it’s happening everywhere.
    See you in one of their camps, Doug, Ray & Kent, unless we do something NOW!
    Brave New World, 1984 and now “V” are our guide books.
    I wish, truly wish that this was all just a horrible nightmare and I would wake up to a nice world.
    Only, we can now make a difference. Talk to everyone, everywhere, don’t shut-up….although Chuck should!
    Pray for peace within, evil will cease to exist sooooooooon.

  34. Jennifer

    Hello whatever,
    You brought a military coup, I heard that when 911 happened and Cheney was in hiding, there was going to be a militray coup, because lots of generals knew that WE DID IT,this corrupt government; 9 of the 19 Arabs are still alive. How do they explain that…lies, always lies! I wonder where those generals are now, hopfully not dead, like Wellstone. I hope they are still planning to save us from this madness and insanity soon.

  35. The South Point

    “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

    The rest here…

  36. dave

    It’s “The Establishment”.

    It’s “The Man”.

    It’s “The Pigs”.

    Now, you know what we were talking about.


  37. Fred P

    @The Bern-

    “It appears our new Democratic majority think the reasons they were elected to replace the Republicans was because the voters desired stem cell harvesting, minimum wage increases, and non-binding resolutions rather than a cessation of our occupation of Iraq, enforcement of immigration laws and a non-militarist foreign policy.

    It seems we have replaced the incompetent with the impotent.”

    To be fair, the three issues you mention are all typically under the purview of the President. The first and third could probably be done through altering and removing funding by a determined Congress; the second is clearly purely under the President’s purview.

    If you want a solution to all three, the only answer Congress could give you is to impeach the President (and likely also the Vice-President). Then you’d have to hope that the next person in line (Pelosi) is all for that agenda.

  38. Right On. Viable public financing of campaigns is the only way out of this mess after these bastards are removed from office and put into jail after being convicted of war crimes and violation of the Constitution. Great rant!!

  39. Kent Shaw

    I’m sorry I mocked chuck. You are welcome here, too, chuck, and I hope you stick around. We’ve been rather snotty to you, instead of simply asking you to elaborate. So I apologize.


  40. Warren

    So, who would be president? Nancy? Most Americans outside of SF and Boston don’t relish her vision of a Socialist Utopia any more than they like Bush’s plan for a Fascist Monolith. What a choice! Can we have “None of the above”? I suppose I’d have to go with Nancy…

  41. Paul Wolf

    On Friday, July 28, 2006, the United States acquiesced in, and almost certainly approved, bio-terrorism of a significantly greater threat than Saddam Hussein’s mass bombing of oil wells that ended the first Gulf War. The Israeli Air Force, which knows virtually every square meter of its neighbors with the help of U.S. satellites, as well as knowing the currents of the sea, bombed the oil tank farm at Jiyyeh, Lebanon, south of Beirut.

    The resulting oil spill was designed to have a maximum impact by poisoning the Mediterranean shores, sending a ruinous slick of tens of thousands of gallons flowing toward Beirut, along much of Lebanon, and northward to Syria. This act of war was tactically unrelated to neutralizing Hezbollah’s land-based, missile-launching sites. On a strategic level, the act was perpetrated solely to destroy an entire ecological system as well as a weak democracy and its sea-based economy.

    Currently U.S. citizens boarding aircraft must declare lip gloss or other liquids over 3 ounces. At the same time, the U.S. has helped to bomb a liquid container on a world-threatening scale, an oil tank farm located on the lifeblood sea of a Muslim homeland.

    Such monumental retaliation against ordinary citizens dwarfs the provocation of a Lebanese faction’s killing of three Israeli soldiers and capture of two others. The Jiyyeh attack was militarily designed, so that it targeted not merely millions of innocents in the Middle East, but their entire natural world. It was planned to incite an engulfing terror, so that it exposed all of nature to an “extraordinary rendition.”

    Capitol Hill Blue readers, I’ve had enough. As the Middle East staggers toward war pressed by the United States’ hand, a searing reality joins many in Europe and beyond: millions of hearts, East and West, are united in a seething hatred of the United States.

    We have passed the tipping point.

