Stimulus Package for Small Buinesses

    I hope this doesn’t get passed, I worked for a small business man, I saw things that shocked me as a law abiding citizen. Any cash payments made to him was put in his pocket, never hit the register, which told me, he didn’t pay taxes on that money. Not only that he spent money on personal things, put it on business credit card, and wrote everything he did away from the business was written off as ‘expense’ items. He made home repairs, all vehicle repairs, and travel expenses as ‘expenses’. His accountant aka his lawyer was well aware of all of this and did nothing, Stop this Package before it gets put into these peoples hands, they cheat enough! This perticular business shows a loss more than a gain every year he can. Maybe Mr Obama needs to get a committee to look into the books of small businessmen first, Not only one of their books but in their real business books!