A joint conference with an engaged president? Oh my gawd.

 I confess that rarely have I been riveted to a TeeVee screen like I was today. 

Who would have ever thought that America would again have a president that spoke in complete sentences, used factual references, dealt with complex situations, and allowed for open communications? With his opponents in Congress, no less? 

I suppose that after 8 years of George, most Americans forgot that brains, education, and creativity do still exist in this country, AND we are permitted to elect such a person to the White House. 

It is all well and good that President Obama and John McCain disagree on policy issues. It is also good that Eric Canter can find nothing that he can support in this administration. The more that you forge iron, the stronger, more flexible, and more useful it becomes. The same goes with legislation and policy. The greater the debate, the better honed the result. In most cases, that is. There are limits. 

For a part-time blacksmith, forge-welding is one of the most rewarding techniques – putting together two or more pieces of metal simply with heat, cleansing, and hammering. (trust me, until you’ve tried, you cannot understand how rewarding it is). The problem is that too much heat is just as bad as not enough. Once you’ve spent hours on a piece of art, ready, or almost ready to become your showpiece, and then, you get the forge too hot, and you burn your piece up, well, it happens.

That is the downside to the GOP approach to today’s problems. They have no sense of reality, no sense of danger, and care only for failed policies that their Neocon leaders concocted. They risk putting our economy in a depression so deep that we will not live long enough to see a recovery. Their latest policy of delay, deny, and decry is just like leaving the iron in the forge for way too long.

The result? Let’s try to not go there.  


  1. griff

    Perhaps a brief lesson in economics before you throw all-in for Obama and the other half of our government that got us into this mess.

    Some choice excerpts…

    “Much of the debate turned, unfortunately, on how much “pork” was in the bill. This or that spending program was silly or an obvious waste of money, critics said. All too true, of course, but unless we’re looking to be hired by the Titanic’s Department of Deck Chair Rearrangement, we’re missing the point with arguments like this.”

    “The primary fallacy of the tooth-fairy economics at the heart of the stimulus is the very idea that economic health is the product of government spending, which is financed either by borrowing (which leaves private businesses with a smaller share of the pool of savings for them to borrow from), printing money out of thin air, or direct seizure from the population.”

    “Beyond that, pro-stimulus thinkers show remarkably little curiosity about why the so-called idle resources are idle in the first place. They are idle because of some previous entrepreneurial miscalculation. What might have caused systemic miscalculation of this kind? Could it be the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of interest rates, which leads investors to make incorrect assessments of profitability and provokes false economic booms, as F.A. Hayek won the Nobel Prize for showing in 1974?”

    “That’s what the market was allowed to do in the long-forgotten depression of 1920-21. Instead of a “fiscal stimulus” package, the government cut its budget. The Fed, for its part, did little. Meanwhile, the economy was allowed to clean out the malinvestments of the false boom of previous years, thereby making a robust recovery possible.”

    “We should not want to “stimulate” an economy based on debt and overconsumption back into existence. We should want to restructure it along sustainable lines.”

  2. woody188

    Republicans and Democrats exacerbate the problem by spending more money and increasing the size of government more than any other time in history. Then they “delay, deny, and decry” placing our entire country in jeopardy. But isn’t this what they wanted all along?

    This is all leading up to the combining of Mexico, the United States, and Canada into one entity. Those working towards this goal knew it would never happen without massive upheaval and displacement in all three countries.

    We are told Mexico is on the verge of collapse. The United States is on the verge of a economic, possible civil collapse. Canada is moving forward into privatizing, deregulation, and unleashing big business on their populace just as the U.S. did. Never before have we seen all three thrown into such turmoil at the same time.

    All 3 are now working at removing the borders. All three are tuning their economic, military, and legal systems so that they work together. Just what did people think the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America was?

    This isn’t some conspiracy theory. This is happening now. Jefferies International Stephen Previs spilled the beans on CNBC back in 2006.

    Can’t happen here right?

    It won’t be long now. A major event is coming in the next few months. It could be a terrorist (false flag) attack, or stock market crash, perhaps a government default. I’m not privy to know such things. But that will be the spark that sets off the powder keg. The next couple of years will be hard. By 2012, the union of these 3 North American countries will be complete.

    Many will fight it and die. I will probably be one of those if I’m not already on the round up list for the camps. It will happen because the 1% that rules over us all want it. Look at the European Union if you don’t believe me. Our union will be similar.

    Once you view our government’s actions in this light what they are doing seems much less crazy and very much deliberate in bringing about this new world order. They want the collapse to usher in their new era, and they are going to get it.

