Ding! You’ve got mail! No you don’t. Bush has got your mail — and he’s reading it!


Good God. Is there not any part of our private lives left that George W. Bush’s goon squads can’t snoop into without a warrant?

In yet another of his infamous “signing statements” attached to a routine piece of postal legislation, Bush said his administration would twist the law to allow “in a manner consistent, to the maximum extent permissible, with the need to conduct searches in exigent circumstances.”

That means the feds can open your mail and mine, without a warrant, simply because Bush has decided he has the power to do so.

Supposedly, federal law requires government agents to obtain warrants before examining first class mail sent to American citizens (or, for that matter, to anyone in the United States).

But laws mean nothing to Bush. He ignored the laws of both nations and morality to launch a lies-based invasion of Iraq. He ordered the National Security Agency to tap the phone calls of any American it wanted, a move that a federal judge ruled unconstitutional but that is also a ruling the administration continues to ignore until, at least, the matter can be heard by the Supreme Court.

His Gestapo-like Department of Homeland Security routinely spies on Americans, the Pentagon has unleashed battalions of intelligence officers to snoop into the private lives of anyone who dares question Bush’s policies and the Transportation Security Agency bars administration critics from boarding a commercial airliner.

Now he wants to examine our mail, a move that Constitutional scholars and civil liberties experts say is a direct violation of just about every so-called guarantee of rights that used to be the law of the land.

“This signing statement raises serious questions whether he is authorizing opening of mail contrary to the Constitution and to laws enacted by Congress,” says Ann Beeson, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.

New York Democratic Congressman Charles Schumer says Bush is, once again, ignoring the Constitution he swore to uphold.

“Every American wants fool-proof protection against terrorism, but history has shown it can and should be done within the confines of the Constitution,” Schumer says.

Bush, however, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution. In 2005, two White House aides, independently of each other, told me other aides who attended a meeting on the USA Patriot Act claimed the President called the Constitution “just a goddamned piece of paper.” Although I’ve never been able to confirm that statement with anyone else inside the administration, I believe that Bush, given his record, made it. He holds that document, and the liberties it is supposed to protect, is callous disregard.

The ACLU plans to take Bush’s latest violation of basic American rights to court but to what end? He ignores federal court rulings at will and does whatever he damn well pleases. Those who disagree with him find themselves on the street. Just ask two Army generals who had the gall to suggest his failed Iraq war policies were wrong.

Can the new Democratic Congress stop Bush’s dictatorial abuse of power? Probably not. He has issued more “signing statements” than any President in history, each one stating that he believes he does not have to abide by any law passed by Congress because he is a “wartime president” with unlimited powers.

And, until somebody stops him, he can – and will – be exactly that.


  1. Well, as Gomer Pyle (another brilliant military mind from the Vietnam generation) would say

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Of course Georgie wants to look at your mail, find out what books you read (he’s jealous, as YOU can probably read without your lips moving, and YOU don’t need mommy or KKKarl there to explain those big words!), who you talk with on the telephone, the content of your email and the like.
    Paranoid leaders ALWAYS want to invade the private lives of the citizens – and why not?
    If you consider the constitution to be just another paper, does it really matter that you once swore to uphold and defend it?
    Truth, privacy, personal rights and the like are really inconvenient for Bush, so he tramples them or uses “signing statements” to get around them.
    Impeachment followed by arrest for crimes against humanity and treason are the only appropriate response – the question is – do the Dem’s have the balls to take those actions? As most of them seem to be “cocktail party liberals” to me, I doubt that any actions at all will be taken.
    Screw the liberals, I’ll stick with the leftists, thank you very much.



  2. marew

    Why aren’t the people who have the power to say “Stop” standing up and screaming? What is going on? Obviously it is W and no one else who “hates us for our freedoms.” W is getting crazier and more delusional by the day. I blame his parents for creating this monster, a spoiled brat who always got his own way with parents who always got him out of messes so he never had to face consequences for his extreme aberrant behavior. If some had told me 10 years ago that this country could be in this kind of a mess, I would never have believed it. Stupid me!

  3. carol

    I am pissed at this latetest bit of King George madness, but not surprised.

    Let’s see how much he likes reading our mail when everyone is trashing him, Turdblossom, Sleezy Rice, and the rest of the Bu$h Cabal to hell and back?

    I said this in one of my eariler posts and I’ll say it again: It is way overdue time for people to put aside any and all political parties, etc, and take a solid, united front as Americans. This is just too much.

    People, I predict that before the next six months passes, Mad King George will decide to violate the last of the Bill of Rights. Paragraph 3 that forbids the stationing of troops in citizen’s homes. I seriously and strongly suggest that American citizens get ready to go all out to defent hearth and home. What he did on December 20th last year was to declare an all out assault on the American people as a whole. Rich and poor alike.

    ‘Nuff said.

  4. Anonymous

    “Any truth to the rumors that random body cavity searches are next on the agenda?”

    No, Joe,

    They have said that they will target specific body cavities.


  5. Simple – the stock market is up – so the powerbrokers are happy. Do you honestly think that the majority of elected officials give a hoot about what the people think? As long as the corporate sponsors of our government are making lots of money, no change will come about.

