Damn that human nature. Republicans stood by their economic philosophy that government programs are nothing more than useless welfare, and the way to stimulate the economy is by cutting taxes. Now all they have to to is hope that God is on their side and pray for the Democrat’s stimulus package to fail. If it fails it will change the balance of power in Congress in 2010 and diminish Obama’s 2012 reelection chances.
It’s often difficult for people to rise above human nature. Who doesn’t like to be a winner? Who doesn’t like to prove their opponents were wrong? Who doesn’t relish saying "I told you so"?
These aren’t rhetorical question.
The answer is those people who put what’s good for the country first.
The Democrats approach to stimulating the economy may be all wrong. But I can’t help but feel most Republicans truly are hoping it is a dismal failure.
Am I being too cynical? Am I less than charitable?
Does Dick Cheney really yearn for a horrible terror attack against the United States so he can say "I told you so" … sorry that’s another column.


  1. “The need for “stimulus” was brought on by the melt down in money market funds in one day… I assure the readers here I have a very good understanding of the difference between Conservative and Neocon philosophy.”

    Non sequitur, to say the least.

  2. Good point Austin, I neglected to name the Democrats because there in reality exists no line betwixt the two parties, but I’m much more disgusted with the Repsrobates. Thanks for the rebound.

  3. The Project for a New American Century, (PNAC) was the founding document which fundamentally changed the Republican Party as we know it in the United States. Notions were floated by Bush 1 after the first Iraq war of the “New World Order”. Thus, this was the beginning of a new cancer growing in the Republican Party. This is/was a cancer involving global domination by plunder and aggression. The Bush family played a large part in this fundamental change in the GOP. However, there were significant others of dual citizenship which played a part.

    Shortly after 911 the Neocon’s were now in control of the Whitehouse, House of Representatives, and with Filibuster control of the Senate. Neocons imposed the new philosophy of PNAC-Neocon agenda upon the United States of America. Unfortunately many laws were passed by the Neocons and many collaborating Democrats in our Congress. Much of the law concerning the War on Terror passed by the Neocon movement was/is illegal, unconstitutional and immoral. Many American voters have rejected this philosophy in the nation and the Republican Party was trounced in the last election.

    The need for “stimulus” was brought on by the melt down in money market funds in one day. That is what caused the panic button to be hit by the Fed and Treasury. Currently the Republicans are returning to previously Conservative notions of fiscal responsibility. This seems to be hypocritical at this point, in light of all the damage the Republicans have done. I assure the readers here I have a very good understanding of the difference between Conservative and Neocon philosophy.

  4. Bryan,

    I believe that for us to continue to view and judge our elected officials as liberals or conservatives is obsolete thinking.

    These folks are all owned by Corporations who continuely fight over who will maintain control over the resources.

    As we watch our Congress at work…we’re witnessing a public display of those corporate struggles over who controls what.

    Our Congress is virtually a privately held subsidary of a relevantly few Corporations.

  5. Neo as in new and abominable, add Reagan conservative and viola,

    NEOCON, any way you cut it spells the Rethuglican opposition to getting our republic back.

    Thanks for you input.I stand corrected, I think.

  6. If you listen carefully to the Republicans of today, you’ll hear echoes of the Republicans of 1929, of Herbert Hoover and all his friends. You’d think they’d have learned from history, but oh, that’s right, Mitch McConnell even repeated the ridiculous assertion that the New Deal didn’t work “right now, we know from history that the large spending programs of the New Deal didn’t work”; evidently they don’t teach American history where McConnell comes from, or he’s been listening to the Limbaugh types who are dead set against the stimulus, and admittedly want the President to fail (and the entire country as a result), and have no problem even lying about our history (realizing their audience is none too bright anyway) to try to gain their objectives. Is there any real doubt WHY the President advised these jerks against listening to Limbaugh? A United States Senator should know his country’s history well enough to know that the New Deal DID work, unless he’s so enthralled with Limbaugh and other conservative radio (and tv) types that he thinks the rest of the population is just plain stupid. Of course, you could point out that it took an even LARGER government stimulus to truly get us out of the Great Depression: the ginning up for WWII. The only time there was no improvement from Roosevelt’s policies was when he listened to (guess who) REPUBLICANS and raised taxes to try to balance the budget due to all the spending the government had done: it resulted in a slowdown and even a slight meltdown in the gains Roosevelt had made. Most economists feel that Roosevelt was too timid in dealing with the Depression. Many feel this economic recovery bill is also. If Republicans have their way, the President will fail, and so will our fellow citizens. What they need to do is read their history books and stop listening to blowhards from Florida. Maybe then they’ll start to think about the good of the country and not play politics with the lives of their fellow Americans. If they can play petty party politics with the lives of so many Americans at stake, the Republican party deserves to lose power for the next generation, until every one of the current crop of heartless SOBs is out of office (and hopefully on the bread-line when their investments fail because they’ve blocked the recovery which took every asset they had with it).

  7. Why would abject failures wish to do anything but FAIL?

    And in the process take down those around them while sucking up the spoils.

    Conservative / Neocon, as you say, one and the same.

  8. I agree with Woody. Where were the Paulson bunch on the first 350 billion bailout? AWOL How about the last 8 years you Republicans? And, spending on the Iraq war ? And the Constitution? Now you get back to the basics? Don’t you think it’s a little late? How do you say Conservative and not Neocon? Did you forget for 8 years?

    Just asking because I think you forgot who you were.

  9. You’re right on the money. Consider the words of that august statesman GOP House member Pete Sessions, who last week told fellow Republicans “that they need to get over the idea that they’re participating in legislation and ought to start thinking of themselves as ‘an insurgency’ instead.” This week he followed up on that suggestion by expressing admiration for Taliban tactics, calling them “a model” for how to defeat the enemy. This guy is the chair of the National Republican Campaign Committee.

    But so what? This is exactly the kind of crap the voters just rejected. Obama’s right to cultivate his relationship with Republicans who want to express ideas how the government might work better. But Sessions ain’t one of them.

  10. It’s really quite simple. The States with Republican Senators and Congressman who overwhelmingly vote “NO” on the stimulus don’t get any of the money. After all, their elected representatives obviously don’t believe that they are experiencing difficult economic times. Take South Carolina. Their Governor believes we should do nothing. Their Senator is obstructing passage because he’s delusional. If you ask me that State is positioned perfectly to go it alone and enact trickle-down and tax breaks on a Statewide basis and watch the recovery materialze!

    Now, what other State should be skunked? Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder…

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