    I ask that you immediately, under articles of war crimes, call for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney. I ask that you call for the removal of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice from office. I ask that you seek and turn over all relevant documents to Europe’s International Criminal Court in its pursuit of the arrest of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for contravening humanitarian principles, i.e., authorizing torture in Iraq.

    I ask that you immediately call on U.S. legislators to investigate and prosecute all U.S. forces, military or political, which are engaged in acts of bio-terrorism. I ask that you immediately bring under supervisory control a foreign policy, and an Israeli lobby, that are largely militaristic and almost completely unaccountable.

    Capitol Hill Blue, I look forward to your critical leadership in the international arena and on the home front, against approval of any foreign policy that uses a natural holocaust as a military weapon. It is my, and your solemn duty, to require all American citizens, of whatever party, to disavow and yes, to punish those supporting war crimes in pursuit of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

    With the determined actions of millions of U.S. citizens, together we shall bring to a stop: the shameful executive leadership of the United States.

  42. Barbara

    After reading your column and the Declaration of Independence through the link posted, I truly believe we not only need to impeach Bush and Cheney; we need to send them to the Hague when we are done with them here.

  43. Mary

    I don’t care how it it done. I just want Bush and Cheney gone now. The damage cannot be undone, but they need to be stopped before this country is totally ruined. There has to be some way to stop them…

  44. David Ellis

    I’m not a Christian, but fear not, folks. Although God generally doesn’t get involved with our shenanigans, the time is nigh for an exception. The very survival of His planet hangs in the balance, and the filth that run this country and Israel will be called to justice.

  45. Ray

    Can you advise on how to move forward with Mr. Paul Wolfe’s suggestions mentioned in his letter above?


  46. David Ellis

    By the way, the process is called kharma, which is the law of conservation of energy, as applied to the energy of living things. Bush and Co. can’t escape their fate any more than I can escape gravity.

  47. The South Point

    If you haven’t yet invested in some lead underwear and sunblock with a SPF of 10,000,000, folks, you might now consider doing so and beat the rush. Checkout lines will be quite long later.


    Thank you just so damn much, deranged closet-case George.


    And apparently, Cheney is also another deranged closet case. Just what the HELL is it with closet cases and their need to hurt and destroy as much as they can? Why don’t they just come out the closet and act like real people for once?

    I suspect that neither Bush nor Cheney are exactly prized and respected role models for gay people.

    Both Bush and Cheney out NOW! In both meanings of the word “out.”

    “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

    Well, let’s ask and tell anyway. The damn nincompoops.

  48. Johnny Flatline

    The rebellion against power won’t matter from us peons. Look for cracks in the military, in the CEO club, and in the GOP. That’s the ONLY place that can stop the mess. Sad I know, but that’s what stopped Nixon. It doesn’t come from the ants. We can cause the itch, but the big bites come from above.

  49. Kent Shaw

    Although I pray that I am wrong, I fear we are only weeks or months away from the use by the United States or Israel of nuclear weapons against Iran. I think our only hope is that the generals and admirals will refuse the order to unleash nuclear weapons.

  50. I Declare The Age Of Treason Over!

    There is only one option left if the Democrats and Republicans Do Not Remove this cancer from the heart of the (once) greatest country on earth. The Constitution (in which Bush pledged and oat to) allows WE THE PEOPLE to:

    1) Create a New Government

    2) Abolish the old one

    3) To Arrest, Jail and Prosecute and if need be imprison or the individuals that led this despicable treasonous.

    I AM NOT calling for an over throw of the government

    I AM NOT calling for a revolution

    I AM NOT calling for ANY KIND of violence

    I AM calling for ever conscious citizen to do what is right and take back that which the elites have so carefully and illegitimately attempted to pull off.

    Organize immediately before these clowns pull the marshal law card and try shut us all down. This will only lead to inconceivable violence and a bloody revolution.

    Organize with you local Law Enforcement and National Guard. No American in their right mind would kill another American when the winds of change cry for the lamps of Liberty and Justice to be rekindled.

