Giving America and its soldiers the finger


President George W. Bush tonight will give the American people and the soldiers who serve our country the finger, choosing to ignore their will by sending more young men and women to die in his illegal, immoral and failing Iraq war.

Bush’s speech is an in-your-face rejection of the will of voters who in November tossed out the corrupt, rubber-stamp Republican-led Congress and made it clear they want a swift end to Bush’s Iraq debacle. It is a blatant “go to hell” to the American men and women who have died and will die because of his lunacy.

Instead, Bush will send 10,000 or more American troops into that civil-war torn country by the end of the month and another 10,000 or so by the end of the year.

Bush doesn’t give a damn about the more than 3,000 Americans who have died in his failed war thus far and has no qualms about sending more to die just to support his megalomaniacal Presidency.

These are the actions of a war criminal, not a leader of a nation that used to be the envy of the free world. They are the irresponsible actions of a madman, an out-of-control despot who must be stopped and removed from office by whatever legal means necessary before he destroys what little is left of this country and possibly the world itself.

Democrats say they will “challenge” Bush’s planned “surge and acceleration” plan for the Iraq war but they so far appear to lack the courage to take the necessary steps to stop his insane headlong rush down the path to destruction.

Sen. Ted Kennedy Tuesday introduced legislation to require Bush to seek approval from Congress before sending any more troops into Iraq but it is too little too late. More than half the troops will be in harm’s way before Kennedy’s bill even gets a committee hearing.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims he will do “everything in my power” to block Bush’s plans but the key word there is “power.” Bush claims he already has all the power he needs to send as many troops into Iraq as he wants under the authority Congress granted in 2002. He also claims unlimited power as a “wartime President.” While Constitutional scholars question his claim to absolute power, the sad truth is nobody has yet found a way to stop him from doing whatever he damn well pleases.

Bush will proceed with his plans with or without the support of Congress, confident they are powerless to stop him. He may be right. Congress will debate the issue ad infinitum even as more and more Americans die for nothing.

Democrats began backing away from their campaign promises the day after the mid-term elections last November. Talk of a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq vanished in the name of political caution. A vast majority of Americans may want our solders out of Iraq but Democrats to date appear unwilling to act on the very issue that returned them to control of Congress.

Under Republican control, Congress abdicated oversight of the Presidency and allowed Bush to create the most powerful Presidential administration in history. That power continues unchecked by Democratic timidity.

With their inaction, Democrats seem content with following the Republican tradition of handing Bush the tube of KY jelly, bending over, grabbing their ankles and saying “please sir, may I have some more?”

Unfortunately, in the end, it will be the men and women in harm’s way in Iraq who get screwed without lubrication by both Bush and the Congress and the United States.


  1. larry278

    Tony Snow’s spin on W giving the finger to us: The Prez is giving a hand signal theat we’re #1.

  2. larry278

    Tony Snow’s spin on W giving the finger to us: The Prez is giving a hand signal that we’re #1.

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  4. Teresa

    I have no problem reading with NO ads or pop-ups. I use Firefox 2.0 with Adblock Plus and Flashblock. Works wonderfully.

    Now, to address the Rant. I believe only one solution will work for this problem, and it’s both illegal to state it or to do it. Sigh……….

  5. Lysistrata

    Bush and the NEOCONS have highjacked the nation. He was a front man for the oil company as well as the Texas baseball team, he was used and did use others in return. The Bush crime family did sound extreme but it sounds real now. They have been able to keep the lid on everything, when will it end and the truth come out?

  6. Ray

    Mr. Loyd
    I must take exception to your comments regarding who is adding fire to the situation in Iraq. Stating that the editor of this article is stupid and only adding confusion to the publics view is assine at best. I won’t argue that most politicians are bought by corporate lobbyists and that they have no honor or true respect for the american public, but for you to include honest journalists in that catagory is as stupid as stupid gets.

    I suggest you retract your stupid accusation, not that any intelligent reader actually regards it as anything but bollocks anyway.


  7. Richard Gatto

    What is sad is that someone like Bush, who has never accomplished anything in his life without the help of his Father, money, and political connections, should have been allowed to become President. We, as Americans, should take a good look at ourselves, and ask how we could have let this happen. Unfortunately it will take more then just the loss of 3,000 American lives in Iraq, and the loss of billions of dollars to bring an end to this dark period in our history. The worse part though will be when our children, and grandchildren read about this in school, and ask us how we could have let it have happened.