    The “patriot act” wasn’t implemented to keep “terrorists” from outside of this nation from doing damage to us, face it, it was created to keep the population of the United States from having a second revolution.

    As for the “liberals” from the “big chill” generation – all I can do is quote the late, great Phil Ochs ….

    “now I’m older and wiser, and that’s why I’m turning you in”



  6. About signing statements (source is linked at my name):

    Andrew Jackson, in 1830, was the first president to issue a statement while signing a bill.

    Ulysses S. Grant was the first president to issue a signing statement that interpreted a new law in a way that overcame a constitutional concern.

    Ronald Reagan was the first president to get his signing statements cited in Supreme Court cases.

    The major problems with the current president’s signing statements are primarily 1) the number (In is first term alone, he issued more than all previous presidents combined), and 2) that many of the legal theories that are used have no judicial history (i.e. he and/or his lawyers made the excuses up). I agree with the ABA’s recommendations on the matter (permit direct legal challenge of signing statements, don’t treat them as a partial veto, publish them, use them responsibly).

  7. Ray

    Why are you good people so darn surprised at Bushwackers last move against our freedoms and our rights? Was Hitler any different? If you want to know what is ahead, study the rise and fall of the third reich. It is all in there, and we are on course. 911 was our Riechstad Fire, orchastraded by our criminal executive branch. The PNAC Documents of 1997 spell it out. The plan is on course and is working very well for our Nazi leader and his Cabal.

    Do you really believe that those people would not kill thousands of innocent americans in a false flag operation to gain the control that you see now?

    In a heartbeat, they would, and they did. Time to wake up from the mass denial about the true terrorists that produced that tragic event on 911.

    Research the truth and you will see what really took place that day. The evidence is overwhelming and undisputable. Once you truly wake up from denial, the wierdness of Bush and his crazy agenda will make sense to you. His mission is clear. To destroy the very thing our heroic forfathers fought and died for. It is not about politics, my friends. It is about world domination and total enslavement of a micro chipped serfdom society. Total control, total corporate ownership.

    I keep reading of how amazed, how angry, how disgusted, etc. everyone is, yet nothing changes for the good. There is a reason and it is much bigger than political parties or partisanship.

    What happened to Kennedy when he signed the bill to allow government to issue silver backed certificates in lieu of federal reserve notes( which have no backing)? He was killed, and not by Oswald.

    The elite international bankers create money out of thin air, loan it out for interest, and reposess material goods when the loan defaults. Money for nothing started with the federal reserve bank. Not a government enity, they are just greedy bankers.

    Then they team up with the military industrial Industry people( daddy bush, Carlyle group, Hallibarton, Raytheon, G.E,
    etc.). How much money does that group recieve annually. Trillions of your tax payments. Enough to feed the world for 300 years.

    It is not about terrorism, that is a fabricated smoke screen to instill fear and chaos so they can screw us.

    Problem = Terror attacks.
    Reaction = Protect Us!
    Solution = Gut the Constitution. Eliminate personal freedoms and rights. Double military spending and conduct illegal foriegn aggression
    in the name of WAR ON TERROR.

    It has been done throughout history but people have short memories and are mind controlled through main stream media.

    Just research who owns the major papers, magazines, publishers, tv and cable corporations. About seven people do.

    911 was a conspiracy, not solely by Bin Laudin, but included key people in our government and military. It will be proven easily once the american people wake the hell up and demand the answers that they deserve. Can’t anyone see the obvious cover-up. Can’t anyone see the obvious takeover of our republic? My God, it is in your face.

    Micro chips and retna scans. GPS to keep you under surviellance 24/7.

    We are sliding into a Police State at a very rapid rate, all disguised as National Security Act.

    It is likely too late to change the course, lest everyone wakes up and takes all this seriously.

    Wait and See, my little pretties. Or just say No!

    Don’t be a part of the sheeple mentality. Get the truth, not the crap they feed you at Fox News. Be smart and suspicious, ask and demand full disclosure,
    full explainations. Demand accountability. If they won’t give it, don’t pay your taxes. Don’t support thier evil endeavors. Just say no. The power is with the people, please realize that. They have no power without support from us all. Are they doing the right things? No. Does the american citizen want wars and a police state? No. Then why is that the reality? I just gave you the answer. The clock is running and time is very short for this nation. The course has to change immediately or there will not be an opportunity for change.

    Thanks for letting me Rant, Doug.


  8. Richard Gatto

    There is no clause in the Constitution which gives Bush the right for these statements, or creating laws in any form, or fashion. What Bush has done is use his right to issue Executive Orders which are designed to establish procedures to enforce the requirements of a law, and has twisted that right to mean that he can write his own laws, or change an existing law. Bush should be brought up on charges of Treason along with all of his Cronies. At some point in the future I think that Congress should pass legislation to amend the Consititution to provide for early elections such as they do in many European countries when their leaders fall in disgrace, and mislead the country.

  9. Kent Shaw

    Hey, Ray, wouldn’t you like to get a look at the 25 pages expunged at Bush’s order from the 911 Whitewash Report? I sure would.

