Hillary suggests that Iran be part of a summit on Afghanistan.

    Let’s imagine that Bill Richardson had been chosen Secretary of State as was once expected, and made the exact same suggestions that Hillary is now making. Imagine the angry right-wing comments that would have resulted. Originally I tried to organize to prevent her from getting the job, due to her past hysterical comments against Iran,

    Obama is also asking to make peace with those elements of the Taliban who are willing to be peaceful and working with Russia. Non-familiar people with progressive backgrounds would have led to foreign policy arguing similar to the domestic ones.

    The problem is how do I push Obama to make other changes I think are necessary like ending the boycott of Cuba without inadvertently joining with those that want him to fail?

    The following is links concerning Iran, Russian and even more important trying to avoid fighting with elements of the Taliban that hope for peace more than absolute victory over the non-Muslim world,