NSA spied on journalists, other Americans 24/7

Russell Tice, a former analyst for the uber-secret National Security Agency, says former President George W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program including spying on millions of Americans, including journalists, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tice, appearing on Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, says Americans were targeted under the pretense of profiling them for elimination from the NSA’s high-tech surveillance programs but — in fact, the agency was keeping tabs on the day-to-day lives of American citizens who have no connection with terrorism.

Tice specifically identified journalists as a target of the expanded NSA spying but said others groups were targeted as well.


  1. mastergame

    America is free, however you are only free to say what ‘they’ want you to say or think. Just look at the poor souls rotting in jails for choosing a natural weed over the sickening diseases alcohol foments.

    When we were in Washington protesting the war, little did we know Mr. Nixon would begin his own little war (costing us 50 or more billion a year) against drugs. He thought if he could get us to stop using weed and other pastimes we would stop hating his guts.

    He was wrong, today 1.5 million rot in jails for exercising their desire — not freedom — to do what they please with their bodies. That translates to 90 billion a year at 60,000 per inmate x 1.5 million.

    No government will allow marijuana to be legal because those who smoke it tend to expand their mental horizon. Meaning what moron would volunteer to get blown to smithereens in Iraq after smoking a doobie? By the way, what the hell are we doing in Iraq anyhow? Were the Iraqui’s better off eight years ago than they are now? You bet and so were we.

    In America you are free to think what you are supposed to think. Just ask Yoko what happened to John and her after tricky Dicky and the whore transvestite running the FBI – Hoover – came after them. Dirty tricks, eavesdropping, bugging, lying and cheating to get John thrown out of the US for being a sentient free thinking being.

    Wake up Americans the American Dream is not about a house with a picket fence and two cars… it is that we are free! NOT!

    Richard Ackermann

  2. Ladywolf55

    Prosecution of the former administration should begin post-haste. They MUST be held to account for the crimes against the United States of America and it’s citizens!

  3. John1172002

    And then handed over to the Hague for prosecution for their war crimes.
    Or is that why the Bushes bought 90-some thousand acres in Paraguay? And then had a no-extradition law passed?


  4. Carl Nemo

    I must inform folks that the NSA spies on everyone both domestic and worldwide 24/7/365 and has been doing so since their founding as an agency in 1952 regardless of the current focus on the G.W. Bush/Cheney years in office.


    Now with the aid of modern technology; ie., satellites, fiber optic taps, super-computers and advanced AI (artificial intelligence based) parsing (speech pattern recognition) technology they have become truly a “Monster Agency” with its all-seeing eyes no different than the robot monster from the future in the “Terminator” series of movies, looking left and right, up and down, even within, with its glowing red, unemotional, all-seeing eyes.

    They’ve been doing it since its founding during the Truman era. It grows ever stronger, ever more vigilant and ever more malevolent when its intelligence product is used by unethical “crimpols” such as during the reign of (t)errors under the Bushistas.

    Unequivocally the most important mission Obama should consider is for a team of Justice Department experts to go after all those that have been involved in the destruction of our freedom and their blatant scorn of the Constitution of the United States while in office. They need to be brought to justice and punished for their crimes.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. barak

    Thanks Carl for a really informative and enlightening reply. I naively believed that Bush/Cheney initiated the wholesale spying on Americans. Sometimes I really miss the forest when seeking an American Elm.

    The most terrifying thing of all to ME about the NSA’s activities is how many errors are they making. As a 5 year member of the TSA’s terrorist watch list, I know first-hand how a mistake can disrupt one’s life. Apparently one of our domestic spy agencies confused me with a man whose name is the same as mine EXCEPT that he has a middle initial while I have none. The result was that I cannot order boarding passes on line, cannot use the airport computers to process my etickets, and have the feeling that the big eye in the sky is always watching me.

    The second most terrifying thing about all this crap is that over the years there are fewer and fewer problems for me. It is like they have forgotten about me, and while I am happy to be forgotten when people think of terrorists, I don’t like the fact that they put me on and then stopped watching. What about the real bad guys? Are they also just forgotten when they don’t do something for a time? I am a law abiding citizen. My terrorist activities comprise writing here on CHB, on my blog, and voting. I always vote. Haven’t missed a vote in over 40 years. If that doesn’t scare some of these crooks in DC, nothing will.

    And that’s the real problem. If we let Cheney, Bush and the rest of the gang get off without prosecution, the next group of crooks will believe that they too can get away with anything. We must prosecute, and punish, and hang them like they hung Sadaam Hussein.

  6. Rejoice

    Doug Thompson was the first journalist I thought of when I heard this report on MSNBC. I left this site over a year ago when Doug seemed less available. In fact, it was this issue that brought me back to this site. I am rejoicing to see that Doug is alive and well and posted here today!

  7. Wayne K Dolik

    I think the Media knew they were being spied upon. Of course that explains the Media’s mass use of self imposed censorship. To many things were withheld from the Public shortly after 911. What did the Media Producers know and when did they know it?

    There was massive “data mining” conducted which is now confirmed by Mr. Tice. Very interesting in light of the fact, that it was first the terrorists then the foreigners then groups like Lawyers and Journalists and ordinary Americans like you and me. It always gets turned back on us when our freedom gets turned on it’s ear.

    I agree with Carl Nemo.

  8. barak

    Well, if we are not does not mean that we can’t be. Hope is a hell of a lot more than some rural southern town.

    People voted for Obama because he promised Change. He is already taking steps to close the prisons where people are illegally incarcerated. He promised change and a return to the principles of The Bill of Rights. Its only the third day in office–let’s see what he does before we give up hope for the restoration of our rights under this President.