    The life of this nation is in the hands of the people now. Start by not buy from the corporate monsters. Ride a bike to work and grow a victory garden for the sake of Freedom – God ( or what ever comforts your spirit) Bless America is the New National Anthem. Lets make America an even Greater Nation with the Best of the Best:

    The Best Schools
    The Best Health Care
    The Best Infra-structure
    The Best Jobs
    and the most important of all is to give our living Mother Earth a break!

    Peace Love and Understanding NOT WAR

    WAR IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT Thank You John and Yoko Lennon

    Wyldhorse …. still at large

  51. Correct due to HTML problems:

    3) To Arrest, Jail and Prosecute and if need be imprison or (other) all the individuals that led this despicable treasonous situation and hold them fully accountable for their irresponsibility and indebtedness.


  52. Pondering_it_all

    Yes, it’s time for impeachment, revolution, military coup, etc. etc. etc. because those lousy Democrats have been running Congress for almost a year and havn’t fixed anything yet!

    Oh, wait a minute, it’s only been 2 weeks? Gee, maybe we need to give them a couple of months to undue 6 years of damage before we march them before the firing squad!

    Just be patient folks! The Democrats know that public opinion could turn very quickly if they went for impeachment right now. They would most likely fail to convict, and that would legitimize all the horrible stuff Bush & Company have done, in the eyes of the people.

    I think the “Chinese Water Torture attack” will work much better, and be more entertaining as well: All they have to do is block everything obnoxious President Bush tries to do, pass bills that undo some of his worst fiascos, and hold multiple permanent public investigations into every single Bush screw-up and lie. (There have been so many that the hearings will easily run for the next two years.) They can also use those hearings to expose the sabotage done by Bush agency appointees, and then indict them for malfeasance, fraud, or lying to Congress.

    Maybe Bush will last for 2 more years, if he gets the right sort of psychiatric support and drugs. I think more likely he will remove himself from office by diving off the wagon into acute alcoholism. Either way, please keep in mind that ex-Presidents tend to get pardoned or at least not prosecuted for their crimes. The next two years of torture will probably be the only punishment George W. Bush ever gets. Let’s not cut it short!

  53. Linda Boyd

    The time has come to impeach President Bush. He insists on continuing with a program of illegal surveillance. Wiretapping without a warrant is illegal. It is a felony. He lied to the people and Congress about it, and now wishes to push new laws through Congress that would excuse his crimes and further erode our civil liberties. His behavior has subverted our Constituion and broken the trust of the American people.

    The Bush administration lied to the people and Congress about the justifications for going to war in Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction and no Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda. The war in Iraq has resulted in the needless deaths of American troops, and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens. Now President Bush tells American citizens that we can expect the war to continue for years, without any plan or program for success or withdrawl. His actions are a crime against humanity and an embarassment and danger to the people of this country. The use of spent uranium and white phosphorus is despicable. I’m outraged that every member of Congress has not already denounced this illegal and unforgiveable policy. Is it not enough to kill innocent civilians? Must we also leave radiactive material with a half life of billions of years to pollute the land forever?

    President Bush has instituted a program of torture and extraordinary rendition that is contrary to Geneva Convention, and our Constituion. Five years and counting at Guantanimo! Torture is unacceptable and a heinous crime. Furthermore, President Bush continues to hold uncounted numbers of people without any formal charges or representation. He has created an American gulag that puts all Americans to shame. These are serious offenses which constitute High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    President Bush clearly disdains the law and our Congress. It’s unacceptabel that he has signed over 850 signing statements that state that the laws already approved by Congress do not apply to him. No president is above the Law! The President has arrogated power to his office at the expense of our constitutional system. He is a danger to our Constituiton and representative form of government. I call on every member of Congress to exert their rightful influence on the overbearing power of the President.

    Lastly, President Bush is derelict in his sworn duty to uphold the Constituion and the laws within it. He is a danger to Americans of every political and social persuasion. I urge you to support impeachment immediately, in order to save the Constitution, and to protect the American people from tyranny. I urge members of Congress to make impeachment your top priority, and to stop business in the halls of Congress until he is gone. To do nothing now, when so much is known of President Bush’s criminal intent and conduct, is to be complicit in his crimes. Stop dithering and do the job that the Constitution requires you to do.


