I can hear Rush now, "Bbbbbbut he’s the commander in thief,  so of course our troops will cheer him in public. But in private, OBambam has a growing problem with his, no, OUR military. They don’t trust him. His military officers don’t trust him. Most importantly, I! ME! RUSH! I don’t trust him! And neither should you." 

Thanks, Rush. By the way, did you see how the troops reacted to our new commander in Chief at Camp LeJeunne? And not just when he announced a pay hike for the troops? 

Once again, Mr. Obama read a stellar speach in a perfectly appropriate way.  Teleprompters have made Reagan out of all public readers. However, whether they read or speak off the top of their minds, the message they give is important. Obama’s message to the troops, better health care, better conditions, better civilian efforts to prevent war, and better services for our wounded, oh yes, and one more minor point. WE ARE LEAVING IRAQNAM by a date certain. 

All in all, it was a welcome message, given to people who had not been pre-screened, prepped, and under orders on a stage. In that way alone, it was a drastic improvement from the punch and judy show our last administration excelled at. Even better, his message to Iraq would be well worth repeating and heeding, by all concerned. 

A very different message is being sent by CPAC, the dreary, gloomy, and dour conservative conference, despite some efforts to lighten up and brighten the burial  conference.  For example, swinger playboy Mitch McConnell told America that Republicans were more interesting, even fun.  Sure, Senator. That is if you enjoy a gathering of ancient, dusty, discounted ideas kicked around by ancient, dusty, discounted people. 

Michele Bachmann probably was the most exciting, telling the new RNC Chairman, Mike Steele, the "he be da man." Whatever else she does, Michele always entertains, whileat the same time,  making the citizens of the 49 remaining states wonder what they use in lieu of fluoride in Minnesota drinking water. 

What is the most striking aspect of CPAC is just how rudderless and leaderless they are. I can’t wait to see the results of their proposed protests around the country – even Chicago’s Daley Center will have a huge gathering of people protesting the president’s efforts to fix our economic disaster. Hmm. I was at the Daley center today, and I must have missed . . . .  


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