President Barack Obama’s unfortunate decision to stand behind his ethically-challenged selections for key cabinet positions raises serious questions about whether or not the agent of change elected by reform-starved voters is true to his word.

Obama’s steadfast support of health and human services nominee Tom Daschle following revelations that the longtime Senator failed to pay taxes on perks from fatcat supporters is the kind of stubborn, ethics-and-rules-be-damned defiance that former President George W. Bush showed whenever one of his own got into trouble.

The new President of the United States appears more interested in protecting the status quo of the power structure in Washington than on delivering his promises of reform and change in the way our government works.

If his actions on the growing Daschle debacle were the sole examples it might not send up warning flags but a growing list of actions by Obama suggests he can’t shake off the old ways of doing things in the nation’s capital.

During his historical campaign for President, Obama said no lobbyist would have a role in his administration but he has appointed lobbyists to key positions. He promised his nominees would be held to a higher standard but we have a tax scofflaw running Treasury, another one proposed for Health & Human Services and his first choice for Commerce pulled out because the FBI was closing in on that nominee’s influence peddling.

The Democratic stimulus plan passed by the House of Representatives last week by a purely partisan margin is packed with pet projects that have nothing to do with saving the economy. Obama promised to put an end to such things yet he endorsed the bill.

Obama has paid a lot of lip service to reform and change. He goes to Capitol Hill and meets with both Democrats and Republicans. He announced sweeping changes to ethics rules surrounding White House employees. He shirtsleeve style in the Oval Office is a welcome change to the stuffiness of the Bush Administration.

But his efforts at change and reform are destroyed through his support of ethically-flawed nominees like Daschle.  Daschle is a product of old-school Washington, the place where power and influence are bartered to the highest bidder.

So far, Obama is talking the talk but he’s a long way from walking the walk.


  1. Yo texasmike…

    I thought I’d give your post some gravitas by suffering a reply.

    I’m blessed with a steel trap memory and am familiar with “all” the handles that post on CHB. This is the first time I’ve read anything from you.

    So we’re schizophrenics, cynics, paranoid and totin’ AK-47’s either figuratively or literally at least in your opinion.

    We’re none of the above! We’re simply a bunch of questioning folks that are unwilling to take whatever we’re fed as the gospel truth. CHB happens to be a watering hole for such shared opinions, nothing more, nothing less. It’s simple as that!

    Since you hail from Texas, then quite possibly the Crawford Ranch is just a piece down the road and you feel kinship with the criminally disposed mattoid that just vacated the Whitehouse, leaving our nation in a terminal situation; not even on sound financial life support as yet.

    Dubya and possibly yerself shorly don’t like no questionin’ minds! If you be questionin’ or turn tail on yer leader then ye must be a terrist; ie., either with us or agin us…no?! /:|

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Hey Austin, I must agree with your assessment.. it may be too late, or maybe not, but we have to try. Do you normally write by snail mail or emails? I’m willing to join you in giving this a shot.

  3. After giving all of this mess (market crash, new president, etc) some thought. I’ve been throwing rocks at our new president like a lot of folks…but the reality is…we have a new president who sure as hell does not share the same type of character as the previous president.

    Despite the rough start…and it’s been a killer start for a new president…no matter who that person might have been…maybe we would better serve the situation by helping him along. Maybe we need to continue (and if you haven’t started then do so) to write to our Congressional members and raise 9 kinds of hell with these folks and offer them two choices…

    1) Let go of your allegiance with the special interest “now” and do your constitutional job, which includes protecting the general welfare of our nation…or we’ll fire your ass.
    2)Repeat number one.

    Our new president has more on his plate than probably any other new president since Roosevelt and Truman (having to make the decision to kill about 125,000 people by nuking them). In some respects…it may be more pround.

    At this point in time…it’s just too damn late to be cry-babying about Obama…and who he’s chosen for his Cab…and so on. There is too many more important things for us all to deal with.

    You know…we’re all just damn powerless over people, places, and things for the most part. So, maybe it’s time we try…despite our grievences…to support the new guy. I need to stop bitching and start writing more letters to those who are hired to work for us all. I’m way so more concerned about the Corp-Congress than Obama.

    My Congressional representatives (their staff) hate like hell getting letters from me. enough is enough. Could it just be possible that we step and in time and remember Kennedy’s saying. “Ask NOT what our country can do for us!” We are in a sh**storm mess.

  4. This site is suffering from extreme schizophrenia. One week, Barak Obama’s the best thing since sliced bread, the next, he’s a fraud.

    Actually it is a sign of a good thing. The more lame suppositions that fly from your deluded keyboards the more I know you really have no clue what you bunch pontificate about. Admit it. You’re guessing. Another week will go by and we’ll discover yet again the majority of you are just talking out of your collective asses.

    At least the cynics here are consistently paranoid about everything. Keep a firm grip on that AK-47, they may come knocking any minute.

  5. Obama made the fall worse for himself with his ethics talk. He even had the nerve to lecture US Senate oldtimers about it.

    This confirms my suspicions that Obama is a smooth talking dreamer type. That type is the worst. Once they are in the real world the “Messiah” shine comes off quickly.

    I would rather have the Hillary type, the horse trader who would do his/her best but not over promise and not get lost in lofty talk. The dreamer type, you see, are prone to get particularly ruthless when they are in power and they finally realize how everything works.

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmm, so President Obama hasn’t parted the waters of big government and the old ways of doing business and led all the thirsty and disgruntled Democrats, independents and others who have been seeking change, to the promised land yet. Now he’s a “shark”, a “fraud”, the black version of “big brother”, the “establishment” guy all over, blah, blah, blah.

    Maybe President Obama should have had someone gather up a few White Pages directories, closed his eyes, opened to a random page and pointed to a name and say “This is going to be my Sec’y of HHS”. Then pick again from another directory and say “This is going to be my new Federal Reserve Chairman” and on and on and on.

    Too many cynics ready to pounce and feast on the slightest of disappointments to their political paradigm.

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