I don’t know why I watch Morning Joe when I get up in the early morn… He started out today with a statement that stimulation packages don’t really work and LIBERAL BLOGGERS go out of their way to prove that they do, especially since they go all the way back to the New Deal to justify such stimulus.  Apparently a blogger like me is participating in "groupthink" and is campaigning for "bank nationalization" and is against tax cuts (even though, as Mika pointed out, there are many ways to point out how tax cuts haven’t worked and have made matters worse.)

Joe also was upset that Sean Penn won the Best Actor Oscar because he was against the Iraq War while Saddam Hussein was still in power and because he has been seen embracing Venezuelan President Chavez (a couple of years ago, I quess), thus making him a "communist" (which means he can join Barack Obama who was labeled a commie by Alan Keyes last week… why is it that these conservatives call everyone they disagree with a commie? I don’t think Karl Marx could begin to label them as such.)

I guess I have to get a dose of idiocy in the AM so I have something to get my ire up for the rest of the day.

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