Israel in it’s latest incursion into Palestine purposely attacked civilian targets while pretending not to, killing 1,300 Palestinian civilians and managed to control much of the media’s access to the ground to keep this secret. Israeli victims of Hitler need to be careful not to accept any of Hitler’s values. This is a long way from the idealists that first dreamed of setting up the state of Israel would have wanted.

Now that Obama is President it is time to start talking about desperation in Palestine, but so far I haven’t heard much. I hope that all those who were protesting the horror in the middle east when protest made no difference, would start protesting now that massive protest can make a positive dent.

Martin Luther King instead of condemning the US as evil, appealed to the best of US ideals while at the same time pointed out what was wrong. I wish I, and others who admired King, had his skill at appealing to ones idealism while at the same time pointing out what is wrong. In the following I will try my best to do likewise.

Before I go further, I want to point out that there are a lot of lies and misinformation about Jews that need to be challenged. I urge everyone who criticizes Israel to, in the same breath, challenge these lies. An Israel missile,rather than a 9/11 plane,didn’t strike the Pentagon. I wish Obama wound declassify sections of the Pentagon construction secrets seized by the government. Had the jumbo jet actually hit a small section of the Pentagon under reconstruction leaving few dead on the ground as was claimed, this would have be celebrated as a little miracle, amidst the disaster such as the passengers in one plane stopping the aircraft from hitting target.

There are many other examples where hated of Jews were used as a weapon such as Moussaoui Zacarias, when the jury was deciding between life and death for his assessed involvement with 9/11, kept blaming his Jewish lawyer and urging Americans to blame the Jews for the world’s woes. Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl was lured to Pakistan, where his captors had him state their Jewish Conspiracy Theory, in his own words, then beheaded him for being part of the conspiracy. These theories are rarely challenged, even though they add up to a lot of believers. Instead we hear people determined to try to make Jimmy Carter admit he made an antisemitic comment. For other examples, please see,
A notable exception that was systematically refuted was the claim that Jews who worked in the Twin Towers stayed home on 9/11.

Hitler wanted to breed a smarter, stronger, physically healthier, more obedient people, like race horses and pit bull dogs are bred. He realized that he was short and stubby so he didn’t choose himself to father a lot of children. Had Hitler actually been hiding somewhere all these years listening to the news he would be happy at least that Germany was reunited, but shocked the way a united Germany tends to side with the underdog and down and out, and jailed prisoners like Mumia abu-Jamal.

He would reluctantly admire the way Israeli settlers are behaving. Anyone true to his memories would be fascinated with the latest genetic research, urging (and would be attempting) to spice the genes of an eagle’s eyes, with the nose and obedience center of a dog’s brain with the best athletes and smartest people, and as hundreds of spiced fetuses had developmental issues they would be aborted, and dissected to learn a little something when creating the next batch.

The Nazis thought that the strong would naturally survive and the weak die, except for what we would today refer to as a genetic defect. Back then he saw a lot of Jewish social workers, anarchists, Karl Marx, and Christianity started by Jews, claiming that the meek shall inhered the earth instead of the strong, all this in Hitler’s mind was a perversion against nature created by Jews. If he was still alive Hitler would see Jews as more tough-minded race then he thought back then. I wonder if would choose an Israeli settler to gene-splice with and an eagle and pit bull, especially if future Israeli attacks lead to massive targeting of civilians.

If Hitler was accurately portrayed rather than presented as a caricature, we would note his ideas are much more prevalent than most realize.

In a way Israel is unfairly singled out for scrutiny. Apartheid in South Africa didn’t have bright little exceptions like for the Palestinian father whose son’s toy gun was mistaken for a real one, then rushed to an Israeli hospital where the father ending up gaving permission for his son’s organs to be donated to an Israeli child. How often were Blacks in Apartheid South Africa ever in a white hospital?

Israel does resemble control states like World War II Germany in its attempt to control propaganda. The world used to believe (some wanting to cheer) that Arafat was militant, despite attending Christian Christmas services, and having a Christian wife he didn’t pressure to convert to Islam. He tried to stop the killing of young girls who became pregnant without having husbands, and attempting to stop kids from throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers (child suicide soldiers for the most part weren’t on the scene yet, and Arafat opposed such actions). Hamas allows the celebration of Valentines day and other little acts of tolerance that countries like Saudi Arabia never do, but someone Hamas is singled out as too militant along with Iran which at least allows women to complete as athletes, not true elsewhere.

Anyway, radical and progressive Jews lessen antisemitism just by existing, but I wish they would also speak out against the antisemitic lies out there.

America isn’t being forced out of Iraq. The US was shamed by the world into electing Obama as President. Perhaps Israel too can be shamed into behaving itself.

I conceivably (likely more than some shill Israeli supporters) worry about the possibility of massive hate of Jews in the future, one of the scenarios that Moussaoui Zacarias and Bin Laden are gunning for. The Israeli government likes to use the code word Hamas when it is actually attacking Palestinian in general, while others use the code word Zionists then drift off into referring about Zionist Bankers. What is the alleged difference between referring to a Zionist banker and a Jewish banker?

I wish a diehard traditional Israeli supporter had turned around and wrote this article. It could effect Obama immensely, but maybe if this was forwarded to someone who has Obama’s ear, it could do something to put the middle east on his more immediate agenda.

Off the subject sort of, more likely than massive hatred of Jews 1930’s style, there is a possibility throughout the West of chasing both Jews and Muslims out of the West to supposedly fight their wars in their part of the world instead of ours.

Future terror attacks could lead a massive desire to kick both Jews and Muslims out of the West. This would suit the bin Laden wing of al Qaeda just fine, since they really don’t think Muslims should be in the West if they are polluted by Western ideas. But other than that, both Jews and Muslims, as well as those who don’t want to starve in a real economic collapse have a lot to gain by seeking peaceful solutions. Let’s instead of praising Martin Luther King try to inspire the way he did.

Richard Kane (of PA),

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