Sex, drugs and rock’n Rush

Rusty Republicans are getting a rush on with Rush Limbaugh who amazingly has replaced Sarah Palin as the sex symbol of the GOP. Creaky old conservatives who missed the fun of the free love generation are getting stoned breathing in Rush Limbaugh’s hot air. If they end up in control of the party agenda, Republicans who know they can never regain power in D.C. without the independent vote will challenge the Rushites current strangle hold on the GOP. 

Do these shrinking violet Republicans fear that Limbaugh will become a modern Haystack Calhoun? Are they afraid he’ll deliver his version of Haystack’s  "Big Splash", the "Blubber Squish", by lumbering off the ropes and smothering them under his oleaginous adiposity?

Free use image from Wikipedia CommonsIf the far right becomes the glassy eyed stoned Republican Party of Rush most Democratic Party candidates in all but the reddest of red states will win handily. (Image from Wikimedia Commons free use.)
There’s also  a real chance we’ll see more third party candidates winning national elections based on who they are and what they stand for, not the party affiliation.
The best thing for the Democrats is to run against Rush-publican candidates. 
They know this.
Witness White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel saying that Rush Limbaugh is “the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party" on Face the Nation.
Here’s how conservative David Frum, a former special assistant to President George W. Bush, compares President Obama with Limbaugh:
Obama: "…soft-spoken and conciliatory, never angry, always invoking the recession and its victims. This president invokes the language of “responsibility,” and in his own life seems to epitomize that ideal: He is physically honed and disciplined, his worst vice an occasional cigarette. He is at the same time an apparently devoted husband and father. Unsurprisingly, women voters trust and admire him."
Limbaugh: "A man who is aggressive and bombastic, cutting and sarcastic, who dismisses the concerned citizens in network news focus groups as “losers.” With his private plane and his cigars, his history of drug dependency and his personal bulk, not to mention his tangled marital history, Rush is a walking stereotype of self-indulgence – exactly the image that Barack Obama most wants to affix to our philosophy and our party. And we’re cooperating! Those images of crowds of CPACers cheering Rush’s every rancorous word – we’ll be seeing them rebroadcast for a long time."

If Rush stays in center stage illuminated by the Republican kleig lights, he will become marginalized by mockery from the media that younger voters pay attention to. For all his flailing about and jumping up and down like a deranged cheerleader he is a can’t miss target for comedic skewering. 
Martin Short could put on his Jiminy Glick fat suit and play him to devastating perfection on Saturday Night Live. Network talk show hosts like David Lettermen, who said he looked like a Russian gangster, cracking Katie Couric up, will have their writers listen to all his shows for timely bits. 
If you doubt the power of someone like David Letterman, consider what happened when he felt disrespected by John McCain.
The gentle humor of the network comedians will be benign compared to what the likes of Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert will do to someone without Sarah Palin’s saving graces of being personable, soft-spoken and pretty.
The Democrats will win unless moderate Republicans dump him.
The worst thing for Democrats is that Rush becomes such an object of ridicule that it leads to moderate Republicans taking over the party.
The best hope for moderate Republicans is the the liberal media makes Rush look like the noxious gasbag he is.


  1. AustinRanter

    The man has no couth.

    That video reminds me of the early Clinton era…when he served his first term. Rush had the balls to say that Chelsea was a really ugly kid. She was like 12 at the time.

    Now, I’m sorry, but to attack an innocent kid is way off track. That’s lower than low.

    When I heard Rush say that…well, my first thought was, “the guy is so low that he’d have to be able to jump 10 ft in the air to slap a snake on the belly.”

  2. John1172002

    Rush had the gall to challenge Obama to a debate. What nerve! If I were Obama, I would take him up on it. And the first thing I would say would be “Rush, do you have a Top Secret clearance? A Secret clearance? No? Then you are nothing but a blowhard. I have better and more important things to do with my time. Goodbye.”


  3. almandine

    “Rush, do you have a Top Secret clearance? A Secret clearance? No? Then you are nothing but a blowhard.”

    What the fuh is that all about?

  4. AustinRanter


    I’m never ceased to be amazed at El Rushbo’s bullsh!t. Yesterday I was driving through downtown Austin and I turned my radio on the a local talk radio station and Rush’s voice burst through my speakers with an all but laughable lie.