    Linda Boyd
    Washington State

  54. kathryn

    We need to impeach All of them Not just Bush, Cheney, Rowe, Rumsfield, Rice, the 3 R’s are just as guilty..I just want to know how to start the ball rolling???

  55. Mike Sanders

    It’s disgusting the level of Treason that is going on here. Not the President, all these traitors posting and whining about Bush. You people are more akin to the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Durbin, Kerry, and the rest of the traitors that have undermined the war from the start. It’s you people that are getting our soldiers killed. It’s you that keep the enemy in the fight. It’s you that need to be brought up on sedition charges. God Bless the President to have the courage to do what needed to be done, and not let the Left wing Yellow Dog Democrat party simply twist their way into the Whitehouse. Kak Shall!

  56. AustinRanter

    South Point…good article.

    The U.S. is facing a fate beyond our imagination. It won’t be pretty. Too much is set into motion to alter the course of dramatic global changes in social, political, and economic arenas. The land of Apple Pie, Baseball and Hot Dogs are gone…and probably forever.

    Boys and Girls…put your crash helmets on and strap yourselves in. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  57. Sandy Price

    Go for it Chief! We are obviously behind you!

    Another item to be included in this impeachment should be what popped up on the home page this morning about America Selling Forbidden Military Parts to Iran, China et all. Bush apparently sat around ignoring the security classification of just about everything.

    It is time we put in some “complete” leaders who have a working understanding of security procedures. Our government has been way too lax under Bush/Clinton/Bush which history will show as the weakest leadership in the last 230 years of our freedom. Where to we find these awful men?

    It may be time to toss out the DNC and the RNC and for us to set some limits and rules.

    Thank you South Point for the link and AustinRanter for your post. There are many out here who agree with this whole movement discussed by Doug Thompson.

  58. Kent Shaw

    Yes, good article, SPM. It mentions Sherman Skolnick. We lost a good man when he passed on. He was fearless in confronting authority.

  59. David Williams

    That there are really people out there like Mike Sanders is proof positive that W will be able to hold onto his position and deadly power until his term expires.Nearly every poll out there over the last year and a half shows W hanging on to approximately one third of American voters.If(and its a huge IF) W was impeached by the House, it will still require two thirds in the senate to convict.It will not happen.

    Mr. Sanders accuses us of treason because we refuse to accept for truth the bald face lies that fall from W’s mouth every time he speaks.I love my country,I just hate what I see it becoming.
    The war in Iraq was based on lies on top of lies.Mr. Sanders is probably among those that believe Iraq was involved in 911.Even W conceded that was a false assumption even though he continues to link the two together.
    I really resent someone saying that people like me are getting our soldiers killed.Mr. sanders,do you remember W saying “Bring them on”?Of course he issued that threat from the safety of the White House.Every single soldier that has died is Mr.Bush’s fault.And every one that will die is because of his lies and mistakes and his inability to listen to those around him that know better.
    I could go on and on but it’s a waste of time.People like you only believe what they want to believe.You should see about getting a job with the administration.All it requires is that you leave your ability to think and reason at home which should be very easy for you.
    David Williams

  60. Ted

    If George Bush makes a hard right turn the blind patriot Mike Sanders will have his brown nose broken. Mike wrap yourself in the flag, pick up a cross and join the army and head to Iraq, if you have the courage!!!

  61. Kent Shaw

    From USA Today, 05/30/2003

    Wolfowitz comments revive doubts over Iraq’s WMD

    BRUSSELS (AP) — As President Bush begins a European tour to patch up trans-Atlantic relations, comments from senior defense officials about Iraq’s weapons have revived controversy in Europe over whether the war was justified.

    Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz cited bureaucratic reasons for focusing on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, and said a “huge” result of the war was to enable Washington to withdraw its troops from Saudi Arabia.

    “The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason,” Wolfowitz was quoted as saying in a Pentagon transcript of an interview with Vanity Fair.

    The magazine’s reporter did not tape the telephone interview and provided a slightly different version of the quote in the article: “For bureaucratic reasons we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on.”

    Earlier this week, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction may have been destroyed before the war.