  10. Jennifer

    You hit the nail right on the head with all you said!
    It is encouraging to know others, like you, are fully AWAKE.
    http://www.911weknow.com is a place for those not sure or fully awake to go and read the true facts. May God/the Great Spirit help us all this year, we’ll need it!
    Thank you, Ray.

  11. Kent Shaw

    911? Well, I admire Doug for trying to hang onto a journalist’s objectivity. I’ve made up my own mind about it. Guess what. The perpetrators KNOW that WE know also what happened. Guess what else. They are sticking it right in our faces because they KNOW we don’t care enough about it to actually do anything but whine about it. You gonna fire the fist shot?

  12. Ray

    Yes Kent it would be interesting to see those missing pages. But on the same note, The pages that are visible in the official investigation are washed with nothing but untruth and cover-up, and nonsense.

    Building seven demolition should be enough evidence by itself, to warrant serious questions by a committee not of the government. Major cover-up.

    Why won’t they release video of the pentagon attack? Because it would show something quitr different than a 757 hitting the building. Does no one realize that the mass of a plane that size cannot simply disappear and punch a 16 foot diameter hole through all those rings of re-inforced concrete? Not possible.
    It was a drone or a cruise missle.

    People who really care for this nation and our childrens future MUST WAKE UP and do something. Start by educating the ones in denial. Make them pay attention and understand the reality that is taking away our beloved country.

    It is problem, reaction, solution and it is obvious to see once one realizes that it is possible for very evil forces to be in control. Just look at Bush. He is not a rational thinking human being. Anyone who thinks he is, is delusional. He is murdering our kids and now he calls it sacrifice. For what? For him and his cabal.

    Why do the good men get assanated while the evil sobs hang on to power? Because it ain’t what it appears to be. The media tells us what to think, what is real, how to act, what to beleve, etc.

    Just like the forced vaccinations of our babies. Thirty some shots by two years of age. When it is a proven fact that those shots do nothing to reduce the very illness they are claimed to prevent. The statistics are there to review, but no media will talk about it because it is a controlled media. It is proven that a childs IQ is lowered from those vaccine doses, which contain all sorts of vile things. Its just like the flouride lie that it prevents tooth decay. That is pure poppycock. The program was started with false research for the purpose of disposing toxic waste and eliminating the cost of disposal. It is a poison. The documentation is there to prove it, but honesty and truth take a seat behind lies and deciet in this countrys leadership. Money corrupts, but lobbists fill the halls of the white house and congress. Why is it even legal for gods sake.

    We need a new form of proceedure in government execution. The existing one is too corrupted to function as originally intended.

    Yes, Jennifer, may the great spirit of creation help us, we surely need it now more than ever.


  13. Miss Grace

    Thanks to the gutless MSM, most Americans have no idea of the truth about 9/11. And, the lazy, cowardly, government-controlled MSM intends to keep it that way.

  14. Kent Shaw

    Yes, Building 7. Plus reports from firemen on the scene of hearing explosions. Plus that particular side of the Pentagon just happened to be the first side they had super-reinforced. If so the wings should have snapped off the plane and should have been found outside of the building. There are lots of security tapes from several locations that may have filmed exactly what happened. Why can’t we see them? OH, yes… “national security”. Sure.

    Vaccinations? Since the beginning of early childhood vaccinations we have gone from an autism rate of 1 in 20,000 newborns to 1 in 166. That should perk up a bit of interest but it doesn’t. Why isn’t the mainstream media screaming bloody murder over this alone? OH, its because the medical establishment says vaccinations can NOT be the cause. Case closed.

    I just want to go off somewhere and hide, but there is no place to go.

  15. Ray, Kent and others – I agree with you 110%. Now how do I convince my spouse who won’t even look at my favorite internet sites? Aren’t we all just waiting for the moment to arise when a large group of people start massive protesting so that we can join in? Would a war in Iran start it? a draft? another false flag attack?

  16. Miss Grace

    Hmmm — if Bush is so interested in our mail — let’s all just have our mail forwarded directly to at the White House.

    Then, when Bush isn’t spinning his fantasies about taking over the world, he can peruse Lillian Vernon catalogs or collect all those Pizza Hut coupons. Since he is so adept at printing money, my bills should not be a problem.

  17. Ray

    A protest would have to be very massive and organized, or they will just make us go stand in the free speech zone, which is always away from where the tv cameras are. Speech is not free anymore under the new national security act. We need to have rallys like martin luther king had, or like the huge veit nam protests in the 70’s.

    The effective way is to stop the money flow somehow. Like don’t go to work, or spend any money.
    Hold back tax payments. Don’t borrow any money.

    If ( big if ) enough people could muster the courage to do that, it would have an immediate effect. Problem is, too many people won’t bare the responsibility that comes with the privelage of a free society. Most lack the balls to stand up to evil rule. We can’t out gun them, but if we stopped paying them, it would end this fascist takeover. Just say NO!

    The way I see it, we gut up and endure some pain now, or forever be enslaved, apologizing to our children for being gutless and cowards.

    When the going gets tuff
    The Tuff get going. Tell people how you feel. Challange the sleepers to discuss the events of the last six years and how it all relates to the insanity of the WAR ON TERROR. The only real terrorists are in DC.