    He screamed out, “Our economy and financial well being was in excellent shape until the Democrats won majority in 2006!”

    Yeah, right. Apparently he missed the documentary “Maxed Out” that came out in 2006. The documentary was dead on with all issues that relate to market and lending institution problems that finally errupted into our laps this past summer.

    Limbaugh is an arrogant Radio Spin Jockey that has learned to out and out lie repeatedly to some twenty million listeners…and nobody dares call in to correct his lying B.S. Why? Because he brutalizes anybody who even thinks about calling him out on his deceptions, lies, and just ordinary fantasies that he makes up as he goes along.

    One thing I would really like to see happen within the Democratic Party. I would like them all…President down, to not utter his name again.

    Bush had Air American slamming him, TV celebraties, movies, …I mean from every media front Bush got leveled.

    But, it seems to me that when things get hot with media related issues that some leadership Dems get hit with…then they cry foul and want to impose the Fairness Doctrine. That is a no no. I don’t dig that idea at all.

    That’s my 2 cents…thanks.

  5. Tinker

    No Fairness Doctrine please! That would just turn Rush into a martyr and make him some sort of “hero” to all of the dimwits that believe in him, who apparently need someone to tell them what and how to think, and also others who might be marginal listeners.

  6. John1172002

    Obviously, almandine, if Rush doesn’t have such clearances (and I’ll bet any amount of money that he doesn’t) then there is no way for the two of them to have a meaningful debate, because Obama could not reference many things without giving secrets away. It wouldn’t be a debate at all, it would just be a lot of Rush’s being what he does best, being a blowhard. In truth, there is no way any sitting POTUS could have a public debate, for to do so would risk giving away secrets.
    Or maybe you want Rush publishing to the world exactly where our troops are in Iraq, how many, and what their missions are, their weaknesses might be, and where they will strike next, along with other legitimate State secrets? Wake up and smell the coffee, fer Gawd’s sake!


  7. Hal Brown

     The FCC Fairness Doctrine goes way back to 1949 when there was no cable TV and only AM radio. It requires the holders of broadcasting licenses to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was  honest, equitable and balanced. (Wiki) Now it is pretty much a joke except on the major networks which do try to live up to it, with the notable exception of Fox. I don’t recall politicians mentioning the Fairness Doctrine per se on either side. What I hear are some screams of outrage when reporting is unfair, meaning they think it’s false or blatantly slanted.

    The more Rush is mocked the more his fans will rally to his defense. Though with his arrogance I can’t see it happening, if he did take a major hit (like losing his radio job) I wouldn’t put it past him playing the martyr for all it’s worth.

    However, sensible Republicans facing reelection will start to think twice about aligning themselves with him the more he becomes the punch-line of a joke.

    Independent voters, and new voters, are likely to be turned off to a Republican Party that claims him as their leader.

  8. Hal Brown

     Wait a day and here’s a Boston Globe editorial on  "Politics and the Fairness Doctrine".

    Now, with nearly impregnable control over both Houses and Barack Obama in the White House, the Democrats are again girding for battle. Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan told one interviewer, "I absolutely think it’s time to bring accountability to the airwaves." Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa was more blunt still, saying, ["W]e gotta get the Fairness Doctrine back in law again." On the House side, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left little doubt that her minions are raring to tackle the project. No mind that, talk radio aside, Democrats and liberals have proven themselves highly effective political communicators, including the most prized ability to win elections.

  9. jgw

    Rush Limbaugh kinda defines the current conservative movement. This is a guy who, on the radio, called for a death sentence for ALL drug addicts. THE NEXT DAY he was arrested for drug related offenses and, I think, actually convicted for drug related offenses. I simply do not get it. How can ANYBODY pay any attention to a man who, obviously, lacks any kind of personal integrity and constantly lies. In addition to that, he also dumped his wife for a younger one, not unlike some other leaders of the conservative wing (Gingrich and McCain, for two). There seems to be a little pattern here?

    Oh well, this is also the movement which has actually come out in favor of dropping the ‘happiness’ from the Declaration of Independence. I, for one, would LOVE to see the Declaration of Independence actually made part of the constitution. That would solve a LOT of problems.

    Port Angeles, WA

  10. Ardie

    Rush epitomizes the essential conservative. But what does this really mean? Having been around conservatives for many years, conservative thought is really “conversive thought” which is specious and convoluted.