    So there you have it. Draw your own conclusions. You can read the whole article at http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/iraq/2003-05-30-wolfowitz-iraq_x.htm

  62. Fred Goepfert

    While all Blueheads are calling for impeachment, maybe you can figure out a way to impeach President Ahmadinejad of Iran, that is, unless you’d prefer to live as an Infidel under Sharia Law. You might try to impeach President Chavez also, but you couldn’t because he has declared himself President for life.
    How will you deal with these two, after you have your way? Will holding hands and singing Kambaya do it?

    Bluehead = Liberal = Idiot

  63. Wayne K Dolik

    ING, the well healed banking and investment company says February or March could be the time that, Israel strikes Iran. The company goes on to say this could be difficult for the Financial Markets. See http://www.rawstory.com/news/2007/Major_investment_bank_issues_warning_on_0115.html

    One thing our Congress needs to do as soon as possible is to advise the Administration about consequences. As American’s we cannot allow the use of nukes without a declaration of war by our Congress. Military exercises always are an excuse for false flag operations. It is clear from the President’s speech recently that he is spoiling for a new fight with Iran. And, there is plenty of stuff going on in the Gulf. If any American President would be so bold to use Nukes without a declaration of war, they should be immediately impeached. Congress would be well advised to tell this President such.

    I would not be so harsh with our Congress at this time Doug. They have a full plate. I would give them a break on the Patriot Act, because they didn’t get to read it. All of us were emotional after 911. We were fooled. But, time is allowing us to see this thing clearer. Were getting a bigger picture now. I know people are impatient for improvement, but we all must stay patient and work to restore our freedom. What I am asking is that we all keep faith with the new Congress and work with them to get through this dark time in American history. Let’s leave our emotions out of this.

  64. Kent Shaw

    Fred Goepfert, I do not believe your invective adds anything positive to the conversation. However, I would like to hear any solutions you propose. Would you invade Venezuela? Would you invade Iran? Bear in mind that the U.S. has been meddling in Iranian affairs since before 1953. I would like to hear your opinions in regard to why these other countries are angry at the U.S. Could it have anything to do with our constant, unrelenting interventionist foreign policy? As for living under Sharia law here in the US how is that to be accomplished? I’m guessing you are thinking along the lines of “If we don’t fight them here, we’ll have to fight them here. Please tell us how “they” are going to get here. Will they use the vast Iranian and Iraqi naval forces? Or will they charter a large number of passenger aircraft? Please enlighten us. We await your reasoned, thoughtful and unemotional response.

  65. Kent Shaw

    Correction: That should have read, “If we don’t fight them there, we’ll have to fight them here.”

  66. Kent Shaw

    P.S. — Fred Goepfert, do you have any children in the military in Iraq? Are you yourself a veteran of the war in Iraq? If not, are you planning to enlist soon and request duty in Iraq?

  67. Kent Shaw

    Please read the following article:

    Misreading The Enemy
    By Juan Cole
    01/14/07 “Mercury News”


    It is this kind of information, or knowledge, or “intelligence”, if you will, that the Bush Administration does not seem to be willing to take the time to understand. We are dealing with a culture that is at least a thousand years old and carries with it the “baggage” of a thousand years. Our meddling, as always, will only make things worse. We never seem to learn from our mistakes.

  68. Fred Goepfert

    I really enjoy Liberal sarcasm, it’s so effete and asumptive. I’ll play along and list your “challenging” questions with some answers, please try to keep up.

    You asked:
    Bear in mind that the U.S. has been meddling in Iranian affairs since before 1953. I would like to hear your opinions in regard to why these other countries are angry at the U.S. Could it have anything to do with our constant, unrelenting interventionist foreign policy?

    I agree with most of what we have done and are now doing. The leftist version of “intervention” is called “liberation”.

    You asked:

    As for living under Sharia law here in the US how is that to be accomplished?
    I’m guessing you are thinking along the lines of “If we don’t fight them here, we’ll have to fight them here. Please tell us how “they” are going to get here. Will they use the vast Iranian and Iraqi naval forces? Or will they charter a large number of passenger aircraft? Please enlighten us. We await your reasoned, thoughtful and unemotional response.