    I also agree that we should forward our mail to the white house. LOL, that is a great idea!


  18. carol

    I like the idea of forwarding our mail directly to the White House too. Let’s start by sending all our rent, house payments, car payments, and utility bills.

  19. Sonorous pest

    This is the last straw, I’m sick of this Son-of-a-Bitch and his goons. This bastsrd has got to my last nerve and the only way to rid ourselves of this MORON is to impeach him the sooner the better.

  20. Dave

    Gee whiz! Everybody keeps voting the Redemopublicrats back into office and can’t understand why nothing changes. The Libertarians have been pointing this out for years and no-one has listened. So you get mad at the “R’s” and, in a hissy fit, vote for the “D”‘s. That’ll teach ’em! NOT!!! Nothing in this country will change until the citizenry votes BOTH parties out of office and turns the reins of government over to another party. Whether it’s the right party or not, it’ll take that change of both voting habits AND mindset to ever do anything constructive for our country. So until you’re ready to change your thinking and quit giving these parties your unquestioned allegiance, don’t hold your breath! We need to fire ’em all and make a fresh break if it’s ever going to change. Nuff said…

  21. Ray

    You are right Dave, nothing will change with two current power parties.

    There seems to be little difference between them. They all lie to get in office, then they roll over like the rest of the pigs at the trough.

    But how does a new party get a stage when money seems to be the deciding factor? It is all about money, money to buy votes.

    And how does one get a platform when the mass media decides what is heard and what gets trashed? Complex mess we have. People need to not believe the mass media. People need to rely on their intuition and question everything that our leaders tell us.

    Who would ever think that these leaders are elected by the people to serve in a government dedicated to be FOR THE PEOPLE and swear an OATH to UPHOLD and PROTECT the CONSTITUTION of these UNITED STATES? They are basically lazy freeloaders who prostitute themselves to the highest bribe. Ron Paul and a couple others are the only true representitives in government. The rest could not care less about the citizens except when they want your votes. It is a sad state of affairs for this Nation.


  22. The South Point

    People, people, people… take a DEEP breath and CALM down…

    All this is piffling little stuff. The Large Hadron Collider goes online at full power in a few short months, and if it actually succeeds at doing what it was built to do, believe me, none of Crazy George’s silly, mischievous antics will have even the slightest importance to you.

    You’ll be FAR too busy screaming with mindless, piss-in-your-pants terror to give a flying rat’s ass about what Crazy George was doing. Trust me.

    Let’s DO try to keep some kind of perspective…

    In fact, so you won’t be caught short at the last moment, why don’t you practice your screaming with mindless, piss-in-your-pants terror now? There will be so little time to do so properly later.

  23. Kent Shaw

    What SPM is referring to is the idea that the CERN collider may create “small” black holes if it works as they suspect. They “don’t think” these will cause any problems. They don’t THINK so… but they are going ahead anyway. Just as when they exploded the first nuclear bomb, there was some concern that it would ignite the atmosphere, converting oxygen and nitrogen into nitrous oxide and/or helium. They went ahead anyway and luckily there fears were groundless. So… black holes… you know… those little buggers that are capable of swallowing whole galaxies.

  24. Teresa

    Maybe we all need to send President Bush all the snail junk mail we receive for the next month. He needs mail to read, why don’t we give it to him? 😉

  25. Kent Shaw

    Which paragraph of the constitution details the use of presidential signing statements? I found the part about signing into law or using the veto, but the signing statement clause must be more obscure and difficult to find. There is only one method or means I can think of that would stop Bush.

  26. JimZ

    Next he’ll use a signing statement dictating the right to check our underwear for soilage, while we’re wearing it (a la “Bananas” the old Woody Allen movie).

    Where in our constitution does it allow him to use any signing statements for anything?

    The Republican-controlled congress let this get outta hand. Yet ANOTHER thing the most do-nothing congress did nothing about.
    Guess if no K-St. lobbyists get pissed off about it, no money gets exchanged and nothing gets done.

    We’re approaching a banana republic on a daily basis.

  27. Sandy Price

    Why do you blame the lobbyists? It is the Congress who has the authority to use their oversight authority. The Dems are cowards and the GOP is corrupt. Where is another Perot?

    I suggested we all send cc’s of our incoming and outgoing emails just to shut Bush up. First class mail should never be opened by anyone other than the designated recipient. I fear we are losing our freedoms faster than we can flag people to know what is going on.

    We are lucky to have Doug exposing much of what will take us down, unless we act now!

  28. Jim

    The government deplicted in the movie “V for Vendetta” is about to become reality in this country.

  29. Kent Shaw

    In Orwell’s 1984 there were cameras everywhere, including in every room of your house. England has deployed over 4 MILLION cameras so far nationwide.
    Can bedrooms and bathrooms be far behind. After all, this would go a long way toward fighting “terrism” and the “terrace”.

  30. JimZ

    To clarify the lobbyist thing: Unless a check or free trip is waving in congress faces, their eyes arn’t even on the ball. Monetary Attention Deficit Disorder ($ADD)!

