As Obama bails out AIG and Citicorp and probably all the automobile companies, we are still not sure where the new jobs will come from… or if they will come at all. We wait to see the massive hirings to fix bridges and highways or the “shovel ready” projects from the states get started.

Yes, It’s been about a month and only a couple of weeks with the legislation in place. However, saving AIG seems to be much more important than employment, and maybe it is.

The huge budget doesn’t bother me… budgets and expenditures (yes, and debt, too) have grown before… and it always seems like it’s much more than we can afford. But we seem to get through it and create a whole new world with a new economy as a point of accomplishment. If, this time, we adjust the startling differences between the extreme upper class and the society supporting middle class then we will probably not be so worried a decade from now.

Meanwhile, we have to listen to the outrages blared out by Rush Limbaugh (who, as I said to my wife, gives fat men a bad name). To hear him insult everyone from John Kerry, to Harry Reid, to Nancy Pelosi, to Barack Obama is to wonder how the Republic Party (which, of course, is the opponent to Limbaugh’s tacit insult, the “Democrat” party) ever achieved power in the first place. As a symbol, he shows them to be, well, just not nice people.

And when times are hard, nice people score big.

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