Some things never change!

We may have a new President and administration, but Congress acts pretty much the same. The House and Senate still operate under a 2-party system that just can’t seem to work well together.

Spending taxpayer dollars still seems to be the priority and how to spend it continues to be the debate.

Currently the new Democratic President and majority Democratic Congress wants to spend $950 Billion of our tax dollars mostly on social services and health care initiatives while the minority Republican Congress wants to decrease the amount to $800 Billion and to provide more tax cuts.

In addition, the Republican side of Congress is complaining that the use of tax dollars will not, for the most part, be used to stimulate the economy as President Obama had promised. However, wasn’t it the GOP who recently provided more than $300 Billion mostly to the financial sector without any oversight as to how that money was to be spent? Has that money stimulated the economy? Has the housing market improved any from that effort?

The Democrats want to throw more money into education without considering improving curriculum, trimming the fat and increasing learning outcomes significantly first. The Republicans don’t want to put more money into education under any circumstance.

The Democrats want to withdraw our military from Iraq next year while the Republicans don’t want to leave Iraq “without finishing the job”. Republicans don’t want to send more troops into Afghanistan, the Democrats do.

The political see-saw continues in Congress and it doesn’t seem likely that members in either house have learned their lessons. Special interests and political bickering and vying for power still seem to be the objective of both parties. Unfortunately, during these critical economic times, the losers still are the American people.

What will it take for Democrats and Republicans to work together for common goals and objectives? Even elementary school children are taught early to work and play well together. Maybe members of Congress need to retake some elementary school classes?

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