  31. tbob

    On hearing from the IRS about the absence of a 2006 return, “I don’t know why you didn’t get it…I posted it through the USPS.”

    IMPEACH!!! I’ll be damned if I’ll let Bush divert my sorely-needed tax dollars to ranch improvements in Paraguay.

  32. Ray

    Thats ok SPM, I have done mindless screaming, piss your pants, terror thing,and it never did help the situation. Control is key, awareness, is eccential. Its better to know where the enemy is coming from through knowledge. Once you truly realize that this is no fairy tale, but a real life crisis that we all have to face, it becomes much clearer and obvious.

    Take the HAARP program for instance. Magnified radio microwaves that can push a patch of the Ionosphere outward 80 miles. A beam of energy that can target anything on the planet. But of course we don’t get the truth from Fox, so we never know, unless we research and find out what is really happening. At this time, there are several organizations including the military, conducting ” weather modification experiments” with the HAARP technology and the Chemtrail blanket technology. You won’t hear the truth about it from main stream media. Radio-active Barium, aluminum, silicon, etc. released to lower the surface temperature, influence storm patterns, etc. Just Google chemtrails, or haarp.

    No south point dude, screaming, piss your pants in terror won’t help. Knowledge and awareness of what to expect will be much more helpful for survival. The Mayans only give time another five years anyway. It is the age of aquaris ( excuse the poor spelling ) it is and end of a 26,000 year cycle. The planets line up and all that gravity tweaks the frequency of matter and things change dimensionaly.

    That is a little scary, seeing how the Mayans charted time and space to the degree that modern methods have not achieved. They mapped areas of the universe that we had no clue of till voyager or huble gave us closer views. I think those guys had been around the block and knew how it all works.

    Interesting times we live in. Knowledge is power, and also will prevent pissing ones pants while screaming for terror.

  33. Wobba

    This went from the pissed to the paranoid to the mystical pretty quick. Not that I disagree. But if you wanna get metaphysical then none of this really matters. Even if we destroy ourselves, and it’s beginning to look as though we will, it’s not that important in the long run.

    Our spiritual selves may continue. The Myan calendar signals a change, but not necessarily an end. If doom is really upon us, evil rules the world and there’s really nothing we can do about it, then just chill, daddy-o. Dig the cosmic vapors of our existence. There’s only a couple years left anyway.

    Ya know, or we could go ape$41+ and start blowing stuff up. I’ve got a few ideas of where to start.

  34. Sandy Price

    Jim, good point. It is then up to us to elect the kind of men who will use the Constitution for their programs. It comes down to why we voted our representives into their jobs.

    Remember back in 2000 and 2004 the mantra was “Pro-life Only” That was it in a nutshell. The whole American political scene has been run by the religious right who, in case you didn’t notice, have been sent home in 2006.

    Now we need to clean up and stop the Congress from receiving bribes and using them to direct their votes. I mentioned this problem here on Reader Rant in 1999 and was told that our Congress would never accept bribes. Well, I was right and the ranters were wrong.

    We can make waves if we work as a team and let our congress know we will not put up with any bribes from any PAC for any reason.

    THE CAMPAIGN FOR OUR AMERICA is a good place to start. The lobbyists are not the guilty parties here, but the Congress who accepts bribes for votes should be made illegal.

  35. Sandy Price

    Ray, you remind me of another Ray who spoke up in 1965 about the terrors of the IRS. We tried to stop it through repealing the 16th Amendment and the American people rejected the plan.

    It will take more than a change of party representation in the Congress or even in the white house. It will take a massive intelligence on the truth of 9/11 by all of us. Those of us who have read the books, seen the films and even communicated with those brave writers and film makers know logically that the 911 Commission Report was edited to save Bush’s arse from exposure.

    I think we all realize it would destroy America if our own leadership was guilty of this crime or even used it for their selfish purposes.

    It will be the truth seekers who the Bush Administration is looking for in those letters. I’ve stopped writing about it but I have not stopped learning about it.

    We will get this information proven one of these days. Your posts are wonderful! I can only hope that you are writing articles, commentaries and books too!

  36. bob logan

    I love it when Doug puts the horrifying into plain truth. But I worry when facts get out of kilter, cuz they seem to always find a way to come back and bite us. So let the record show that Chuck Schumer is the senior Senator from New York, not a member of the House of Representatives. Techically, both groups are Congressmen but that term is almost universally used to refer to members of the House. I don’t want Cheyney sitting in the presiding officer’s chair in the Senate and refusing to recognize Schumer’s vote, and then quoting the authoritative source of CHB as his basis!!!!

