Americans reject Bush’s troop plan

President George W. Bush’s lackluster speech Wednesday night failed to convince Americans who listened and overwhelmingly oppose sending more U.S. forces to Iraq, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll.

The strong public repudiation comes as Bush faces increasing opposition from both Democrats and Republicans to boosting troop levels in Iraq reflects growing skepticism over the United States to go to war in the first place or that a stable, democratic government can be established there.

Just 35 percent think it was right for the United States to go to war, a new low in AP polling and a reversal from two years ago, when two-thirds of Americans thought it was the correct move.

Sixty percent, meanwhile, think it is unlikely that a stable, democratic Iraqi government will be established.

Fully 70 percent of Americans oppose sending more troops, and a like number don’t think such an increase would help stabilize the situation there. The telephone survey of 1,002 adults was conducted Monday through Wednesday night, when the president made his speech calling for an increase in troops. News had already surfaced before the polling period that Bush wanted to boost U.S. forces in Iraq.

Democrats are far more inclined to oppose an increase of troops, with 87 percent against the idea, compared to 42 percent of Republicans. Overall, 52 percent of Republicans support an increase in troops, although some key GOP constituencies are opposed. For example, 60 percent of white evangelical Christians oppose the idea and 56 percent of self-described conservatives are opposed.

The survey had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

(Includes information from The Associated Press)


  1. vjs, I’m wondering the same thing. Conyers had everything at the ready to start Impeachment. Pelosi took it off the table, with Conyers agreeing. Did they think bush was really a Lame Duck president, not going to do anything? He’s proved them wrong and is about to bring the world to the brink. Screw the 100 Hours, to get Bills past, if bush gets what he wants, those Bills will mean nothing. Get bush out, before he mentions North Korea and Cuba.

  2. I’m wondering why this psychopathic individual has not yet been impeached..him and all of his warmongers. The new Congress is acting like a bunch of cowards that are hoping no one notices them hiding behind the house plants. Surely they know what danger they are putting, not just us, but the world in by allowing this crazy man to stay in office. There are too many clear-cut reasons to impeach…any one of which would be more than sufficient.
    What are the Democratic majority thinking–that we just elected them so we would have a new bunch of traitors to look at ? I call it the way I see it. If they stall long enough, they know that the dice will already be thrown..and it will be too late. Do they want that on their consciences ?
    Come on, start the impeachment proceedings and we will back you up all the way. It would sure slow down this idiot-savant in his war plans to attack Iran and Syria and God only knows who else…China, Russia, North Korea, India, Pakistan, etc. etc. Has it occurred to them that any one of those countries ..or all of them could decide to just ‘take us out’ first ? Starting with Israel…that may be all that would be needed.
    It is impossible to understand what Pelosi and Reid could possibly be thinking. They all had best realize that what goes up also comes down.
    Rep. Conyers, where are you hiding ? Have they got you locked in the broom closet ?

  3. Lets talk about the War Powers Act and the definition of “surge”. The dopident does have commander in chief status, but what he does not have is the power to commit “signifant troops to war” without congressional approval. The initial cause for war was over “WMD” and the removal of Sadam Hussein. In fact, it was over Al Quaida and Osama Bin Laden (now there goes a name that is not mentioned anymore). The dynamics of the war and reasons for war has been removed. There are no WMDs found or currently hunted for, there is no Saddam Hussein (they hung him remember), there is no Osama (they cannot find him, maybe he is in Somalia; you know they love to kill blacks and bomb villages unprovoked). In as much as the reason for war has been eliminated this dopident (oops i meant president) does not have the authority under the War Powers Act to commit a “surge” of anything! Why in the hell is Congress not saying anything about that! An equally important question then becomes, who really is the beneficiary of this war? Guess we cannot ask Sen. Byrd since he was too slow to get to the floor to cast a vote!

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