“Know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy”.

The quote above struck me as the classic phenomenon behind Obama´s rise to power. It wasn´nt just timely, it was timeless.

If the efforts each of us spend in trying to pull each other down in our societies gone individualistic is channeled to pulling oneself up, the world will be full of successful people living with dignity. Such crises as the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Darfur human catastrophe, the Zimbabwe intractable crises, the Kashmir question, and a host of other serious an petty political crises in both local and international levels would be easy to resolve. In his speech he was referring to the Middle East, but words like that is very eloquent in the society we live in.

As we watch to see what Obama has got to give, we´ve got to realize that he is also as anxious to see what we too can do.