I confess that rarely have I been riveted to a TeeVee screen like I was today. 

Who would have ever thought that America would again have a president that spoke in complete sentences, used factual references, dealt with complex situations, and allowed for open communications? With his opponents in Congress, no less? 

I suppose that after 8 years of George, most Americans forgot that brains, education, and creativity do still exist in this country, AND we are permitted to elect such a person to the White House. 

It is all well and good that President Obama and John McCain disagree on policy issues. It is also good that Eric Canter can find nothing that he can support in this administration. The more that you forge iron, the stronger, more flexible, and more useful it becomes. The same goes with legislation and policy. The greater the debate, the better honed the result. In most cases, that is. There are limits. 

For a part-time blacksmith, forge-welding is one of the most rewarding techniques – putting together two or more pieces of metal simply with heat, cleansing, and hammering. (trust me, until you’ve tried, you cannot understand how rewarding it is). The problem is that too much heat is just as bad as not enough. Once you’ve spent hours on a piece of art, ready, or almost ready to become your showpiece, and then, you get the forge too hot, and you burn your piece up, well, it happens.

That is the downside to the GOP approach to today’s problems. They have no sense of reality, no sense of danger, and care only for failed policies that their Neocon leaders concocted. They risk putting our economy in a depression so deep that we will not live long enough to see a recovery. Their latest policy of delay, deny, and decry is just like leaving the iron in the forge for way too long.

The result? Let’s try to not go there.  

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