  3. gazelle1929

    Why do people persist in this particular conspiracy theory? There’s not a scintilla of truth behind it. It’s yet another example of Internet paranoia run amok.

    Any politician who even hinted that a union of the three major North American nations would be feasible would be run out of town faster than the people in Illinois got rid of Blago.

  4. AustinRanter

    While it may be riveting to see the interaction between the President and his adversaries, and don’t get me wrong, I dig it. It’s refreshing to see something other than the same old Hatfield channel or the McCoy channel over and over.

    Yes, it’s been awhile since we’ve been witness to a discourse that, for all practical purposes, is a necessity. But what we are watching is way more superficial and the administrations way of posturing to his opponents…a show of power, if you will. Obama said that he’d work across the isle. But he knew that the conference wouldn’t steal the hearts, minds, and cooperation of the Republicans. And now it seems he’s adding conservative Democrats to his list of foes.

    I don’t see this as any break-through, or that sign of hope that we’ve all been waiting for.

    The Republicans have a very specific mission to bring down this administration…period. But they’re doing it in a parasitical way. They will try to kill their host, even at the expense of killing themselves.

    Unfortunately, what we still don’t get to see is the interaction between Company Store Proprietors who happen to own the political souls (metaphorically speaking) of those who hold post in charge of our general welfare.

    Can you imagine what those discussion might entail? Could it be that they plot what’s best for them, what they will gain, what strategies to employ to harvest more and more power?

    The Republican’s are exhibiting jailhouse mentality. They are hell-bent on both a reckoning and revenge…and they are persistent in blaming their failures on everything and everybody but where the blame belongs.

    The Democrats are bickering among themselves and are disorganized. They have the power they’ve been frothing for…and now they just don’t know how the hell to use it wisely.

    I warn you not to be swayed by our Congress’ appearances to divert their unrest, desention, and power-lust for our benefit. We have to remember who they owe their allegiance. And it damn sure aint us.

    We The People have to change the face of Washington. We the People have to shape the allegiance of those we employ to manage our government for the people and by the people.

    Sadly, we still have an ongoing dog and pony show playing at a TV near you.

  5. woody188

    You are right gazelle, it’s legal because the government’s own website says it is legal and not a threat and they never lie about anything!

    It’s much more feasible that all those Republicans and Democrats are just simply inept, idiotic, and really really stupid to be doing the same things over and over that got us in this mess in the first place. They must just be useful idiots per your rationale.

    Isn’t it funny how the link you provided claims nothing has been signed, yet if you look at their list of accomplishments, they are signing agreements left and right. Just another bold faced lie laid bare. Guess they don’t expect people to read the myths and the accomplishments and see how they contradict each other.

    Hopefully you’ll be rewarded for your unquestioning loyalty to the corptocracy. You have earned it. And hey, if they don’t reward you, you’ll be dead so it won’t matter much to you anyhow. Good luck!

  6. DejaVuAllOver

    Nice analogy. I’m not much of a metallurgist, but in general it’s also true that cold-forging makes metal harder and stronger, but also less flexible (ductile) and more brittle. So when it finally breaks, it breaks hard and fast! Let’s hope Kezelis’ Theorem holds true for the future of that hard-hearted inflexible party called the GOP.

  7. AustinRanter

    Anybody taking bets on whether or not Bobby Jindal tries to remove at least one of Obama’s testicles after the president’s speech to Congress tonight?

    Utah’s Governor has made a public statement that his party, the GOP’s leadership is inconsequential. Is it?

    The Republicans don’t have the voting power. They do have distraction and wreak havok power…just enough to keep the public’s eye watching the bouncing ball of sh*!.

    Afterall, abstraction and distraction is what Congressional members, from both sides, do best.

  8. John1172002

    Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, was the perfect person to give the Republican rebuttal. After all, Louisiana politics are as rotten as Alaskas. The main difference is that the corruption is so out in the open in Louisiana that they brag about how corrupt they are.
    Of course, I should talk. I’m from NY, and we have “the most dysfunctional Legislature in the entire USA.”


  9. AustinRanter

    John, I’m not so sure about NY’s legislation. Texas legislation has just put together a resolution, mainly to scold the federal government for abusing and working outside of the Constitution, but also that if they don’t stop doing, Texas is seceding from the Union.

    So…who’s the craziest?

  10. AustinRanter

    Griff…I want to comment on your comment…but I can’t bring myself to do it. It does put a grin on my face. I must say that your comment does have a tongue-in-cheek element to it.

    Thanks, I need a little grin today.