  8. Wayne K Dolik

    The real problem facing the Democrats is the number of Bush moles in the Media and the Justice Department. If the Democrats face off with the administration they will be prosecuted and disgraced by the media.

    Herein, lies the big problem. A fascist state has no shame. It knows no bounds. Most of you abhor the current situation, but you do not really understand how much Bush and the Neocons control events. The examples are to numerous. They have been apparent for months.

    There is a way to stem the tide. We need a massive demonstration of voter will. Call your Congress Person today and ask them to bring our troops home. Also, encourage Congressional leaders to oppose the war in Iraq. And, thank your Senator or Representative for their courage if they do.

  9. Dean Livingston

    Dayton Loyd
    US Army, IL

    The problem in Iraq is Dipshit Bush and his fellow thugs. Sure, it’s also public apathy and ignorance. Sure, the “true experts” on how to fight a “war” are our
    well trained Generals and our “do-as-they-are-told” VOLUNTEER shooters. This is not a “war” in Iraq. It is a private vendetta fostering a horrific blood bath by Bush-and-thugs to assuage his daddy’s “honor”! Your job as Army is, if you agree with the the thug decider, shut up and do the shooting!

    Jeesus…then you said ..”It is extremely idiotic that Generals are lead by elected officials that have nothing more than a good face and a silver tong (sic.). And most have no sense at all and are only concerned about staging for the next election.” Are you a citizen of the USA? Our military does not run our country!
    We are a DEMOCRACY! Our country is run by civilians! Right now, abysymmally ignorant cretans, for sure. But that is going to change!

    Then you said…
    “One example is the mere suggestion by the new speaker of the house that if more troops are sent to Iraq that she won’t approve funding to give them the supplies they need to stay alive and accomplish the mission. It makes me very angry that there are people like this out there and people such as yourself that add fuel to the fire and help distort reality to the point that the average person no longer really knows what’s going on. Stupidity comes in many forms and I have seen a lot of if lately coming from those that are well educated.”

    Boy..I read two character flaws in this sentence! Besides lying, you don’t like women in leadership roles and you certainly don’t like the “well educated”.
    You only like to read what reinforces your existing mushy brain-warps. Volunteer for Iraq, big hero!

  10. David Williams

    Mr. Loyd,
    First let me thank you for your military service to your country.I honor that as I’m sure 99% of all American’s do.

    That being said,I must point out that you seem to contradict yourself.The overwhelming consensus in D.C.,and that includes the Pentagon and also the commanders in Iraq is that an escalation of troops at this time will be at best counterproductive,and will really just add to the rising death toll of American soldiers,inflame Iraqi anti American passions even more,and allow the Iraqi government more time and cover to do as little as possible towards making hard and unpopular decisions about their own contry.The only people supporting this escalation are the idiots that created this disaster to begin with.GW is only concerned with his legacy and this is just a desperate move to try and salvage his signature policy.
    You also misrepresent Ms.Pelosi’s position.The Democrats are considering refusing to fund any NEW escalation of equipment and deployment of NEW toops to Iraq.They will probably do nothing though,exactly because of people like you. They are afraid that the perception of the people will be as misguided and uninformed as yours is.
    Mr. Loyd,I will never understand how anyone in the military can support a poser like W whose family connections helped him avoid real service during wartime and who essentially deserted his peaceful Stateside post before his tour was over.His sacrifice for his country is only surpassed by “Mr.Five defferments,”I had other priorities”,Cheney”who just this week braved the harsh conditions of rural Pennsylvania to once again protect America from terrorism by slaughtering farm raised,tame gamebirds that were released from their cages precisely so they could be ,well,slaughtered.(sorry I got off point but my God ,does the outrage never cease?)
    Mr. Loyd, instead of being against educating yourself on subjects that those in charge would prefer that you continue to stay in the dark about,you should research the history of the Bush family.These people are not your friends.They could not care less about you than if you were a speck of cosmic dust on Neptune.You and all us common folk are nothing more than the props in their game of power and wealth and world domination.
    It is people like Doug and the regular readers of CHB that care about this country and the well being of all of its citizens.Stop drinking the koolaid.Educate yourself.I know it goes against your training,but stop accepting what you are told.Think for yourself.
    Regardless what the pretend patriots,the Rush Limbaughs’,and the chickenhawk neocons say,I,and we of the CHB community love this country more fervently than they will ever understand.We love and BELIEVE in what our constitution stands for.
    Tonight,Mr. Loyd,watch and listen to this occupant of the People’s House and see if he says any thing new or different.Really listen.
    Peace,David Williams

  11. Steve Horn

    Unless the congress has the courage to impeach George W. Bush the madness will go on until the next Presidential election cycle has been decided.

