I am a single,disabled, divorced woman who had a home, I took a loan out at my bank, after doing my homework on buying homes, interest, points, insurance, different loan types and taxes in that area. I felt I made a great decision, a conventional loan, low interest, fixed rate, 15 year morgage! I lived in my home for twelve years, decided to take a second morgage, big mistake, the loan officer screwed me royally, he knew my situation, then on disability, still on it a fixed income, so I even made sure he understood I could not afford more in my payment, he assured me he would "take care of me". I didn’t do my homework this time, I trusted him, what ended up happening was I sold my house I made into my home and one swipe of the pen, my morgage was raised by almost $50 and I had to sell or be forced out. I went to my lawyer at the time, and he said I had a good case against the bank, however, they could tie it up in the court system really long, because they have the money, I didn’t have the money to carry this suit for years. I was devastated, my home was gone, there was no government help for being stupid, and I feel there should not be for other people to expect the government to bail them out for not doing their homework on the different morgages out there, even though I dispied the bank that did my dream in, the government wasn’t there to bail me out, I sold before I lost it, maybe these unfortunate people should do the same. It is a very hard lesson to learn, I still cry over it, now I rent again since this happened, I hate it, but now I have no down money to work with, my house took alot to fix it up. I’d like to be an owner again someday but I don’t know, this experience took alot out of me. Good Luck!

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