    You are reading too much “Doonesbury”. Iran ranks number 16 on a list of 39 countries with the most “Global Firepower” (ie the ability to strike outside their borders.)
    Not vast, but rather large, with some impressive IRBM’s that will soon be nuclear tipped with 80% “peaceful Uranium”. But you will not live under Sharia Law because of direct military conquest, it will probably be because you will vote it in, in the name of multiculturalism, to break the “stranglehold” that the “Christian Right Wing” has on the USA.

    You asked:
    Fred Goepfert, do you have any children in the military in Iraq? Are you yourself a veteran of the war in Iraq? If not, are you planning to enlist soon and request duty in Iraq?

    Yes, my grandson is an Army Ranger on his way to the Mid-East. I am a 69 year old veteran and I have volunteered to perform a service for my country. I still qualify as expert, can drive a truck, or sit at a UAV console and kill bad guys.
    My three children are all veterens.

    Now as far as “invective” is concerned:

    Bluehead = Liberal = Idiot
    is not politically incorrect “hate speech”.

    It is simply a list of synonyms, justified by the results they obtain in fact.

    Now, lets hear about your direct contributions to the USA.

  69. Ray

    Hey Fred Goatfart

    Why don’t you ask some Iraqi how they like our
    liberation. How many children have died since the first gulf war and suceeding embargo and now our latest liberation.

    And you really believe Bush just wants to spread freedom and democracy for the good of those poor oppressed people.

    Capital aggression is what it is old man. Let’s all hope your grandson does not die for the illegal and immoral delusions of Bush.

    Now go back to Fox News and take your medicine.


  70. Ted

    Fred Goepfert

    Act your age not your IQ.

    I expect that you cannot after having been brainwashed by the military to be a blind follower of the readheaded bible thumper breed.

  71. Fred Goepfert

    Oh My, An Aggresive Liberal (oxymoron).
    Since it seems we are being clever with names, may I just call you Sh*thead?

    Here’s an item about Iraq children:
    “In the last year, Operation Iraqi Children provided supplies for over 200,000 Iraqi children.”

    Now, concerning Fox News,
    yes, and also many, many news outlets around the world; that even includes some US Liberal (shudder) MSM.

    Now about medicines, yep I’m a Type II Diabetic, other than that, would you care to see who can do the most pushups?

    The other note about medicines is that many Liberals (especially the ones eho think they’re clever), would be better off using presciption drugs according to instructions, rather than street drugs to an excess.

  72. JD

    “Now, lets hear about your direct contributions to the USA.”

    I pay my taxes every day so jerks like yourself can have a military pension and sit on your rear making an ass of yourself.

    Go worship Rush Limbaugh he is on your intelligence level

  73. Ray

    Goatfart, you crack me up.
    you are so full of it, it’s hilarious. Obviously, you have alzhiemers disease and it has clouded that little brain of yours.

    I belong to no party. I have paid my share to this country and I don’t need you to question my patriotism. You see, old man, I care about the destruction of our values, I care about the highjacking of our government. I am offended by the theft of our rights and freedoms by the criminal element in the white house. I am morally ashamed at what this country is doing to innocent people by meddling in thier affairs under false pretense of fighting a war against terrorism, when the only terrorism that has been carried out has been by the United States. Just ask someone in the world what they think of the US lately and you will find out that we are depised globally. Your talking heads at fox news are the biggest liars and story tellers that have ever existed. No Fred Goatfart,
    I don’t think you can do more pushups and I really don’t care. What you should be exercising is your brain. You know, that little pea rolling around in your head. Do us a favor and bugger off.


  74. It looks as though signing petitions and writing our representatives may not be enough. A growing number of us feel that something more dramatic is necessary. We’re calling for a nationwide impeachment march on Washington: a million people in the streets of D.C. demanding that Congress bring this criminal to justice.

    This wouldn’t be part of an antiwar march or any other political demonstration. It would be a separate event with one unequivocal purpose: calling for the impeachment of the President.

    Who’s in? We need your help!