    Brave speeches on the floors of the house and senate do nothing – action is required – after all – isn’t that why the people replaced so many members of congress? Because they want change! It’s damn well past time for OUR government to listen to OUR wishes and do what WE elected them to do.

    To quote Bob Dylan ….

    “come senators, congressmen please heed the call. Don’t stand in the doorways don’t block up the hall, for he who gets hurt is he who has stalled. A BATTLE outside is raging. We’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls ’cause the TIMES THEY ARE A’CHANGING”



    Steve – singer/songwriter/hellraiser

  12. The fault lies in our institutions (especially the Constitution). Except for the Bill of Rights, it is a licence for the rich to steal based on land and property. No wonder we ended up with a dope for President.

  13. dan leebold

    Antonia Juhasz Sizes Up the ‘Bush Agenda’ — Corporate Globalization, Oil, Wealth and Power — A BuzzFlash Interview. Bush Will Send More Troops to Die in Iraq to Ensure U.S. Marketplace Dominance, Oil Company Concessions in Iraq, and Because He is a Sociopath. All Very Bad Reasons to Send People Off to be Killed

  14. Bill Robinson

    Bush goes up against the airing on accessible cable tv of the Sopranos. The solution, my friends, as Dylan said, is blowin in the wind. Either watch the Sopranos and suck up to what’s happening for the next 2 years and watch our young soldiers continue to be wasted in a stupid egoists money making venture in the middle east, or take to the streets and demand that they be impeached NOW. Not next year, not next month, not next week. Begin the proceedings and file the Bills of Impeachment now. Today. If not today, then tomorrow. There is just cause. If you don’t think there is just cause, then take your collective heads out of your collective asses and look at the new graves of the three thousand three hundred and fifty eight men and women killed in action according to Department of Defense statistics as of January 9, 2007 at 10:00am.
    Putting 10,000 or 20,000 or 30,000 more combat soldiers into harm’s way as targets of IEDs will not make one iota of difference in the outcome of this already lost stupid conflict. What it will do is escalate the costs dramatically, as will the one BILLION DOLLARS OF NEW AID that Bush/Cheney are pouring into Iraq (read that as Bush/Cheney) pockets.
    How much do they need? How long are we going to stand their stink?
    I am ready to puke.
    Send in the Sopranos. The clowns are already here.

  15. Steve Horn

    Bill Robinson:

    The cocktail party liberals we just put into congress aren’t going to do shit – they’ll yell and holler – claim the high ground and spend millions trying to convince us they’re NOT just like the conservatives we booted out – but peel pack the party label and guess what – the current crop of politicians from the two major parties are all the same – you can interchange them like lightbulbs.

    The “patriot act” wasn’t implemented to protect the American people from terrorists – it was implemented to prevent the American people from revolting against the current crop of inbred simple minded twits and twitettes (?) who have their wide, flabby kiesters firmly planted in the seats of power.

    I’m with you, though, I’m just so damn dumb I’m gonna keep singing out and trying to make a difference.



  16. karmafriend

    in march the iraqi government will be voting to give away 70% of iraqi oil revenue in a 30 year deal with the BIG OIL companies. i’m convinced that the oil deal is the real reason for bu$h sending in more troops. if the iraqi government passes the oil deal, the whole country will explode.

    and it should.

    the whole story can be found at the link above.

  17. Jennifer

    I applaud you Doug, (hello Ray), David Williams & Steve,
    Remember, it all has to do with power & greed. Remember, how Halliburton wanted the pipe line threw Afhgaistan, then Iraq…so many people forget this shit, WHY were there. We are there to make billions for Halliburton, etc…………..Sadman worked for theCIA and was given by our government WMD’s to kill who we wanted to eliminate, against major gains for corporate interests!
    Our poor soldiers get everything, including rotted food & everything else(look it up what Cheney’s group provides to our troops) from Halliburton’s contracts with the USA lobbists pulling the strings.

