President George W. Bush’s only backup plan for his continued failures in Iraq is to stay and fight and allow more Americans to die.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice confirmed this strategy — if indeed it can be called one — when she declared “we’re not pulling the plug on Iraq.”

Pentagon military planners admit privately that there is no “Plan B” if Bush’s latest troop surge plan — the fifth such surge in five years — does not work (and few expect it to work).

Instead, the fallback plan is to continue to stay in Iraq and fight, even though a confidential military assessment says American casualties could double to more than 6,000 in 2007 and top 10,000 in 2008.

“Our contingency plan is basic warfare: Kill and be killed,” grumbles one Pentagon planner who, for obvious reasons, asked not to be identified.

Rice admits Americans’ skeptical view of the Iraq war won’t change until they see progress there.

“We’re going to get an opportunity to see whether or not this is working, whether or not the Iraqis are living up to their obligations,” Rice said Friday.

She decried what she called “the notion … that, ‘Are you just going to pull the plug?'”

“We’re not pulling the plug on Iraq,” she said.

Most Americans now say they do not support the war or approve of Bush’s handling of it.

“What will convince the American people that there’s going to be a good outcome here is changes on the ground,” Rice said. “No poll is going to change until there is something to show.”


  1. Why, I feel younger already… Thank you, Dr. Strangelove…

    In the immortal words of Slim Pickens, “Yee-ee-ee-ha-a-a-a!”

    Holy batcrap. Does anyone else feel a clenching of the anal sphincter?

    Rice is just a nutcasey as the rest of them.

  2. It is the oil. Bush will not end this fiasco untill the oil deals are signed and sealed. The same for Afganistan pipe line. Plus the heroine and cocain profits. Did you really think Bush was going to withdraw? No way jose. Nine military bases and a zillion dollar embassy says he is going to Iran and Syria in time. That is what the neo-cons planned in 1997. Read the plan for a new american century. It says Build the Military up, take the remaining oil reserves of the world, create a police state with micro chipped workers. Remove the borders so corporations can double profits through global market monopoly.

    Bush acts an idiot and is a genuine evil sob, but the plan seems on course for the neonazi bunch.

    And at who’s expense? That be us. Don’t pay taxes. Don’t give them power. Don’t play the game. Don’t buy anything that is not essential and deny the corporate pigs thier profits. It all runs on money. Stop feeding the pigs lined up at the trough. If people keep going along to get along, it won’t be long till all is gone.


  3. The Americans are still fighting whether Bush is right or wrong. How can we give our opinions on this war mess unless we know all the facts? Let’s say we find out why or if we were attacked by Islam on 9/11. Most Christians say it goes back to the Crusades and others blame Islam for hating our freedoms. This is utter nonsense and is simply all we are going to get out of the Bush Administration.

    I’m watching my Senator Kyl this morning on Meet the Press and he is so enamored of Bush he can hardly speak about Iraq. If anyone asks him about how Iraq was involved in 9/11 out pops the long equations of speculation on the subject. No facts found anywhere with this man. He came close to losing his seat in November but Arizona is not noted for electing statesmen, Kyl won the election. He keeps using words like having “faith” in our government when he must know our government has hit a level of corruption to be staggering.

    There are no options when the government is run by neo conservatives.

    It will be a miracle if we can make it through the next 2 years. Bush should be either drugged or put in chains to control him. I don’t care what anyone says, we must have an agreement firmly settled with all Middle Eastern nations or we will lose our own place on the planet. Bush is pushing for Iran to strike us and is livid when anyone tries to meet with the Irani government. Iran is sitting back loving our loss of soldiers. What do they want? What do we want? I hear from the Conservatives, they want Islam destroyed. So we are back to the Crusades?

    Unless Americans can come up with respect for all nations, their people and their Gods, we will fight until we are destroyed.

    If the Middle East wants to fight until they are destroyed, let’s order some pop corn and watch.

    I’m losing my America and it annoys the hell out of me. I want a strong defense, safe borders and citizens who love this nation as much as I do. I want Immigration and Naturalization to make the correct decisions on our populations. We had it done correctly until our politicians began to stack the deck their way.

    Maliki and Bush both need to be sent to Mars and let them mess with that planet. Give Iraq back to the people and get us out of there! Bush and Cheney are simply biding time until they are out of office. They can do a lot of harm in those last years and I thought the new Congress would grow some stones but that remains to be seen.

    We need to learn how to survive any attack, nuclear or biological and the link brought here is a good one. Also the Red Cross has some good ideas for survival. Years ago Reader Rant had a thread on survival but we may need to have Doug revive it or start a survival site. Thank you South Point Man for reminding us all of this need.

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