Our Democracy is in Constant Danger from Corruptive Influences

On all levels of government, our lawmakers are being ‘bribed’ by the lobbyists of the wealthy corporate sector.

Americans must demand lawmakers to prohibit large campaign contributions and special perks provided by the lobbyists of special interests. Such activities place our very democracy in grave danger.

Acceptance of huge campaign contributions and extravagant perks is a bi-partisan issue. Both parties are in direct violation of the people’s trust when they accept special interest gifts.

President Obama’s inauguration was financed in large part by the very Wall Street “Bulls and Bears” who recently received taxpayer “bail-outs” under the guise of saving their companies from bankruptcy.



Corruptive influences filter down to the state level.

For example, in Texas lobbyists spend millions each years to persuade lawmakers first to hear the needs of their clients and then to act favorably on those needs. Lobbyists provide legislators with large campaign contributions and/or lavish perks, e.g., trips to exotic places.


Lawmakers have protected themselves by creating legislation that enables them to hide gifts from wealthy lobbyists and do not have to provide any documentation showing receipt of those gifts.

Until Americans put a stop on these large campaign contributions and extravagant perks by lobbyists to our lawmakers, elected and appointed officials will NOT act in the best interests of the communities they are supposed to serve.

Only with constant pressure on legislators for changing these permissive laws, may Americans win back their democracy along with the hope of electing more honorable and ethical government representatives.

Corruptive influences must stop directing the course of our nation.