    Whoever has bitched at Doug: research, please, you will find the reasons, the why of this whole illegal invasion of Irag.
    Does anyone know what the word insurgent means….well acording to Webster it means” a person who takes part in a forcible OPPOSTION or armed RESISTANCE to an established government or authority (BUSH),; rebel. Why aren’t we these now. Remember the 60’s, when we DID make a difference,
    Hey Loyd, do you not think that, that US citizens, who don’t become rebel, when they might be forced into the FEMA concentrations camps here the great USA, would not fight for our rights and defend their families, even though it might be like WACO or Riby Ridge?
    Congress ok, last year to build more…who do you think they are for? the made up boogyman? The evil started in this country, and has spread out, like an octopus everywhere. Most people throughout this world hate us, with good reason…they see the REAL news, which we do not get.
    Wake up, get real, get human, otherwise you will cease to exist.
    Pray for peace,

  18. jim

    George Bush is the biggest threat to the security of the United States by his weakening of our military. As the biggest threat to our security he is entitled now to have his mail opened, his phone tapped, removed to an undisclosed prison, subject to waterboarding, and tried in a closed court without rights.

  19. The South Point

    Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    I don’t normally support this completely asinine policy, but in George’s case, hey, whatever works…

    It took some time searching on google, but this webpage says just about everything needs to be said.

    And since George is “Commander In Chief” of the american military…

  20. SarasotaLiz

    Is it possible for Congress to revoke the power they gave W in 2002? Simply vote to nullify the “blank check”? Take back their “check” in the checks and balances by exercising their authority as being the only branch to declare war?

  21. Kent Shaw

    Congress has no intestinal fortitude. They should simply cut off all funds for Iraq EXCEPT an amount necessary to totally withdraw from Iraq and return to the United States. NOT to withdraw to Kuwait or Bahrain or to Afghanistan or Israel or anywhere else, ONLY back to the US. Like that will ever happen. The whole government is nothing but a bunch of despicable whores for the military industrial complex. They are ALL beneath contempt. There is no language vituperative enough to describe the state of this government. We are desperately in need of a viable third party.

  22. Nicholas H.

    Great rant, Doug, and a lot of great comments, with the exception of two:

    I wonder if Mr. U.S. Army Lloyd is willing to tell us specifically how he profits from Bush’s war for oil and how big is his SUV.

    Secondly, to those couple of commentors who said we should ask our Congressional parasites to do something: Ha ha ha ha. I hope they have a nice day in the fantasy of their reality.

    I once thought, hoped, prayed, imagined, wished there was a decent way out of this shitty mess, but now I suspect Teresa has hit upon the only real solution.

    For the record, I didn’t say that.

  23. mewman

    be nice if i could read the rant,but every time i try,pop ups cover it(i have blockers for that,but they seem harder to stop on this site).3 times in a row,with a different pop up that cannot be closed.drag…

  24. David Williams

    W is once again showing everyone that HE is firmly in charge,the decider in chief who answers to no one.Having lived his entire life as an aristocrat,this deluded little character(I can,t bring myself to write man) believes he possesses the ultimate divine right of kings,the power of life and death over his subjects.

    Doug, you have often written that you believe Bush to be insane.If there is anyone that still requires proof of W’s madness,just tune in tonight and the proof will be there in glorious living color direct from the White House.
    One of the classic definitions of insanity is the inability to recognise what is truly real as opposed to what one perceives or wishes to be real.Does Bush just stubbornly cling to his neocon ambitions even though the roof is caving in all around him?Or,more frightening,is his perception so deluded(insane) that he actually sees a different world out there than the rest of us do?
    Everything we know about W points to the latter conclusion.GW has been a failure at nearly everything he has been involved in throughout his pampered life.Without his name and connections,W would probably be only marginally employable.(perhaps he could find seasonal work clearing brush)Socially,W would be at best the fellow at the bar that loudly annoys everyone within hearing range with improbable tales of grand deeds and “if only’s”as he drinks himself to an early grave.
    It has to be some kind of grand cosmic joke that this sorry excuse actually finds himself in charge.How in the name of all that is good and decent and fair did we come to this?No matter how much we rant and bitch and moan,he is in charge.And tonight,in front of you and me and God and everyone else,he is going to go against the overwhelming advice of the generals and statesmen and the voters of America and send more good people to die for absolutely nothing; because he can.And he will.I can not f— stand it!
    David Williams in the mountains of Western N.C. wishing I could just dig a hole and hide.