  37. Jennifer

    There are still places to hide. NASA did a study awhile back on on the sacred American Indian sights..we thought that they were looking for more artifacts to steal, but no they were looking for underground tunnels.(Check it out)Olentangy Caverns
    in Colubmus, Ohio have them and they go all the way to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, 300 miles around those. There are caves/tunnels under the Mayan ruins (my people(the Shawnee) came from there in 900 AD and the pryamids In Egypt.
    They are/were concerned that some of us that our American Indian and KNOW will hide in these to evade the coming surprise that they have for all humanity.
    It doesn’t matter what religion you are (man made religion).
    Remember what Gandhi said when asked what he was “I’m a Moslem, A Hindui, A Jew , A Christian”. “An eye for an eye makes us all blind”!
    Look up all the Mayan and American Indian
    prophecies.they’re almost done…they(Warmomgers) don’t win, we do.
    There will be more natural disasters, but many more man-made 911’s to eliminate the “useless eaters” which this government calls most of us.
    Do you know how we win? I will tell you …with our mouths…together our mouths, our prayers are stronger than any weapon, even nuclear.
    Don’t think that I am crazy, when you are in one of their Camp FEMA camps..pray,speak, their fate is sealed, yours isn’t my friend.

  38. Jennifer

    Hey Ray,
    My comments to Kent apply to you too. (Niyawa) I thank you in Shawnee, for knowing and telling it like it TRULY is.
    “Angels Don’t Play this HARRP”, 1995, was a great eye opener book. I have known for a long time what’s coming. I wish I didn’t.
    Remember, people like you & me win.
    The earth will shift, which it is already doing and the mountains in the oceans will rise and cleanse the earth, which we all call home. Study about the herbs…..Goldenseal, St.John’s Wort and Boneset, will help you thru the man-made Bird Flu coming, to eliminate us “useless eaters”.
    Keep warning others, that is my path in this lifetime, and obviously, yours, too.

  39. SEAL

    Ray’s question:

    “Why won’t they release video of the pentagon attack? Because it would show something quitr different than a 757 hitting the building. Does no one realize that the mass of a plane that size cannot simply disappear and punch a 16 foot diameter hole through all those rings of re-inforced concrete? Not possible.
    It was a drone or a cruise missle.”

    You’re right about the fact that it was not a 757 that hit the penagon, Ray. So, what was it, how was it delivered, and by who. Try and wrap your mind around this, Ray. It was not done by the military. Who besides the military has the capability to do that? Who could build or get their hands on a missle that size plus all the equipment and trained personnel it takes to launch and guide it to target “plus” have a secure location to launch it from? Remember that it flew under the radar. OR, was it launched from a converted comercial aircraft that would register as a legitimate comercial or private flight at the time? Whatever hit the pentagon was not an airplane. Pursue it from that perspective and you might solve it fairly quick. It’s a short list. Also, remember the area hit was under construction and unoccupied. That was lucky, eh? Yanno, I’ve never seen a list of the passengers who died in that one.

  40. BrzlFrbr

    The hypocrisy of it all still staggers me. Bush and his ilk complain about “activist judges” rewriting the law without moral or legal authority, although the legal principles of judicial review have been part of the American legal fabric for more than two centuries.

    Then he attempts to rewrite law at its signing or refuses to obey it, instead substituting what he wants the law to be. There is little or no legal basis for this act, but he gets away with it. This is an act fit only for dictatorships. He has clearly violated his oath to defend the Constitution, and he deserves to be impeached for it.

  41. Jennifer

    You will know me when you see me, honestly…in the end we are all related.
    I give talks all over Ohio and elsewhere and I say there is only one god, whether you are a Jew, a Christian, a Moslem, whatever and there is only one energy and right now it is very negative…but this will all change…there will be small groups of people who survive, who will have to get along and work together to survive… but it will be worth it all……all that happens….all that will transpire because of people like you, like me willing good into existince….think of the Polar Bear, they will not,if I have any breath left in me,die.
    Peace always,

  42. SEAL

    Then he attempts to rewrite law at its signing or refuses to obey it, instead substituting what he wants the law to be.
    Brzlfrbr said:
    “There is little or no legal basis for this act, but he gets away with it. This is an act fit only for dictatorships. He has clearly violated his oath to defend the Constitution, and he deserves to be impeached for it”

    What he has done is to declare himself above the law and/or that he IS the law. That is treason. While that is an impeachable offense, it would be a waste of time. By law he should be arrested and tried for treason. Of course this wouId include the Dick and his Rumyfelt. If convicted – the traditional firing squad. And, it should be in prime time HDTV. That would be true justice and make me proud to be an American again.

  43. SEAL

    I grew up and went to school in Pawnee Oklahoma, next door to the Shawnee. I must say your philosophy is different from any Shawnee I ever met. I find that surprising but interesting. I spent many hours listening to the old ones (Pawnee) and never heard anything about “myans.” I don’t remember hearing of anything before what is now Texas. We met Coronada when he came up from Mexico in the 1500s. But then, I never felt compelled to do any serious research.

    I don’t agree with your contention that prayer and/or faith in a supreme being will save anyone. Faith in your own spirit, survival knowledge, and preparedness is what you will need. I have all that. However, I am 68 years old now and have been battling cancer the past year. So far I’m winning and have been Myeloma free for the past 7 months. But I’m in no shape to handle the rigors of survival very long. Therefore, I have educated my children (grown) all their lives and believe they have a much better chance than others. We were the “wolves of the plains” yanno. The only faith involved was faith in their own spirit and ability.

