“We don’t have to accept the stoning of criminals. But it’s time to stop treating all Islamists as potential terrorist”

Learning to Live With Radical Islam,
The above is the Newsweek March 9 cover story by Fareed Zakaria

Finally an article on from a major publication on separating al Qaeda from other Muslims. Unfortunately, Zakaria didn’t mention much on al Qaeda. However the Daily & Sunday Telegraph in England and New Yorker Magazine did, see,

Dr Fadl, Founder of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, recants theological basis for Jihad

Even though I think Zakaria finally got some of the US media on the right track, particularly Newsweek and the Washington Post, I fear it might not work since Yemen at first successfully separated suicidally violent Muslims from other Muslims like the Newsweek article suggests until al Qaeda managed to sabotage it. If wish Fareed Zakaria would examine Yemen and try to discover why Yemen’s effort toward what he suggests didn’t work.

I hope people pick up the hard cover version of March 9, Newsweek with it’s awesome cover which I don’t have the computer skill to paste here

One thing occurred to me, let’s say the bin Laden wing of al Qaeda actually succeeds at what they want. Then what? People worry about them infiltrating Pakistani Intelligence. However somehow a top al Qaeda leader escaped from a US prison in Afghanistan,

What if they infiltrate US inteligence the way Russia did when they sent George Kovel to steal the atomic bomb secrets, no not the Rosenberg’s. The truth was considered too dangerous for the judge and prosecutor in the Rosenberg trails to know about,

What if from inside information, the next 9/11 is totally overwhelming? Will that produce the world bin Laden wants? What if al Qaeda baiting America to buy overwhelmingly expensive smart weapons and direct economic sabotage lead to a terrorable depression, where Muslim countries, like bin Laden expects because they are not part of the debt economy survive starvation a little more than the rest of the world, while Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists fight with each other, India and Pakistan perhaps in a nuclear way. Will people then quietly go back to the 7th century and honor Mohammad as explaining the world or will they worship bin Laden or in some way the world that al Qaeda had wrought.

Prophet Mohammad didn’t have women and children fighters. Live a disguised life, wearing non-Muslim clothing, and drinking before battle like the 9/11 hijackers did. Or tax drugs like the al Qaeda invigorate Taliban is doing. If the war lasts generations like bin Laden envisions will, in a financial crunch, taxing brothels be next?

Did Prophet Mohammad attack and use the innocent, like truck bombing two US embassies in Africa, during rush hour when there were a lot of Muslims on the street to provide cover. Commit suicide, like the in the Doctor’s Plot, crashing into a gate with a truck full of explosives. The ancient Muslim fighters might as well have charged a castle gate, head first, to do the equivalent. Doesn’t all the fighting al Qaeda has wrought change the traditional way of life in a significant way instead of returning the world to tradition?

Before bin Laden, Elijah Muhammad tried to have the Muslim World win victory over the west by spreading a quicky streamlined Islam with intense proselytation. His organization was called the Black Muslims. He was succeeding in getting the black community interested in Islam, even in getting young white Americans to be mad at Israel. But the Muslim world suddenly became more worried about heresy than lack of victory. Why don’t more Muslims fear al Qaeda as a heretic, such as the Muslims in Spain did, somehow it seems only on the anniversary of the Madrid backpack commuter train bombings,

There is no way al Qaeda can destroy the West without bin Laden and his cohorts getting the praise instead of Prophet Mohammad and if he doesn’t succeed he will be getting a lot of Muslims hurt for nothing.

Perhaps fighting the War for Hearts and Minds is the way to beat al Qaeda.

But failure of the Yemen experiment shows it won’t be easy.

Please see,

Terror attack may be imminent

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