  25. Ray

    What we are witnessing here is a clear picture that shows the true nature of Bush’s real intentions disguised as a “war on terror”. Nothing short of Impeachment followed by arrest for war crimes is going to stop his plan for domination. The neo-con zionist plan for the new american century is on course. Today, I believe, the Iraq government is to sign the oil reserve law that opens the door for major corporations. Thus, big oil will profit greatly and will control the countries only commodity. Stage one will be complete for the nazi cabal in thier quest for control.

    Maybe GW isn’t crazy or delusional, but simply determined to secure profits and power at any cost of human loss and misery. After all, hasn’t he and his minions put in place all the “supposedly legal roadblocks” that allow this obvious fascist rule we are witnessing? It is not about fighting terrorism or spreading freedom and democracy, it’s about corporate profit. He is the CEO of fascist new world order.

    Bush has done a marvelous job in that sense. What is the big deal about a few hundred thousand lives verses the profits a few will now recieve. Heck, he will likely get his golden parachute benefits when he leaves office.

    Disgusting, but reality, I’m afraid.


  26. David – Right on! We all know he has lost his marbles or there are more sinister characters in the background pulling the strings and Bush himself has no say. If it was just a matter of Bush losing his grip on reality, one would think that someone would step in and bring him down. How much more are we going to take?

  27. Dayton Loyd

    The problem in Iraq is not President Bush. The problem is public ignorance and political non sense dictating war stagy. The true experts on how to solve the issues in Iraq are the Generals that have trained their whole adult life on how to win wars. It is extremely idiotic that Generals are lead by elected officials that have nothing more that a good face and a silver tong. And most have no sense at all and are only concerned about staging for the next election. One example is the mere suggestion by the new speaker of the house that if more troops are sent to Iraq that she won’t approve funding to give them the supplies they need to stay alive and accomplish the mission. It makes me very angry that there are people like this out there and people such as yourself that add fuel to the fire and help distort reality to the point that the average person no longer really knows what’s going on. Stupidity comes in many forms and I have seen a lot of if lately coming from those that are well educated.

    Dayton Loyd
    US Army, IL

  28. Jim

    Sandy, click on the printer-frienly button and you can read it with no problems. As for the article, it’s going to take Vietnam type protest around the nation and in DC before Congress takes real action. Polls alone aren’t enought. And once our troops are in place, I’ll be waiting to see how long before some nut case gets a vehicle bomb up close and personal to their barricks.

  29. JimZ

    I agree that all that incompetence shown by the Bu$h administration may be a lot of “front”. I believe they’ve always had immoral illegal plans and they really just DON’T CARE how it looks or how it turns out, just as long as U.S. oil companies control all of Iraq’s oil, and connected companies like Halliburton & Bechtel maximize profits. Now that’s a success that’s easy to obtain.

    Look at all the appointments Bu$h makes to agencies. He doesn’t intend for the government to operate effectively, he intends to paralyze any oversight of corporations by getting people to head them who are lobbyists from the industries they are supposed to oversee, and political hacks who won’t stir the pot.

    Of course, anything that violates rights of citizens such as data mining, tapping our phone calls, and opening our mail, all will be done in the most effective manner possible at the highest possible cost to taxpayers (in secret, of course).

  30. Scott

    I never have an issue reading the rant or any other article here. Try usine Opera as your browser. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  31. Kent Shaw

    The politicians never address the 14 permanent bases being built or completed in Iraq. They never mention the 1 billion dollar US embassy with 15 foot thick walls being built there. There is no intention to ever leave Iraq.

    Its all about the OIL, stupid.

  32. Scott

    George W. Bush told the American people to go to hell tonight. He told his Generals and advisors to get lost. Our sentiments do not matter. He can open our mail, take us off and rendition us innocent or guilty. He does not need to obey any laws written in Congress with signing statements. We don’t matter.