    For more info: http://www.marchtoimpeach.com

  75. The South Point

    Just a kindly reminder, folks, instead of wasting what little time is left bickering, you might want to study up on what to do before and after the nukes drop.

    The more you know, the greater the chances of your survival and those who are important to you. And chances are that in your own respective group, you’ll be the only one who knows what to do. So, know what to do.

    Apparently, as according to the current situation of about to nuke Iran, decided by our not-so-beloved Dictator and those who are dedicatedly lickspittle sycophantic to this whacko, giant glowing mushrooms are to about to sprout across our land as the nuclear war escalates. And as they do, the EMP will destroy the national electric grid and just about everything that has wiring and circuits in it. Which means your computer won’t work anymore and there will no longer be an internet. At least not for civilians. So, learn now what you need to learn.

    Instead of bickering, spend time at your favorite search engine looking up everything you figure you’ll need to know. And you’ll need to know a lot.


    And let’s take a moment to give credit where credit is due. Let’s thank the closet-cases Bush and Cheney for coming up with a solution to global warming.

    “Nuclear winter. It’s what’s for dinner!”

    Screw impeachment. Just arrest these two dingbats and toss them into prison where they so justly belong.

  76. Fred Goepfert

    The replies are hilarious, and very intellectual; about the same level or lower as a ranking out session of some “mentally challeged” teenagers.
    Scripted replies and insults are all you poor folks have. In the meantime, have fun with your impeachment parade. Be sure to invite Cindy and her boyfriend Chavez.
    We Consevatives won’t have to have a counter-demonstration, we’ll just let the police do their job, and have webcams capture the entire episode, not just an edited snap.

    Some wisdom, until the next time:

    “Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole.”
    – Ann Coulter

  77. Will Write

    Wow! The concept of impeachment got a response!
    On the concerns about Cheney: Anything that touches Bush, Cheney is floating in. Here’s how it could play out:
    1. The War Powers Resolution Act of 1973 allows for Congress to direct the President to remove our troops from conflict outside the US by joint resolution.
    2. The Joint Resolution on Iraq, in which Congress allowed Bush to create this mess, states clearly that nothing in the resolution will supersede any requirement of the War Powers Resolution Act.
    3. When Congress, by joint resolution pulls the plug, what will Bush do? Bingo! Nothing.
    4. Therein lies the motivation for swift impeachment.

    Gee, Fred…you have Anne Coulter….we have 200,000,000 Americans and a Constitution that says the Congress can pull the plug on this criminal fiasco and get rid of the idiots that perpetrated it for the gain of the Republican base.

  78. Will Write

    Whoa! I just Googled Hugo Chavez, and within the last six hours, I don’t see him declaring himself “President for Life”. That should show up pretty big, one would think. Hey, Fred, you got a link for that…or was it a Pat Robertson revelation? This is still on topic, because the illegal detention of American citizens as enemy combatants is about Presidential powers, and not about any risk some poor sumbitch in an orange jumpsuit in Cuba poses to the United States.

  79. Will Write

    And…speaking of the Republican base…that’s not Fred. Hey, buddy, you living large now that you don’t have to pay taxes on your dividends? Capital gains reductions help you get that new Lexus? How’s the condo in Vail? Jet time share yet, or finally break down and just buy one? See, that’s what this whole conservative administration is about: Making a very few people very, very much richer. And that’s what this war is about: making “loyal” corporations that are doled out non-competitive contracts without oversight very, very much richer. If I were Fred and believed I was sacrificing something for my country, and found out that I was being used by some assholes in Washington to make their friends rich on my blood, sweat and faith, I would be getting really pissed off about now. I am a left leaning pinko come commie bleeding heart liberal. If and when our nation is threatened, I want to be there and stand up and fight. Right now however, the enemy is not in Iraq, or Iran…the enemy of the people is in the White House. The enemy is George W. Bush. Sadam Hussein nor even Osama bin Laden can destroy our Constitution and threaten our freedom and the American Way of Life. Only George Bush and his ilk have a shot at that. He has used the well-intentioned Freds of this country and abused the rest of us at will. I have written and called Speaker Pelosi, my Senators and Comgressman to urge them to impeach George Bush. Each of us should stand up for America and do the same.

