Jebediah Reed posted an interview with Mike Dukakis (“Duke’s Place: Michael Dukakis on How to Fix America”) on how Obama is doing on rebuilding the infrastructure of the U.S. and what he would do. Here’s a clip:

There’s a lot of grumbling from progressives that Obama is wasting an opportunity with the stimulus by trying to appease Republicans in the House and Senate. As a Democrat, do you think he’s setting himself up as too much of a compromiser?
I haven’t seen that since his inauguration. But if the Republicans are still talking about too much funding for infrastructure and “Let’s cut taxes,” they’re back where they’ve been for the past eight years. They created this mess. McConnell and Boehner these guys are still singing the same tune. The one guy on television who keeps hitting them on this is Anderson Cooper. Every time they come on and say, “We’re worried about too much borrowing,” he says, “Now you’re worried?!” It’s great stuff.

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