  44. Jennifer

    Hello Seal,
    My ancestors were able to stay hidden in Ohio; most were forced to go to Reservations and forced in to assimilating into white society….they lost the stories.
    Our prochecy is: In the 7th generation, Tecumseh/Tikvmfa will return as a man, and will unite all Indians and there will be a “city of cities” an Indian Vallhalla, just like in the Ancient Allegenies and when it pleases the Great Spirit, there will be a celebration all Spring. I am 60, this year and I am the 7th generation. We are “the panthers of these hills”.
    Did you not know that some men are returning? How else could we win against all the modern weapons Bush & his group have invented, including weapons with HARRP technology?
    The Mayan prophecy is: That this civilization will be the stupiest (which most are) and would seize to exist because of their own undoing on Dec. 21,2012.
    I hadn’t heard of the CERN collider, but I do know that they plan on shooting two missiles into the South Pole of the moon in 2008. Did you know the moon is hollow?
    Well, the Cherokee have had visions of two full moons, when there are no leaves on the trees, late fall or winter. I have also had that dream, right where I live now. Imagine, what will happen when they do this to our moon. The Mayan were right…we are the stupidest civilization, with the elite just concerned about power & greed.
    Lapacho/Pau de Arco will help you stay well. It is a bark from Peru.
    Hopefully, you will survive, listen to that inner voice and you will be able to survive, all these evil men have planned for us; we only seek peace in this world with all of our brothers, throughout this world we all call HOME. We win! It will be fullfilment of all Indian prophecies.

  45. Ray

    For Jennifer and Seal
    Two souls who know the truth of spirit. Everything in the Universe has a harmonic vibration, a sound wave. Empty Space is not actually empty, as dark matter fills what we used to think was just a void. I am talking Atomic size. So when wise ones talk of how we all are connected universally, it is easier to comprehend the meaning if you know that any vibrational wave directly effects all connected Atoms. It is very much like a wave created when a stone hits the lake surface.

    When you hear the wise ones say something to the effect that any minor action here on earth effects all stars in the heavens, know that it is true.

    Balance is the key of life, the proof surrounds all that is, and ever will be.

    The Spirit of Creation is bigger than any religious icon ie. God, Buddah, Allah, Jahova, etc. Native People know this and have always had a closer relationship and respect for the Spirit Guides.

    For reasons of space, I won,t get into why these times are so confusing and senseless, but just know that the great shakeout and cleansing is very near.

    The Evildoers in control know it. They know time is short and they are desperate to achieve thier goals of control beforehand.

    Suggested Research: Michael Tsarion, David Icke,The Freeman Perspective for theory. Alex Jones and Doug Thompson for day by day reality.

    Thank you Jennifer, Seal, Kent, and Sandy for the soul enlighting conversation. You all understand the bigger picture that is coming.

    Evil cannot defeat those who are truly good of heart. Only through discussion and an open mind, can others be given the chance to see that there are ways to defeat the oppressors through enlightenment. We are all one with the Universe. One part. And that one part has an effect on the whole.

    No matter what your religion, race, creed, sex, color, it makes no difference. The spirit of good or evil is the same in any taught religion. Man has been manipulated to fight over whose religion is right. Divide and conquer. This, somehow must be exposed and defeated in the minds of all people. It can’t be done with bloodshed. Never has, never will.


  46. Sandy Price

    Ray I have no belief in any God or Spirit tending to our lives or deaths. I do have an enormous respect for American laws found in the Constitution and see the future for all of us if we ignore our laws.

    I am also a reader of history and can cite many nations who have gone down when the emotions took over their population’s reason. I hate to think that our Constitutional Republic ends up as a failed experiment. I tend to believe that we reply entirely too much on the spiritual world when our own world is in trouble.

    The problem is that there too many variations of God in America and they are now driving our elections and political agendas.

    We are now fighting between more than just the three major Gods but all the sub-Gods in between. We could clear it all up by returning to the separation of church and state and watch the fighting subside.

  47. Michael

    I have really been enjoying the posts today about our good friend George and his hucksters. However, we seem to be putting the blame for all of this on our politicians, when in fact, it is you and I and everyone that does or does not vote that is responsible for this. The people of the United States do not take responsibility for being informed voters and demanding that the people that they elect be good stewards of our country. Until that changes, very little in this country will change.

  48. Jennifer

    Again Ray (Niyawa) pronounced Naw-Ya-Wa!
    I will look up your research sites…you mentioned Alex Jones, isn’t he brilliant, but you did not mention Jeff Rense (he’s worked and talked on C-Span with Alex Jones), but Jeff is know as the #1 enemy of the State. But, he has articles from all around the world…remember our news is censored. Like Doug, Jeff Rense is one of the oldest web-sites, always telling it like it is. Thank you Doug & Jeff & Alex!
    For those that do not believe in a higher power, or that the ancestors are always watching out for us..pull up “orbs” on Goggle. I have had these in tons of photos, even ectoplams figures. People all around the globe are seeing them.
    A 9 year old boy in Cincinnati was dying about 4 years ago and his mother took a picture of him in his hospital room…it was on CNN and ABC, but I didn’t see it but many of my friends told me about it. There were orbs all around this small boy…his mother asked what they were and he responded, “well, those are grandman & grandpa”, they had died before he was born, others were also relatives, before he was born. His mother asked, “who are the rest”. He said, “they are the angels”. Young children are closer to the other side than us…we have forgotten, caught up in this crazy world. Listen to small children, they know so much, honestly.
    Religion is man-made to control the masses…this has to change. But, we are not the only ones in this universe…the people that we love, never leave us; they are just on another plane, but right here.
    The white Christian who came to this Turtle Island, thought that this was Manifest Destiny, so they could rape & pollute this country, because they were going somehwere else…well, they are still raping & polluting this beautiful land. Heaven & Hell are right here & they don’t belong.
    Hopefully, some day I meet you Ray, you’re one of the good ones. My e-mail is thenative @hocking.net.