    If we get out of line they have started building camps to keep us in, proportedly for illegal aliens and “terrorists”. To George we are all terrorists. The end of our republic is near. All he needs to do is stage another 9/11-like attack and declare martial law and it will all be over people. All done, no more America. This is why he needs to be impeached post haste. There is no time to waste.

  33. The South Point

    I don’t actually care if Bush and Gannon were screwing each silly (now there’s a mental image I could have done without…) as it’s totally none of my business, but Holy Crap, Batman, evilness is where I draw the line.

    I have absolutely no tolerance for sadism and I refuse to pretend otherwise.

    When it comes to evilness, let’s ask, let’s tell. Let’s expose it for what it is. Evilness being evilness.

    That link again…

    A very informative webpage. Now I actually know what a turdblossom is. But somehow, Rove is not exactly my idea of a pretty flower, although the turd part seems to be rather correct.

  34. The South Point

    Holy crap and then some. I’ve been just spending some more time carefully going over that website, and it’s all about the stinking, putrid, rancid evilness of these dingbats.

    I mean, it’s evilness piled upon evilness piled upon evilness. And then even more evilnes piled upon that. I knew they were loathsome skanks, but I didn’t realize what truly loathsome skanks they really are.

    And my question is “Why?” Just what the (censored) is the attraction for doing things as evilness incarnate?

    It’s completely stupidass. And completely dishonorable.

  35. Ray

    The reason they do it is explained by David Icke. He has discovered what force is actually steering the course of history and he clearly backs up what he says with undisputable facts. The story started thousands of years ago and is reaching the end soon.
    Bush is where he is, because of his bloodline that he shares with most of the royal family and other elites. The Illuminati types that actually run the world.

    The evil that you see is real and it surrounds us. Check out symbolism and how the streets of DC are laid out in satanic symbols. Check out how all the assainations of the Kennedys,including John Jr. and Princess Diana occured on special dates and at special locations that relate with satanic worship. I am serious, about this satanic occult connection with the elite bloodline. David Icke has dug into this for nearly 20 years and has found why the world is running amuk despite the efforts of good and rightous people.

    The story of how we have been highjacked is clear once you see the historical benchmarks that were produced to end with our enslavement. The queer stuff about bush and his minions is but a speck compared to the full spectrum that is choking the world. Why do all the US Presidents have the same blood line? Why are the occult symbols of freemasonry found on every government seal, building,money,etc.

    There is reasons why bush appears to be so evil. It is truer than you realize.


  36. Jeffery Haas

    In regards to the proposed
    “Iraqi Hydrocarbon Law” or
    “hydrocarbon profit sharing agreements” being slated for passage in March, these are nothing new.
    What’s new is the fact that the numbers represent several orders of magnitude above and beyond ANY OTHER hydrocarbon “PSA” ever authored.
    Seventy percent during the development phase and twenty percent thereafter? Outrageous. There will be very little left for the Iraqi people to “share” and the bulk of it will go straight to the pockets of the corrupt lackeys running the show.
    And furthermore, MARK MY WORDS, “victory” is defined by this administration as “any government or entity that gets the pumps fixed and running”.

    If Osama and the entire “Al-Kyder” gang were to pull it off you’d be hearing Bush refer to them as the “new force for moderation” within a week and Osama would once again be called a “freedom fighter”…something Reagan called him during a 1985 press conference.

  37. Jennifer

    Ray, you are truly brilliant!
    Again, with all your comments; hopefully, you have woken up a few REAL Americans.
    Again, thank you Doug and South Point Man.
    Please, people, read these mens’ comments again and remember them. We’re all in lots of trouble and we need to unite, before it’s too late. My heart says that it’s almost too late though.
    Pray for peace within, evil hearts will eventually cease to exist!

  38. nilecontrol

    With a battalion of Patriot missles parked in Iraq, two carrier groups in the Persian Gulf, 20,000 extra boots on the ground, and Dubya’s reference in his speech that included “nuclear” and “Iran” in the same sentence, and all we’re missing is the “evidence” from the computers taken in Irbil. Here’s my Junior Nostradamus prediction: There’ll be no “run-up” to the war, this time Bubba. We’re all gonna wake up to a surreal 9/11 kinda of morning, watching Fox News proudly pontificate about the mushroom cloud over Tehran. No time for impeachment. No time for balancing the budget. WWIII, baby. The Lord’s coming.

    You monotheistic freaks.