What a week! What a great feeling it is, to see America valuing a Common Effort again! What a wonderful Leader, Barack Obama has turned out to be!

The only sour note in the past few days, like bugs on fresh fruit, are the 27% who apparently still support Dubyah’s policies and enjoy continuous war abroad and obstructionism at home.

One of the items on America’s wish list, is to re-regulate, our air waves, and perhaps some actual prosecution of some of the Hate Mongers poisoning them. I’d really hope that John McCain, who I do think “gets it” now, at least he seemed to in his concession speech, will find other Republicans embarrassed by the Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity, Savage, unproductive swill, and have them curbed. They are lying to the American people, and they have made no contribution to our society, our country, our efforts to move forward towards a prosperous, healthy, peaceful planet. Frankly, like Bush and Cheney, they’re off they’re clinical rockers, and it’s time to put a stop to the harm they do.

We understand, that a good deal of our Congress, aren’t really the caliber required for these times. They will be replaced now that an example of excellence shines the light on their mediocrity. But right now, it’s time for the few statesmen in the halls of Congress, of Republican ideology, but not Republican idiocy, to themselves, put a stop to these sea anchors of Progress,once and for all. They remain behind the Bush administration like litter. We must make an effort, to convince Republicans that these people are not in their best interests. Hate and Stupidity, is officially out of Style.

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