  80. Fred Goepfert

    Will, with all due respect, I seriously doubt that you represent 2/3’s of the country’s population. Do you have some unbiased figures to support that?
    Concerning Chavez, this is from Yahoo AP (so it must be true) news.

    “Chavez said a commission was being assembled to consider constitutional reforms to be decided in a popular referendum, including one allowing “indefinite re-election” by doing away with presidential term limits that bar him from running again in 2012.”

    Concerning your spectrum:
    “I am a left leaning pinko come commie bleeding heart liberal. If and when our nation is threatened, I want to be there and stand up and fight.”

    Yes, but for whom, and which nation do you owe your allegience to?

    “..left leaning pinko come commie bleeding heart liberals don’t have much of a track record of standing up and fighting, other than waving protest signs, and dodging military service.

    You description of my “wealth” is funny, because it is so far from true.

    A question to all:
    Here’s the scenario, all Bushies and Neocons are gone, hopefully by democratic means, I say that because some comments here are skating close to sedition.
    The left leaning pinko come commie bleeding heart liberals are firmly in control. What would be your action plans concerning Iran, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Taliban Afghanistan etc, as well as Latin and South America?
    Who knows, you might even get me to agrtee to something.

  81. Kathy

    How I TRULY Feel ??
    I want to send an email to the president of this nation and heres it what I want it to say…

    We The People are asking you NICELY to Resign Your Position, Please find something HONORABLE to do; so that afterwards we can love you as a fellow American Citizen, if its even possible to do, and Do take Dick Cheney with you! Effective Immediately.Just so you know I voted for Al Gore and you cheated me out of that.


    The Invisible Patriots
    Americas Second Revolution

  82. Bob Thomas

    I must agree with this man’s view. I think we do indeed have a president that is out of control and disrepectful when it comes to the constitution and the American society. Get rid of him and now.

  83. fimba

    Speak about dictators and the name Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) comes to mind. Italians had a time-honored way of dealing with their dictator.

  84. did you know?

    Q. Which dictator condemned 3,000+ civilians to death on 9/11?

    1. Adolf Hitler
    2. Winston (bloody) Churchill
    3. Ariel Sharon
    4. Joseph Stalin
    5. G.W. Bush

    Hint. The same dictator who condemned 3,000+ American soldiers to death in Iraq (ruined the lives of another 180,000 American soldiers and murdered 655,000+ Iraqi civilians).

  85. I agree with most of this article. The only problem I have is that we are not a Democratic Republic, we have a Republican form of government defined by a Constitution as defined in Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution for the United States.

  86. Jennifer

    Fred & Mike Sanders,
    Who Do You Work For? Have you got all of you info right?
    I don’t think so…WMD is one, 9-11 is two, Bush’s lies are three, the end results of all of this are four!!!
    Fred you were also wrong about Chavez..don’t you remember last year (2005) that he gave needed heating oil to people in the NE, becauses our HEAP program doesn’t really help that much, when you’re truly poor.

    What kind of service are you performing for OUR country, Fred?

    Fred, as Ray said, “how many children have died in Iraq, because of Bush’s lies”? and then Bush always in a half breathe included Sadamn with 911. Doesn’t this bother you? Do you believe in God watching? do you believe that he cares about all living things, including small children? If you agree, what do you think he thinks of your immoral logic???? all of our ancestors are watching this horror, in disbelief…what do you think, they think when you call us all dissents…you will have a rude awakning and revelation, when you finally find out that we speak the truth…it is going to come to nuclear because people like you agree that we should kill our enemies. Unfortunately, they aren’t our enemies, this administation is, making boogymen out of anyone they choose to steal their resources from…Do you know this country’s history?
    Well in the 1700’s WMD’s were given to my people to get rid us called “vermin”, stealing all of our resources and land…again in Iraq, again in all countries divide/conquer/control.
    If you are a christian, how can you condone murder, stealing, etc……..?
    To everyone else, listen to South Point Man…he truly knows!

  87. Will Write

    Saw a garbage truck on 880 in the East Bay at 5A this morning…scrawled in 4-foot letters across the back: JAIL
    The people speak!