    Take for example the idea of “freedom”. The conservative mind really understands freedom to be license especially when the conservative champions the ‘free-market’. The conservative exercise of compassion is, exactly, cold indifference. When conservatives speak about traditional values it means provincialism. When they speak of lowering taxes they want the wealthy to be absolved from the obligation of paying taxes–never the working poor who barely earn enough to keep a roof over their head. When conservatives hear the word ‘peace’ they recognize it as ‘appeasement’. This is why they embrace war.

    When I listen to Rush I also hear a psychopath who is profoundly evil. If anyone imagines that a psychopath like Rush has a soul they have never studied psychopathy. They have no idea, to use Dr. Robert Hare’s term, that they are “interspecies predators”; who are also psychophagic (soul eaters).

  11. AustinRanter

    The Limbaugh MindF….

    If our Republican Congressional members have adopted Mr. Limbaugh as their leader, then I suggest that they resign from Congress and seek jobs at their local radio stations who are a syndicate station of Rush’s program…if they are compelled to support his insane propaganda.

    I don’t think that these folks (Congressional members) were hired by the EIB network to carry out Rush’s bidding. Or were they? Who the hell do our Congressional members work for? It’s clear that it’s not the electorates.

    If Rush wants to call the shots…then he’s going to have to get an official position as either a House Representative or Senator. Then he can pour his heart out about all of his brilliant, God given ideas. But the ass will have to stand accountable for his pompous, arrogant actions before We The People. Not that We the People would take notice of the Rush would be doing…but…it’s a pie-in-the-sky idea.

    What in the hell is going on with people…why do they even tolerate this nonsensical bulls!t. If you’ve got a Rush Ditto Head Congressional member in your district, fire his or her ass. Gezzz.

    I haven’t smoked pookiewayno in 25 years…but damn I really think I need to start up again. I want to just zone frickin out…I swear.

    We have gone from the ridiculous to the absurd in America. A RADIO SPIN JOCKEY IS RUNNING HALF OF OUR GOVERNMENT PEOPLE!

    Well, maybe I’m way off. America use to be known as the land of opportunity. Rush sure as hell took advantage of his opportunities.

    Isn’t anybody, not just disturbed by all of this bullsh!t…but outraged enough to take action against Congressional members who bow to a radio spin jockey????

    Where the F…. is Dr. Kevorkian when we need him. About half of America needs to be put to sleep.

  12. Hal Brown

     Austin, I assume you live in Texas, so I suggest that if you really want to indulge in a cannabis escapism, you move to my neck of the woods. If you get caught with less than an ounce of marijuana in Massachusetts it is now a $100 ticket. Safer than speeding and doesn’t raise your auto insurance rates.

    You’ll have to get it yourself since I don’t have the slightest idea where to buy it.

    More information.

    Same sex marriage is legal, great beaches, lovely mountains, quaint New England towns, Boston, the best colleges and hospitals… 

    Bonus for CHB visitors:

    Free dinner for two at the my favorite restaurant (best fish and chips and clam chowder anywhere).

    On Rush, I just read the Wikipedia article about him (LINK) and found out some things about him I didn’t know.


  13. AustinRanter

    Thanks, Hal…

    My pookiewayno days are over. But, thanks for the info. Good to see some evolutionary law in your state.

    When I was a young man (in the 60’s), the penality for pot was up to life. It wasn’t unusal for then Dist. Attorney Henry Wade to ask for a 25 year sentence and get it.

    Texas prisons were filled with young men and women who just wanted to kick back, drink a beer, smoke a J., and let the world go by. But, crazy people like Wade was determined to use hard sentences to curtail the use of marahjawana. Ha! No such luck.

    But even now, pot laws are way to strick in Texas. It’s stupid.

    Now, I would perfer that those who indulge is for recreational reasons and are adults, not kids in school. Amotivation syndrome is a danger for especially kids who smoke at a young age. But, if adults are doing it…kids are doing, and maybe more so.

    I haven’t been up your way in a little while, but my superior half has been on numerous occasions last year. She designs IT systems for the delivery of state social services.

    Back to Rush. Hmmmmm….nawh, never mind. I haven’t had my breakfast yet, and I don’t wanna spoil my appetite.