  49. Ray

    Jennifer, I visit Jeff Rense daily. His site is totally uncensored articles from around the world on every subject imaginable. I suggested the others because thier sites offer a more defined alternate view point that directly relates to why, what, how, of current events. The story begins thousands of years ago when the first visitors arrived. Interestingly, all ancient recordings, from sumarian sand script, dead sea scrolls ( which the vatican keeps hidden ), tell basically a similar story when deciphered correctly. For theories that actually make some sense of why we are here and what has caused the mess known as the human race. Well worth the read, if you would like some answers.

    Freemasonry, serpent ideology, symbolism in all that we experience daily, effect the whole of human conscienceness. ( I will learn to spell someday }.

    Bless you Spirit Friend.


  50. Ray

    Well I can’t make it work, but just google video fema concentration camps for families.

    Our times are changing.


  51. SEAL

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back. I don’t have the free time you guys obviously have.

    I know all about Hydrogen Peroxide. Used it all my life for many things. And, I don’t need to see anything about the concentration camps they’re setting up. I have been telling people about them from the beginning. Of course no one wants to hear it. Facing reality would destroy their illusionary life and mean they would have to do something. Americans are the laziest people on the planet. Facing reality would mean they would have to admit the fear they live with every day. They bought into the credit trap and enslaved themselves. The average American owes half a million dollars to the corporations. I have trouble surpressing my laughter every time I hear “homeowner” or “car owner” etc. They own nothing. Miss two payments and you will find out who owns it. They’re nothing but slaves toiling away at jobs they don’t like so they can send in the monthly payments to their owners. They agree to pay $325,000 for a $100,000 house and then refinance it every few years because they can’t keep up. You can’t expect people that stupid and spineless to stand up and do anything that needs to be done. They’ll just cling to the illusion until the end and then express shock with tears in their eyes.

    As long as the people continue to support them they will be in control. The only way to take the country back is to stop the payments. It’s not about politics. It’s about money. Whoever has the money has the power. I’m curious to see if the democrats have the balls to stand up to the “failing to support the troops” and use that power to prevent Bush from esculating the war.

  52. SEAL

    You and I have an understanding that non-natives don’t have. Native Amaericans are a very spiritual people but not in the sense the invaders understand. It’s about the great spirit that binds us all together and the responsibility each of us have for our own spirit as a part of that. However, you and I are very far apart in concept. I don’t know how much you know about the Pawnee but we are realists. We do not consider there is a supreme being in any form. The sun is the supreme enity that, together with the earth provides for all life. There’s more to it but that is the basic. We are a male dominant warrior nation of total realists. We never went to war with the invaders because the reality of the outcome overruled the emotion.

    The depth of your commitment to a “religion” and the idea of the Shawnee transcending from Myans is fascinating. I have never heard of that. In fact, I have never heard any Native American other than some of the Eskimos claim their roots began anywhere other than this land. But, as I stated before, I have never spent any effort researching. I think I will ask some of my people what they think about it.

  53. Jennifer

    Hello Ray & Seal,
    So nice talking with you both.
    We are all on the same wave-length, some different views, but the ones that really matter right now and in the very near future we agree on….realize this, that’s all that is important.
    Our paths are to warn others. I do & I know both of you do, too.
    I know the past…I have a BSS in Native American Studies, and graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University, in 1995, my graduate work was in cave research. American Indians were killed by WMD in this country by whites..we were raped, murdered, our private parts were cut off and displayed to others, for they had gotten rid of the “vermin” in their stolen lands from us.
    Of course this is history, but it can & will happen again.
    Just think when we invaded Afganistan, then Iraq, people here were calling those human beings “rag heads”, because they wore turbans.
    Well guess what, the French and British wondered why the Shawnee & Deleware wore turbans in the 1700’s.
    See were all related.
    They are finding Lake Superior copper, tobacco, cocain, chocolate, corn in the tombs in Egypt, which are new world product, which history taught were taken in the 1500’s, not 3000 to 1000BC…see we are all related.
    I know of the concentration camps from 1998, when Clinton was in …they are all in it together!
    My great-grandmother was Shawnee, my great-granfather was Lakota, they are both buried at Wounded Knee….they are with me always.
    Wisdomkeeper – pronounced/NAW-HE-LEE-SHE-BAY, which I spell Nrhelesheba…my name forever!
    Thank guys, keep up the good work.

  54. Jennifer

    What’s going on.. Jan. 10h had lots of comments, then I sent mine and then nothing and it came back that there were only 4 comments. Are we totally censored?