Bush, up, up, and away: first you salute, then you de-bush.

I sat with my elderly cat Phyllis Ann on my right arm as the Marine One, the helicopter temporarily designated Executive One since it was taking the former president, George W. Bush, up, up and away forever from his White House home. For some strange reason I felt compelled to exercise a precise military salute, albeit with my left hand. It seemed a fitting goodbye. Obama and Michelle, Sasha and Malia, had me in such good spirits that I felt no bitterness watching Bush leave for Texas acting as if he was Michael Phelps coming home from his triumph in Beijing. 

I can’t say I was totally in command of my senses because I celebrated the few days before the Inauguration, and the day following my 65th birthday, sharing the experience of severe food poisoning with my wife. We both got sick, we think from food poisoning,  24 hours after after eating out Friday night.
So with  empty and queasy stomachs but  full and hopeful hearts, we watched the transition.
I am sure those who read my tale of getting a nose bleed from inhaling too much 16 year old scotch on election eve will think I am a medical disaster just waiting to punish myself on happy political occasions.
I watched President Obama sign his first executive orders today. They all sounded good to me. Very un-Bush. It seems like he is starting to keep his promise to right the wrongs perpetrated on us and our civil liberties from his first full day in office.
I wonder if one of the catchwords of the next year or two will be de-bushing, although if you know anything about mechanics the proper term for what the government needs is re-bushing.
Bush was running the machinery of government with a tin ear that couldn’t hear the scraping and screeching that would have led any self-aware president to call the government version of The Car Talk guys.
Good bushings make machines runs smoother and efficiently.
The Bush government’s bushings, were sometimes just shredded bits of metal and teflon which froze everything to a halt (like the growth of the economy and the Katrina rescue), and made Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang look and run like a Lamborgini.


  1. JerryG

    Hal, shhhhhhhhh! Not so fast. The “shadow government” is still there and there are plenty of GOP “spies” who will continue to work behind the scenes to perpetuate the doctrines of Bush.

  2. Hal Brown

     Shadow government – I think not – Bush loyalists will remain… but again today we just saw President Obama wielding the executive order pen.

    Obama as people assigned to do nothing but "de-Bush" the government and they generally will be able to shine a bright light into the shadows where those people think they can hide.

  3. SteveMNJ

    Hal, I share your euphoria. I could not be happier to see Bush fly into the sunset. Bush can live on his ranch 24/7. While we celebrated the election victory in November, celebrated the inauguration this past Tuesday, reality must come to fore front. As far as Republicans still lurking around, yes, we must keep our eyes and ears open as to how the Reps play in the new admistration. They will jump on any opportunity they see fit. As for Mr Bush, good bye and do not let the door hit you in the ***

  4. Carl Nemo

    Happy 65th Hal Brown although a few days late. I hope you and your wife are feeling better post food poisoning; ie., not a fun experience I might add.

    Hey, maybe you two didn’t have a case of food poisoning, but a physical reaction to the fact that we were ever so close, but not quite there to ridding the nation of a virtual pestilence in office; ie., a bonafide case of GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) .

    Be well and let us all hope the next four years isn’t a roller coaster ride through the flames of hell as it has been during the past eight under the Bushistas and their Constitutional destroying policies… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Hal Brown

     Thank’s for the birthday and get well wishes. I thought I was better but had a relapse last night, which I again spent sleeping on the bathroom floor. We are pretty sure it was food poisoning since my father in law also got it and we all ate out Friday night. Every got it the same time except my mother in law, and what we can figure out is the only things the three of us had in common was the melter butter dipping sauce and water. I did call the health department and the restaurant. The later sent us a $50 gift certificate.

    While on the subject of health, did you notice that it was announced today "In a research milestone, the federal government will allow the world’s first test in people of a therapy derived from human embryonic stem cells."

    <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/23/business/23stem.html&quot;> New York Times</a>


    Barack Obama, just what the doctor ordered!


  6. AustinRanter


    I’m still vertiginously suffering from political lag. My circadian rhythm is erratic. My senses remain confused.

    You and I are about the same age. I don’t know about you, but for me the recovering process from anything is a task.

    While I’ve never really indulged in a New Year resolution making or keeping process, maybe it’s time that I start. I sincerely need to NOT mentally wander into the future. It simply kicks my ass in so many ways.

    After living through this past profound and stressful presidential election period (as we are all aware that it lasted for nearly 2 years)…I fear that I’ve accelerated my aging process into overdrive and I’ve molecularly altered the natural course of the eventual conclusion to my existence.

    When will I ever learn?

    Isn’t there any place in the world that Bush would rather live than Texas?

  7. Hal Brown

    back of Southfork How long before the ranch style house there is torn down and replaced by one that looks like Southfork?


  8. Hal Brown

     I just love this de-Bushing. Obama is a man with a plan, I kind of envision on of those big manuals you used to see (before computers) in car repair shops for each year and model of every vehicle. This one says of course "G. W. Bush, models 2000-2008".

    Compiled by his team of de-Bushing experts he is going through it chapter by chapter with his mechanics and their bolt cutters, socket wrenches, cutting torches, taking each year’s model apart.

    Yesterday:, according to The New York TimesPresident Obama repealed rules on Friday that restricted federal money for international organizations that promote or provide abortions overseas, sweeping aside a pillar of the social policy architecture of George W. Bush’s presidency."




  9. AustinRanter

    Not long ago I was driving from my son’s, which led me to head through Crawford. I didn’t at all see any visible evidence that the town is at all anxiously wanting Bush to ever make claim that he and the Misses are going to make Crawford their main home place.

    After the 2000 election Crawford citizens had lifted signs and placed posters in downtown store windows everywhere that signified their elation over his winning the presidency. Although I didn’t go through Crawford after the 2004 election, something tells me that there were somewhat less signs and posters visible.

    My journey through Crawford revealed that the signs and posters no longer cloud the aesthetic view of the town. So, Mr. Bush apparently might find his popularity dwindling to a significantly lower standing.